4 Best Sports Betting Apps Of 2024

The modern era of sports betting around the world is linked to mobile technology. More precisely, now all bettors have a unique chance to bet through different mobile apps. However, it is necessary for them to find operators that are offering the best mobile sports betting apps with high-quality features. There are so many factors that a bettor needs to consider when it comes to choosing the sports betting mobile app. In general, factors such as trustworthiness, credibility, and good reputation are some of the most important ones. We are here to tell you which sportsbooks are not offering the greatest mobile betting apps that you can try on.

Sports betting apps are beneficial in so many ways. However, their primary goal is to offer the best user experience possible and they are achieving that with the accessibility and convenience that they come with. This means that a person can literally wager on his favorite team just with a mobile device and Internet connection. Additionally, this provides a lot of comforts since you can bet anywhere and anytime you want to.

Logically, not all sports betting comes are equal and comes with the same features. Some are rated much higher, some of them are much easier to use, and some of them have unique features that offer wider opportunities to a person. In this article, we prepared a list of top sports betting apps that are available in all states.

1. bet365 Sports Betting App

Source: theguardian.com

This sports betting app is primarily launched in Europe and it is incredibly popular there, however it starts to expand to the US market as well. This is all thanks to the well-established reputation, reliability as well as a strong support system. A bet365 sports betting app truly offers a wide range of different attractions for bettors and a variety of wagers, so it is considered one of the top leading sports apps in the betting industry. The mobile sports betting app from this operator truly offers high-quality options including the one regarding cashing out or editing multi-bet wagers. The sign-up welcome bonus is something that is waiting for you. The best bonus promotion is a deposit match up to $500. The credibility of the app proves several licenses.

2. BetMGM Sports Betting App

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One more sportsbooks mobile app whose popularity starts to grow more and more as time pass is BetMGM. It has a truly wide range of bet options including Super Bowl features, NBA odds, and betting on almost every event. Bettors love their mobile app since it truly provides attractive promotional bonuses, both for beginners and regular users. On this app, people can find even some of the greatest odds available including for the NFL sports. Additionally, this mobile app s providing features of free live game streaming. It is also very easy to navigate and provides a great user experience.

3. Ladbrokes Sports Betting App

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Another sport betting app that provides an excellent user experience thanks to the high-quality betting features is Ladbrokes Sports Betting Mobile App. This app allows users to enjoy sports betting on their mobile devices from the world’s top operators. Ladbrokes is generally one of the most popular and well-established sportsbook names launched in the UK in 1886. Since then, the sportsbook only experienced high growth in the terms of popularity all around the world. One part of why the sportsbook is so widely popular is just because it provides a high-quality user-friendly betting mobile experience.

The other part of its successful operation refers to the attractive features that this sportsbook offers to its bettors. The Ladbrokes app is available on both iOS and Android devices, therefore whatever mobile device you are having, you can enjoy their betting feature. Wagering on this app is very simple and efficient. However, the thing that all bettors most like when it comes to this app is the bonus promotion. From the moment you download their app and sign up, you will get a welcome bonus. As a new member, you are having a chance to earn £20 worth of free bets, with a £5 qualifying bet required.

Free bets are here paid out in the form of 4x £5 tokens. In general, there are other features worth taking advantage of such as live streams, amazing live in-play betting, and different payment methods available, which makes this sportsbook mobile app highly established in the betting industry and you can click here to see the Ladbrokes app for Australia.

4. PointsBet Sports Betting App

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PointsBet is truly considered primarily one of the most popular sportsbooks in Australia. However, with so many new highly innovative, attractive features and quality user experience, this sportsbook finds its way to enter the US through a big door. This sportsbook was available in the first place in Iowa, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois, so as time passes more and more people heard about it. At some point, it is expected that this sportsbook is going to be popular in other states in the US as well.

However, this already counts in the terms of mobile betting apps since it is currently one of the most famous ones for betting. What different PointsBet from other sports betting apps is the fact that is primarily focused on the biggest sports as well as the leagues and popular sports events. It provides betting on more than 15 sports, which is more than enough when we are looking at the betting market. Their sports betting app provides such quality features including live betting, parlays, futures bets, etc.

The app is very clear, fast, and easy to navigate. Additionally, it is suitable for all mobile devices and provides a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options which is the thing that most bettors adore. Finally, it comes with a very unique appearance. PointsBettings are something that this sportsbook offers which refers to a specific format that offers high risk and high reward bets. Do not be surprised to see many different promotions and bonuses available on this app.