5 Reasons to Buy an Android Smartphone

For a very long time, Android smartphones have dominated the smartphone market. This is a result of the overwhelming number of Android phones available. The great majority of smartphones on the market have been using Android as their primary operating system.

The iOS operating system is by far Android’s largest rival. There are many factors that smartphone buyers must take into account. When choosing a smartphone, buyers often consider the display, camera, and design. The software experience is another element taken into account.

No matter what smartphone you use, you need a reliable internet connection such as Xfinity Internet deals, check this to fully utilize all its features. Let’s look at the five reasons Android smartphones are worth investing in.

1. You have a lot More Options

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, Apple provides three different models of hardware (unless you want to pay a tiny discount for last year’s model). There are two sizes and price points for the current iPhone lineup: big and bigger, as well as pricey and highly expensive. And those gadgets are rarely on sale.

Your Android options, however, come in a broad variety of sizes, styles, feature sets, and price ranges. With more options, consumers can select from pricey and inexpensive options. Numerous manufacturers decide to provide Android phones in a variety of price ranges.

This is done for their market share to grow and for people to buy even more of their smartphones. This means that the user can select a smartphone within their price range. Since there is a vast selection, they won’t have to spend more or settle for less.

2. Better and New Features

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The fact that Android phones aren’t really made by a single firm means that there is competition among companies that make Android phones, which is a significant issue in and of itself.

Companies on this side of the debate are frequently compelled to not only improve their new flagships but also provide customers with additional features to stand out.

This can sometimes backfire, as it did with the awful LG Wing, which had a second screen that tilted but wasn’t truly unique. On the other hand, it might succeed, as it did with periscope zoom cameras.

3. Simpler Settings

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To access several basic system settings, both Android and iOS provide similar shortcuts. On an iPhone, you can activate Airplane Mode, change the volume and screen brightness, utilize the calculator, and more by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen to access the Control Center.

On an Android screen, though, swiping down from the top reveals a dozen standard settings icons above the currently shown notifications.

To view a larger selection of settings icons, swipe once more (customizable, of course). To get directly to the appropriate settings page, tap the label next to the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth symbol. You can also open the complete settings list by clicking the tiny gear symbol.

4. Greater Value

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The Android smartphone market has been growing rapidly, and for good reason. One of the primary factors that make Android smartphones more attractive than their counterparts is the greater value they offer for money. In comparison to other devices, Android smartphones are available in a wide range of price points, making them more accessible to a larger number of people.

Intense Competition

The market for Android smartphones is highly competitive, with many different manufacturers vying for a share of the pie. This intense competition has led to an emphasis on value, with manufacturers focusing on providing more features and specifications at a lower cost.

Staying within Budget

To keep prices low, manufacturers must ensure that they stay within their budgets. This means that they must prioritize cost savings in every aspect of their product, including design, components, and marketing.

5. Cutting Costs While Maintaining Quality

Source: zdnet.com

In order to offer a better value for money, Android smartphone manufacturers are constantly striving to cut costs without compromising on quality. This has led to a focus on faster processors, better displays, and improved cameras, all while keeping prices affordable.

Segmented Markets

With the Android smartphone market catering to a broad spectrum of customers, manufacturers must provide options for every segment of the market. From budget devices to high-end smartphones, manufacturers aim to provide the best value for money across the board.

More Autonomy

The independence that Android provides is one of the main reasons why so many people love it. Freedom from external programs and software restrictions.

Even though there may be some privacy concerns, many people think it’s worth it. This is due to the possibility of a wider range of third-party applications. That said, programs obtained from sources other than the designated shop are done so at the owner’s own risk.

Many people praise Android because of the software control it provides. People with software design skills can code their way into a variety of user interface designs. Depending on the coding, these may be either more accessible or more optimized

Only Android provides this level of control, which explains why it has such a large market share.

6. All in All

There is a wide selection of accessories available when buying Android phones. This can apply to accessories like watch bands, headphones, and phone skins. The larger market share suggests that there will also be a sizable market for accessories.

It takes a long time to explore the Android Universe in depth. There are a lot of goods, programs, and even accessories available on the Android market. In light of this, the size of the market ensures that there will be something for everyone.

It is recommended that you take your time and research the ideal phone before you decide to buy one, also there are a lot of interesting games which you can play. We hope you now know why buying an Android smartphone is a better option.