Garena Free Fire: Cash Prize of Rs 60 LAKHS in Free Fire City Open 2024 Tournament: How to Register

Garena just announced another Free Fire tournament exclusively for the Indian fans. Free Fire City Open 2024 tournament is an open qualifier-based tournament where eligible teams from 8 different cities of India will fight among themselves to be crowned as the national champion of India. Here your chance to win prize money of Rs 60 lakhs, get a detailed guide on how to do Free Fire City Open 2024 registration, cities, what is the format, rules, scoring system and where to watch Free Fire City live streaming.

What is Free Fire?

Free Fire is the most sought out Esports Battle Royale game on the mobile platform. The game has been continuously growing in India and the South Asian region for the past year after the ban of PUBG mobile by the Indian government. Along with its growing popularity among the casuals, it also has managed to garner quite a big Esports scene too.

What is Free Fire City Open?

Free Fire City Open is a tournament conducted by Garena exclusively for the Indian free fire community starting from 30th April.

Free Fire City Open 2024 Eligible Cities

The Indian cities which can participate in the Free Fire City Open 2024 were chosen through a public poll. There were more than 50 cities that were chosen for polling and the top 8 teams were selected which received the maximum number of votes.

Eligible Cities for Free Fire City Open 2024 Participation :

  1. Delhi(Union Territory)
  2. Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  3. Hyderabad (Telangana)
  4. Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  5. Kolkata (West Bengal)
  6. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
  7. Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  8. Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

Free Fire City Open 2024 Registration

If you have a free fire account that is level 40 and an in-game rank of Diamond you are eligible to take part in the tournament. The registration for the Free Fire City Open 2024 tournament has already begun on 26th April and will continue till 30th April. Follow these steps to register for the tournament.

Free Fire City Open 2024 Registration

Step 1: Players with the above-mentioned criteria can log in to their Free fire account and hover over the FFC Cup(Red Colour Icon) on the right-hand side of the lobby.

Step 2: Clicking on the banner will take you the FFC Lobby where information like Progression, tournament format, and prize pool details can be read.

Step 3: Now to Register for your team you need to click on the squad button. After clicking the join button it will ask for your team details like player names , clan name, Contact information and regional details.

Step 4: Your Teammates after filling the form on their side should select the proper team on which your squad is representing to further complete the registration process.

The registered team will get 8 tickets which can be used on the qualifiers night between 4 pm to 9 pm IST. The tickets will turn void the next day.

Free Fire City Open 2024 Tournament Prize Money

The Free Fire City open Championship will be conducted in 5 different phase and the teams which make through all the phase will represent their city in the Grand National finals on the 15th of August 2024.

Phase 1: Online Qualifiers- 30th April 2024 -The Registered Teams from their respective Cities will play 8 matches from 4 pm to 9 pm Ist and the top 12 teams from each city will move to the phase 2.

Phase 2: Regional Finals-(15th June- 9th July)-The teams who have qualified from Phase 1 will play the regional finals and the top team will play the Grand finals directly whereas the 2nd-4th placed teams can get a second chance and play the regional playins.

Phase 3 : Regional Play-Ins- (16 July – 23 July)-The 24 teams from all the regions who get a second chance will fight among themselves and the Top 2 teams will move to the grand finals.

Phase 4: WILDCARD Finals -30th July- The top 12 teams which are not from the selected 8 regions can also fight for 2 sport at the grand finals. The top 2 teams from wildcard can join the already qualified 10 teams to form the final 12 teams for the national finals.

Phase 5: National Finals -15th August – The final 12 teams will fight among themselves for the grand prize of 60 lakhs on Independence day.

Prize Pool : The Prize Pool for the entire tournament is 60 Lakhs rupees. the individual prize distribution will be announced little later.

2024 Free Fire City Open Scoring System

During all the matches the following Point system will be used to score and rank the teams in the entire tournament

  1. 1st Place -12 points.
  2. 2nd Place -9 points.
  3. 3rd Place – 8 points.
  4. 4th Place – 7 points.
  5. 5th Place – 6 points.
  6. 6th Place – 5 points.
  7. 7th Place – 4 points.
  8. 8th Place- 3 points.
  9. 9th Place- 2 points.
  10. 10th Place – 1 point.
  11. 11th Place – 0 points.
  12. 12th Place – 0 points.

Apart from the position points each team will be rewarded 1 point per kill .

Free Fire City Open 2024 Live Streaming

The Free Fire City Open tournament between the 8 participating cities of India will begin on April 30th But only the National Finals on 15th August will be broadcasted on the official Channels.

Facebook: Free Fire India Esports .

YouTube: Free Fire India Esports YouTube channel .

Booyah: Stream can also be caught on BOOYAH! which also happens to the official streaming partner of Free Fire. Watching the official stream on Booyah will give the fans an viewers to earn special skins and accessories as observed from previous match tournaments.

The Free Fire City Open National Finals live stream will be available in two languages English and Hindi.