How to Use Sports Betting Bonuses, and What Can You Expect to Get?

The online betting industry is home to an impressive array of bookmakers that provide a lot of options. They let clients punt on sports, but only a few have additional perks, such as features and special bonuses.

Speaking of promotions, it is hard to come by a company that knows how to satisfy its users. Thankfully, Boylesports offers some great bonuses for its new and existing clients, allowing the betting company to stand out. This is something stated clearly by nostrabet in numerous reviews. People interested in using its services will find special offers that other gambling sites are yet to offer.

Although some sites provide clients with a wide range of promotions, people don’t always know how to use them. In fact, some of them are not even aware of the perks they can get, which usually affects their decision. Thankfully, this article will share all of the information people have to know before using the different promotions.

What are the sports betting bonuses?


Sports betting bonuses are unique rewards given to punters who decide to use a given online bookmaker. Some of these rewards can only be used by existing customers, whereas others are reserved for new players.

The idea of these kinds of propositions is to provide users with some kind of benefits that will help them once they start betting. The bonuses come in different forms and depend on the bookie itself. For example, BoyleSports is notorious for having a wide array of options, some of which work for every sport. However, some companies only provide bonuses for particular options, such as football.

Unsurprisingly, every promotion you want to use will have specific conditions you must adhere to. Bookies usually highlight only the most important ones, which is why you must read the complete Terms and Conditions to learn more about them.

How can you use the bonuses you like?

Assuming you’ve already chosen one of the many top-tier sports betting operators that offer promotions, the second step is to use it. A quick overview of the BoyleSports promo code shows that most brands do not require their clients to do something special to get the bonuses they like. In other words, they might just have to sign up, choose the given proposition, and make a deposit.

Sadly, things are not always that easy, especially for people who decide to use another online betting platform. Aside from registering and making a deposit, some companies also require unique promotional codes to use betting bonuses for different things. The latter can be used in four different scenarios:

  • Before the deposit
  • After the deposit
  • Via the live chat
  • During the registration process


Every sports betting operator is different, so you will have to learn more about its rules before using it. The bonus code usually consists of different letters and numbers and allows you to receive a better promotion. However, there are cases where the bonus code is the only thing that will enable you to receive a given proposition.

After you’ve acquired the given promotion, it is time to use it. The things you should and shouldn’t do depend a lot on the bookie and the offer itself. Some brands give their clients the freedom to do whatever they want to, whereas others are more strict. That’s why you must read the complete rules to learn more about the brand.

Common sports betting bonuses

After we’ve learned some things that you may have to do to get a bonus, the rest of this article will focus on the different rewards you can expect to find while playing.

Starting with the welcome bonuses, they come in different forms, but most bookmakers only give their clients bonus credits that they can use to place bets. These bonus credits are usually given as a percentage of the deposited amount. Some places have a 100% bonus, which means users will have twice the money, but there are cases where this percentage can be higher or lower.

Companies like BoyleSports, as well as many other gambling sites, offer these rewards and have a few specific conditions punters have to know. Besides the fact that they have a rollover requirement, they also have a rule that requires people to choose sports betting markets with certain odds. Usually, the minimum odds are 1.5 or greater, but there might be some exceptions.

What’s even more surprising is that some of the common welcome promotions only work if people place an Acca bet. The latter is a term that usually applies to every bet that consists of three or more selections.

The free bet is also a typical sport betting proposition offered by many bookmakers. Similar to the welcome promotions, this bonus allows also gives additional credits, but people can only use it on a specific match. Moreover, the free bet has to be used in a single bet and can’t be withdrawn. In other words, even if you win, you won’t receive the free bet amount itself.

Rare sports betting promotions


Even though most people prefer the standard rewards because they are great, others are always looking for something more memorable. That’s why there are loads of online bookmakers that provide special kinds of propositions for their new and registered clients.

One of the rarest and most sought-after perks for sports bettors is a VIP club. Even though this is a standard proposition for online casinos, most bookmakers do not offer it because they focus on other things. Needless to say, this is a big mistake because most players who want to bet regularly are always looking for these kinds of things.

No deposit bonuses are also rare, although they are the most popular reward in iGaming. There are many reasons why some betting platforms do not offer these bonuses, but most of them do not have the needed funds to afford them.

The interesting thing about the no deposit bonuses is that they may require you to verify your account or download an app. Furthermore, they usually have a specific rollover requirement which is higher than usual.