How to Download & Install Free Fire Max 2024 on Android, iOS? Where it is Available?

What is Free Fire Max? and how can players download & install it in specific regions on Android, iOS devices? Free Fire Max is a better-upgraded version of the commonly available Free fire game in terms of visuals, server optimization and game optimization.

Free Fire is one of the most famous Mobile Esports titles in the entire world. Its publisher Garena has been consistently pushing the title for the past 2 years due to which free fire became the most downloaded “Battle Royale” game in the year 2024. Now Garena has released an enhanced version of the same game called Free Fire Max which is superior to its original version in terms of graphics, audio liability, and in-game optimization which increases the overall gameplay experience. Here is a detailed guide on how to download & install Free Fire Max, where it is available and Free Fire vs Free Fire Max.

The Free Fire Max is yet to release globally and is available only in specific regions as it is in its beta testing phase. This version of free fire Max is available in both IOS and Android Versions.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is the most sought out Esports Battle Royale game on the mobile platform. The game has been continuously growing in India and the South Asian region for the past year after the ban of PUBG mobile by the Indian government.

Along with its growing popularity among the casuals, it also has managed to garner quite a big Esports scene too.

Free Fire vs Free Fire Max

The Free Fire max uses the Firelink technology which enables users to log in to their previously owned Free Fire or Garena accounts in Free Fire max. In this way, they can access all their previously owned accessories in max too.

Free Fire Max has better Audio, visual, and Optimization techniques when compared to Free Fire. This audio and video help players to better identify enemies in open grounds as well as close quarters. Free Fire has been quite notorious for its intense Battery usage during long gaming hours but with better optimization in Max, Version players can see quite an improved performance in their Battery consumption.

Where is Free Fire Max Available?

Free Fire Max is currently in its Beta Testing phase and is only available in the following three countries

  1. Malaysia
  2. Vietnam
  3. Bolivia

The Exact date for the global release of the game is not yet known but it is rumored that the game would release by the end of this year. If users from other parts of the world want to check out Free Fire Max they can use a VPN but people might face certain problems while registering.

Free Fire Max in India

As stated above Free Fire Max has not been released globally and this includes its availability in India too. Indian Players too can try their luck in installing the Game via VPN on their Mobile devices. The VPN must be connected to one of the countries listed above i.e. Malaysia, Vietnam, or Bolivia. Then You can follow the given steps listed below.

You can use this VPN to connect to the following countries – Express VPN

How to Download & Install Free Fire Max 2024 on Android and iOS Devices

Players in the given specific region i.e. Malaysia, Bolivia, and Vietnam can either download the game from their respective regional stores( Google Playstore or Applestore )

Free Fire Max – Google Play Store

Free Fire Max – Apple Store

or can follow these steps along with VPN users to download and play Free Fire Max on their respective Mobile devices.

STEP 1: First and Foremost users need to download a file from the given link which contains both the APK and OBB

Free Fire Max APK + OBB file: Click here

After downloading users need a zip file manager to extract the file to get the APK and the OBB respectively. Before downloading and extracting please make sure that you have enough space on your devices(approximately 2GB of free space).

STEP 2: Users need to go to their android settings and turn on the “Install from Unknown source” option to Install the extracted APK from the file.

Settings>Safety & Privacy>Allow Installation from Unknown Source

After installing the APK we can find it on the menu but this alone won’t run the game as we need to attach its OBB too.

STEP 3: Next the users need to copy the entire “com.dts.freefiremax” to the Android OBB folder. The ANDROID/OBB folder may be present either in your phone or SD card storage

COPY “com.dts.freefiremax” Paste to ANDROID > OBB

STEP 4: After installing the APK and copying the OBB, users can go ahead and play the game.

NOTE: If any error persists please repeat steps 2 and 3 properly or download the file from the above-provided link again and repeat all the steps.