Top 7 VPN Software for iPhone

Apple is more famous for making much effort into safeguarding its users’ data than Android and Google, but when you start surfing the web, those built-in safeguards are rendered ineffective – this is where an iPhone VPN comes in handy.

Although iPhones and other Apple devices can be connected to VPN, they don’t provide their customers with a built-in VPN. You can use third-party software to protect your privacy online. A VPN will allow you to unblock geo-restricted content, prevent your ISP from snooping and slowing your speeds and encrypt your data, safeguard your data as well as stop advertisers from contacting you with annoying advertisements.

However, a VPN on iPhone does more than just serve as a protection tool. If you enjoy streaming during your travel, it will give you the ability to stream exclusive content in the international Netflix libraries. It is possible to get past the limitations on content that you may encounter on public Wi-Fi in public transport.

Do not worry. We are here to help you. For your ease, we have gathered a list of top VPN software for iPhone that will help you protect your data and provide you with security and speed.

1. NordVPN


It is among the most well-known names in VPN, which is why it’s not surprising that NordVPN has a well-tuned iPhone application. Everyone loves an app with obvious ‘quick connect’ widgets, and Nord provides on the security side, too, with the no-logging policy and a Double VPN option.

Additionally, Nord is great for streaming, so if you are on a trip without your laptop and don’t want to pull it out, you can unblock pretty much everything straight from your phone. If you are deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, it also works well as a Mac VPN.

2. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a privacy-focused product. It is based in Switzerland and has a secure VPN DNS network with amazingly secure servers and an authenticated zero-logging policy; this is an excellent option for those who value their privacy.

If you enjoy streaming on TV on an iPad or iPhone, Proton VPN is excellent in terms of blocking exclusive content on Netflix, Disney+, and more. However, be sure to have a reliable internet connection before streaming online sites. You can visit LocalCableDeals to find the right internet package according to your need.

3. IPVanish


IPVanish can be described as an iOS application for the meticulous tech enthusiast who likes having complete access to their smartphone data. The app generates visual graphs of your web activity.

Its flexibility across platforms is perfect for those who are focused on finding a Netflix-friendly VPN. Every serious fan of media has developed or utilized Kodi and XBMC into a media player with IPVanish integrated component. Kodi plugin gives access to media from all over the world.


Source: is a lesser-known service that is known for its strong apps that go beyond the features typically expected from traditional VPNs.

While many VPNs for iOS offer a limited range of features compared to their desktop counterparts, is almost as robust. With an infinitely sortable servers list, complete ping time information IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, and TCP along with WireGuard protocols, as well as the kill switch, auto-connect, and even custom DNS servers. If you want to try something new, you have a lot of options.

5. Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access offers an extremely low-cost iPhone VPN application if you are looking for a useful solution that works with your Apple gadget.

PIA can be used with OpenVPN IKEv2 as well as the fast WireGaurd Protocol using 256-AES encryption with enhancements to authentication handshakes that use SHA-4096 and data authentication for OpenVPN CBC employing the SHA-256. A kill-switch is also in place that is extremely effective, and the company claims that it does not support the ability to log any type of data.

You will be pleased to create Siri shortcuts if you are fully connected to Apple’s ecosystem. There’s also PIA’s browser which is available for iOS featuring tabs, video, and streaming.

6. Surfshark

If you are looking for an affordable iPhone VPN that can sincerely compete with premium brands, then look at Surfshark. In contrast to other low-cost VPNs, Surfshark does everything you need quickly and includes a few distinctive extra features not commonly found in iOS VPN apps. Surfshark has recently introduced widgets that will make the connection process easier. Additionally, you will be able to submit bugs directly from the application.

One of its most attractive selling points is the unlimited simultaneous connection policy. It means you’ll be able to cover each device. Despite its customizable features and strong performance, Surfshark has a user-friendly interface that is quite easy for new users. With Surfshark, even the cheapest iPhone VPN can compete with the very best, despite its simplicity.

7. ExpressVPN


The performance of ExpressVPN for iPhone is exactly the kind you would want from a top service. Users can connect using just a tap and switch between servers effortlessly. The app is quick, private, and easy to use, and since the apps on all platforms are nearly identical, once you have mastered one, you will master them all.

ExpressVPN’s iOS VPN application supports IKEv2 and Lightway UDP as well as TCP protocols. The VPN provider follows strict privacy policies and doesn’t store or record traffic data such as connection IPs, connection data, or browsing activities.

It is not the most affordable option but sign up through TechRadar, and you will be able to get three months of additional time with 30 days of money-back assurance if you decide to change your mind.


Due to the increase of cyberattacks and hackers, our devices are constantly in danger of getting rigged with viruses. This risk increases when you connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi, such as in hotels, coffee shops, and airports. VPN is designed to ensure your security by routing your connections through its servers, keeping you safe online, hence its importance cannot be overlooked.