The Best Tools For Sports Betting

In the age of mass digitalization, betting companies are creating mobile versions of their platforms. Thus, modern players can always have at hand the opportunity to make a bet on the events they are interested in. The apps are designed for modern smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS. Find daily football predictions apps at apppearl.

Bookmakers are developing software with a wide range of features that allow you to engage in full-fledged betting. With their help, you can bet on sports several times faster than with the browser version for personal computers.

How mobile applications work

Owners of modern phones or tablets do not need to explain what an application is. Applications from bookmakers are distributed absolutely free of charge. Everyone can use them. It is better to download the program directly from the official sites of bookmakers, which is much safer and more reliable than using files from third-party resources. The interface and design of the applications are adapted for convenient operation from mobile devices.

Mobile applications of bookmakers: pros and cons

Bookmaker programs, designed for use on handheld gadgets, has a lot of positive aspects:

  1. The execution of sports betting in any place and at any time. Since modern people practically never part with their phones, they can make bets at any convenient moment – during a lunch break, on the road, or at school.
  2. High running speed. In most cases, applications are well optimized, resulting in low traffic consumption and battery-saving gadget.
  3. Adaptation for screen size. The interface and design of the programs are optimized for almost any display resolution of your mobile device, which makes the gaming process more comfortable;
  4. Stable access to functionality. Even if the official website of the bookmaker was blocked by the order of the authorities, it will not affect the work of the mobile program.
  5. Special bonuses and incentives. Bookmakers often provide generous bonuses and gifts to users of the mobile version, which are not available to players on the full sites.

Mobile applications have virtually no disadvantages. The only thing that may cause inconvenience is the need to download the installation file not from the official Play Market or Apple Store, but from the bookmaker’s website.

But to turn sports betting from a pleasant hobby into profitable activity, you still need specialized software. It helps you conduct analysis and make the right decisions. Let’s consider the best programs for sports betting in this article.



BetRadar is a highly specialized software that is used primarily by betting shops. However, some players who make really big bets can also afford it. The reason is quite simple and clear – the top version of BetRadar costs about 15 thousand dollars.

The main advantage of BetRadar is a powerful statistical base. It includes 40 types of different sports disciplines and almost two thousand championships, including 500 soccer championships. The statistical base is available separately for 1500 dollars and is updated monthly.

In addition, bettors will find the BetAssist module useful. It is a predictive mechanism that helps calculate the probability of winning or total based on previous games of the club or athlete. However, it should be understood that the accuracy of such predictions is not 100%.

Demo versions of the statistical base and BetAssist module are available for bettors. They work with limitations. For example, only soccer and basketball are available in the demo version of the statistical base, and BetAssist has a trial period, after which it stops working.



BetConstruct is a direct competitor of BetRadar. The software is also used by professional bettors and large bookmakers. BetConstruct attracts a relatively low price – on subscription it costs 1000 euros per month.

Nevertheless, BetConstruct is primarily a sports statistics provider. It has no predicate modules and other betting support tools. But the base is really exhaustive. It includes 16 sports, for each of which large-scale statistics on championships, leagues, match results, team information, and so on are available.

BetConstruct can be tried for free as part of a trial period.

Big Bet Calculator


A free program that is ideal for the novice bettor. So, this software allows you to mathematically determine the financial outcome for your bets. Basically, it is just a collection of highly specialized calculators that are specifically adapted for sports betting.

In particular, the Big Bet Calculator helps to calculate and form:

  1. Total margin (profit) on one or more bets in case of successful betting outcomes.
  2. The break-even point – when the profit will be big enough to cover the costs.
  3. Strategies “overtaking” (martingale), S8, Kelly criterion.
  4. The number of bets when using “forks” depends on the odds.

For bettors who use the services of foreign bookmakers, the odds converter will also be useful – it converts the values of Asian, British, and American types in a convenient and understandable format.

It is worth noting that Big Bet Calculator is no longer supported by the developer and is now distributed free of charge. You can get the program on various forums and trackers.

Betting Tracker


Betting Tracker is a program for calculating the economic justification of betting. With its help, you can determine how profitable (or, conversely, unprofitable) sports betting is.

Betting Tracker is a set of Excel sheets. Each of them is used for different purposes, among which:

  1. Determining the total amount of deposited and withdrawn funds, taking into account bonuses and free bets, as well as the allocation to bookmakers.
  2. The total accounting of the committed bets, to which the bets made by the capturers can be added for comparison.
  3. Tools for entering sports statistics, including game results, and further bringing it into an easy-to-read infographic.


Infototo is an assistant program for betting enthusiasts. It is important to note that this software is only compatible with a few betting shops, which include Fonbet, Betsiti, and 1XBet.

Infototo helps to correctly calculate the probability of winning a betting bet. As you know, it depends on several factors, among which is the number of correctly defined outcomes and the amount of the bet made. Infototo loads data on odds and characteristics from the bookmaker’s website. After that, all you have to do is specify the bet amount – and you will see how much you can win depending on the number of correctly defined outcomes.