Betting Bonuses – How To Use Them?

Betting – at both online casinos and online betting sites – involves a number of bonuses designed to enhance the betting experience. Bonuses also allow you to bet for your favourite teams with little or no risk to yourself. Some bonuses, such as free spins, are entirely dedicated to casino games. Other bonuses can be used both on online casinos and on betting sites, while others are entirely dedicated to betting.

The most common bonuses are usually deposit bonuses or free spins that allow you to discover new casino games. When using bonuses, you should carefully study the terms and conditions before you start playing. Bonuses often require a minimum deposit to be earned and are often subject to other conditions. In this article, we will look specifically at the bonuses available for betting, and how to use them.

Deposit bonuses help you increase your playing budget


Deposit bonuses (talletusbonus in Finnish) at Slottikuningas are common offers that online casinos give to both new and regular players. Deposit bonuses are often seen as part of welcome packages, but they can also be used as separate benefits when betting or playing at online casinos. Deposit bonuses are usually percentage bonuses that increase the deposit player has made and give the player more money to use on games. It is worth noting that a larger deposit will also result in a larger bonus, since deposit bonuses are usually expressed as a percentage.

With the deposit bonus, it is possible to double or even multiply your deposit, so you can head to the online casino with a bigger playing budget. Remember that there are wagering requirements almost every time, when using a deposit bonus: winnings made with deposit bonuses cannot be withdrawn directly from the online casino without meeting the wagering requirements. It’s also worth noting that betting may not meet many wagering requirements and you’ll have to head for the online casino’s games to clear the requirements. Keep in mind that in order to take advantage of the deposit bonus, you must also make a deposit of your own and it is not free.

Free bets and risk-free bets – bonuses especially for betting


Free bets and risk-free bets are popular bonuses especially for betting. Free bets are bets where the player is allowed to place a bet completely free of charge. A risk-free bet is a bet that is placed with your own stake, but if the bet fails, you get it back.

The difference between a free bet and a risk-free bet is that a risk-free bet allows the player to get their bet even if the bet is not successful. However, risk-free bet requires a deposit before placing it. A free bet, on the other hand, allows the player to play with no financial risk and no deposit.

Both of these usually have different bet and multiplier limits, which prevents you from making bigger bets. However, the wagering requirements are usually quite reasonable and there is no risk for the player to make either of these bets. No wonder these are the most popular bonuses among the bettors!

Cash refunds are also becoming more common

Cashback is a form of bonus that has recently become much more common at online gambling. The idea of cashback is that a casino or betting site gives players back part of the value of their played or lost bets. Refunds vary depending on the casino and the promotion, but they can range from a few percent to more than ten percent. In many cases, cash refunds are tied to loyalty programs, and the higher the level, the better the refund percentage you are entitled to. It is worth noting that sometimes cash refunds are paid on all money played and sometimes only on money lost by the player.

Cashbacks have become a very popular form of bonus because they often have fewer wagering requirements than other bonuses. They may even be completely non-revolving, which allows the player to use them as they wish or even withdraw them from the casino.

How to use casino bonuses for betting


Bonuses are highly used by bettors. However, bonuses always come with different conditions, which should be read carefully before using them. If a bonus is used contrary to its terms and conditions, the result is usually that any winnings will be wiped out.

Deposit bonuses may have strict conditions on which games it can be used for. At some cases the deposit bonus is only available for casino games and not for online betting. Also, wagering requirements may differ with different games.

Free bets and no-risk bets are always available for betting, but they also have their limitations. Usually there are limits on the stakes and odds at which a bet can be made. For this reason the bonus may not allow you to make very big bets or grab the highest odds. However, both allow you to make a bet with absolutely no risk, which is of course a great news for the bettor. Free bets and risk-free bets are usually bonuses worth taking advantage of.

Bonus wagering requirements

The wagering requirements are usually defined conditions that must be met before you can withdraw the winnings from the bonus. There is usually a multiplier attached to the bonus wagering, which tells you how much money you need to wager before you can withdraw any winnings from the online casino.

These requirements vary from casino to casino and are often expressed as odds. For example, a 25 x wagering requirement would mean that you need to wager 25 times the amount of bonus money before you can consider withdrawing any winnings from the online casino.

Casino bonus wagering requirements may also include time limits. You must complete the required wagering and other conditions within a certain time period in order to withdraw the winnings from the bonus.

Non-wagering casino bonuses


Non-wagering casino bonuses are particularly popular because they are offered to players without the need to wager bonus money before withdrawing their winnings. These bonuses are usually quite rare, as the player can immediately withdraw any winnings from the casino. Non-wagering bonuses are also usually lower in value.

Non-wagering bonuses can be deposit bonuses or free spins, for example. If free spins are non-wagering, you will usually receive less spinnings than with bonuses which have wagering requirements. Bonuses made only for betting are more often non-wagering or have wagering requirements that are significantly more reasonable than other bonuses. However, it’s good to remember that non-wagering bonuses also have terms and conditions.

Are casino bonuses worth using?

Casino bonuses can be useful if used correctly. They offer players the opportunity to try the casino’s games or the operation of the betting site without having to invest large sums themselves. However, bonuses often have certain conditions that must be met in order to claim the bonus. These conditions vary in different casinos and bonus types.

Casino bonuses are usually aimed at new players, but different benefits can also be offered to regular players as well. For example, loyalty programs give players the opportunity to earn additional rewards and bonuses when playing actively.

When using casino bonuses, you should keep in mind that they are especially intended for getting to know the casino. They may not offer the opportunity for jackpots, but bonuses surely help you spend exciting times playing at online casino with only a small contribution of your own. We also hope for the future to bring foreign gambling companies to Finland, so that we would be able to take advantage of more and more bonuses for domestic players.