Why Esports Betting Could Become More Popular Than Regular Sports Betting?

Sports has been a leading industry when it comes to entertainment, but a new player has recently arrived to compete for the top spot. Esports, or electronic sports, is an industry that has been catching the attention of people worldwide. Millions of people find watching players compete in video games extremely entertaining. One of the primary reasons it has been booming is that people can bet on these matches. This article will discuss why esports betting can be more popular than regular sports.

Esports Has A Wide And Interesting Variety To Choose From

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When comparing esports and regular sports, one undeniable fact is that new esports titles can be produced every few years, while no new sports have recently been released. Adding new games to the esports arsenal allows bettors to have a wider choice of which titles to bet on.

For example, esports has had great releases in the past few years, such as Valorant and Overwatch 2. These fresh, new games were able to spice up the gaming scene and enter the esports betting market quickly. However, you can’t say the same for sports, as we’ve been stuck with the same amount of traditional sports for hundreds of years.

There are also many exciting genres, such as First-Person Shooters, Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, Fighting Games, and more. These genres allow fans to select which types of games they like. And with a better understanding of a specific genre or two, bettors will be able to learn how to analyze matches and place bets on esports betting sites.

Esports Has Lots Of Betting Options

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When it comes to esports and traditional sports, some of the betting options are pretty similar. Bettors can bet on which team will win an entire tournament or which will win a specific match outright. However, most sports matches are Best of 1, while most matches are Best of 3, 5, or 7. This allows bettors to have the option to bet on more games and also bet on Map Handicaps, making esports betting more attractive.

It is also somewhat important to note that esports matches don’t have fixed durations. For example, MOBA games can last anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes so bettors can bet on the duration of each game. Meanwhile, almost all sports have a fixed duration per match. In First-Person Shooter games, the duration of the match depends on how many rounds are being played, so players can also bet on how many rounds they think the game will last. If gaming fans need help deciding, they can go on Tips.gg to get predictions from experienced tipsters as well.

This type of betting also provides the option to bet on how many kills or assists a player will have, similar to betting on Basketball, where you can predict if a player will score over or under a set amount of points.

Esports Is Receiving Lots Of Funding Through Sponsorships, Including Betting Sponsorships

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In the past five years, esports has seen massive growth in funding, as many wealthy individuals and companies are seeing potential in the industry. Colossal brands such as Honda, Intel, and even Red Bull have stepped in to sponsor esports teams and events. These sponsorships have increased the monetary value of the industry and helped market and esports betting to the general public.

It is also notable that many new esports betting sites are entering the competition. More and more bookmakers such as GG.Bet, and Betway are sticking around. They’re only investing because they see the potential in the esports betting industry. Though betting sponsors can be seen in sports matches, they are even more frequently displayed in tournaments and teams.

Even sports athletes are slowly getting in on the esports train, as famous world-famous athletes from different sports have signed multi-million dollar contracts in the esports scene. Basketball player Shaquille O’Neal has invested in the North American organization NRG Esports. With the esports industry receiving recognition from sports athletes, we can also expect to see the esports betting scene develop.

Esports Is Easier To Analyze

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Preparing to analyze an esports matchup isn’t quite as difficult as regular sports. In sports, players often face injuries and are unable to play. And it is pretty difficult to analyze a team’s capability when their star player is injured, right?

Well, when it comes to esports, you will rarely have to worry about this. Players don’t get injured in esports events and matches, so you won’t have to worry about any injuries. It’s also important to note that esports teams usually consist of three to five players, so you won’t have to analyze eleven players as you would in a football team.

Since esports is all electronic, with the help of technological advancements, statistics on esports matches are incredibly easy to find! There are dozens of websites used explicitly for tracking professional statistics, so esports bettors can have an effortless time analyzing matches. Overall, esports fans have abundant resources to help them decide on their bets, making esports betting very beginner-friendly.


In conclusion, esports is a fresh addition to the entertainment industry, as most titles haven’t even reached the age of 10. Meanwhile, the same traditional sports have been out for hundreds of years. The digitalization of the world has allowed for the rise of esports and esports betting, and it won’t be surprising if esports take over regular sports in the future.