Top 8 Apps to Stream Sports on iOS

Are you a sports lover? Then you can relate to the fact that sports enthusiasts never feel bored of the live-action! Sports lovers want news, updates, and highlights every second of the day. This is the reason why they prefer subscribing to those providers who offer more sports channels. They call the reps like those available on customer service 866 number to inquire them about different deals and packages.

The best part of this technology-driven world is the invention of smartphones. With a phone in your hand, you can always be connected with your favorite sports channel. You can get updates and watch live action when in a park, out with friends, and outside your home! Let’s now look at some of the apps for streaming live sports on iOS devices.



ESPN is known as the global leader and leading sports broadcasting channel. The mobile application works more like an authentic resource for sports coverage. Either it’s the old content or the latest videos, ESPN has got you covered!

The application also offers a fascinating feature where you can filter out the content of teams you love. With ESPN, you can get as many stable channels as ESPN 2 and ESPN Classic. With an iOS device, you can always remain connected to your favorite sports events.


Are you a fan of boxing or MMA or MLB? If yes, then DAZN mobile application is just the right tool. It’s a live sports streaming application where you can watch your favorite matches and fights on the go.

What makes DAZN more enticing is that it allows connectivity with TV, tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles. So, if you love watching on a bigger screen, DAZN can help you with it. There is a library feature as well that allows you to watch old classic fights as well. It’s a free application for your iOS!

3. Mobdro


Mobdro is a free sports application that provides a wide range of sports with a live streaming option. With Mobdro, the users can easily search their favorite videos without the hustle. What’s cool about this application that you can bookmark the video to watch it later again. With the Mobdro TVfree sports section, you can get exclusive entry to a massive database of old, new, and popular sports videos.

4. Premier Player

Premier Player allows its user to watch live sports conveniently. It also permits the users to get content extracted from LaLiga TV, Premier Sports, FreeSports, and BoxNation channel. You can also bundle up all these streaming services in your single application, switching to any player when feeling the need.

Each channel is available in full HD and can be connected with a Smart TV, Fire TV/Stick, Apple TV, and Chromecast. With Premier Play, you can also enjoy live streaming of NASCAR races in HD resolution.

5. YipTV


The trouble created by cable companies is exhausting. And sports lovers hate it when things are frustrating. With the YipTV application, you can enjoy hundreds of live channels to witness live sports activities all day long.

At the moment, you can find more than 100 sports live TV channels on the platform that covers sports live streaming, updates, news, and highlights. The platform offers paid subscription option as well which unlocks even more channels.

6. fuboTV Live

If you are a huge fan of sports, then try giving fuboTV Live a shot! It will satisfy your craving for live action. This app is really popular in the United States mainly because it offers not one or two but over 30 sports channels! Yes, you read that right!

So, what channels can you expect to enjoy on this application? Well, the list is quite long but do know that The Golf Channel, and CBS Sports are included in it. Also, what’s special about fuboTV Live is that you can replay or record the games that you miss. Also, you will receive sports alerts.

7. WherestheMatch


If you never want to miss out on live action, then you will be needing this application. Having WherestheMatch means that you will remain updated about the schedules of different sports such as cricket, golf, football, basketball, cycling, and darts to name a few.

On this app, you will easily be able to browse TV schedules and daily matches. Moreover, you will be able to add events to your calendar and can even receive reminders about your favorite games that you don’t want to miss.

8. CBS Sports

CBS Sports is the ultimate channel for all sports enthusiasts. It also has an app that you can download on your iOS device. But what’s in it for you? Well, if you do so, then you will be able to get push notifications, along with live scores, and media content.

You can watch any kind of sports on this app, and yes, that does mean SEC football, and NCAA basketball. In addition, users will get Fantasy Sports content. What’s more? You can even personalize news content and would be allowed to customize your push notifications.


There are many other applications that are perfect for streaming live sports. However, these are some of the top applications with millions of users. Each application is a useful platform that allows you to stream live-action all day long. And who would mind that right? Definitely not those who live and breathe sports. What makes these applications so cool is that you can watch different kinds of sports on them.

It is true that iOS has a limited set of applications that allow premium resolution live streaming of sports. But there are some apps such as the ones mentioned above that have exceptional results and views, ensuring ultra-experience to sports enthusiasts. When you get the one you like the most, it is certain that you will be hooked to them instantly. Being smartphone compatible, you can carry your live-action thrill wherever you go. So, which one of the aforementioned apps are you going to try?