How to Get 50000 Diamonds in Free Fire

Every Free Fire player wants to purchase all the new fancy skins for their favourite characters, weapons, or Vehicles But the problem is it cost real money and nobody likes to spend real money to buy anything in this world and mainly skins for games. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to hack 50000 Free Fire diamonds or 99,999 diamonds? are these tricks working? Is there any free fire diamond hack app? and how to get free diamonds legitimately?

What are Free Fire Diamonds?

Every game has an in-game currency called “Virtual Currency”. The Virtual currency of Free Fire is called Diamonds. These Diamonds are the only way through which you can legitimately purchase any items on Free Fire.

The diamonds can be purchased from the Free Fire store through Real Life money via various methods. Diamonds can also be obtained via Various means this can be both the Unknown and legal ways.

What can be Purchased using Free Fire Diamonds?

Literally every Item on the Free Fire Store can only be purchased with the help of Diamonds.t This can be anything of the following .

  1. Character Skin Set.
  2. Weapon Skin Set.
  3. All Kinds Of Cards like Rename Cards and Double XP Cards.
  4. Unlock Codes For Specific Characters.
  5. Unlock Codes For Specific Pets.
  6. Free Diamonds Virtual Currency.
  7. Parachute Skin Set.
  8.  Set like double.
  9. Vehicle Skin Set.
  10. Bundle Skin Set.
  11. Fancy Emotes.
  12. Login Music Cds
  13. Updating Character Levels.
  14. Updating weapons Levels.
  15. Buying New battle pass.

How to Hack 50000 Free Fire Diamonds?

There is a way you can hack 50000 Free Fire diamonds for free using the “Free Fire Diamond Generator App “. You can click on this link and follow these steps to hack 50,000 Free Fire Diamonds for your account.

How to Hack 50000 Free Fire Diamonds
  1. First of all, players need to Open the Free Fire Diamond Generator App through the Website link Mentioned above or click here.
  2. Enter your google play or facebook ID that is connected with your Garena Free Fire Account.
  3. It will ask for the platform you play the game on Android or IOs.
  4. Choose the number of diamonds you want to hack 10000, 50000, 99999 or any amount you desire.
  5. Then click on the generate Button and the desired number of Diamonds will be generated.
  6. You need to complete the “I am not a Robot” verification before you leave.
  7. The diamonds will appear in your game within 30 minutes in your Free Fire Account.

(Warning: The developers nor the author at SportingFree is responsible if you lose any data on your Garena account. You can try this on your alternative accounts first before trying it on your main account. Garena bans or suspends an account that indulges in malicious activities. so please Indulge in these activities at your own risk. )

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Free Fire 10000 Diamonds Hack Without Human Verification (Legal Way)

1. Google Opinion Survey

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the easiest ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire from time to time. You need to install the Goggle Survey app on your phone and Fill in the survey details asked by google.

The number of google play credits will vary from survey to survey. Once you have collected enough credits you can trade them for Free Fire diamonds in the store and the diamonds will be transferred to your Free Fire Account.

2. BOOYAH Streaming Platform

Booyah is the official broadcasting platform for Free Fire and all Tencent published games. . The Free Fire streamers on Booyah are often provided with chests of different levels like silver, gold, and diamonds. As the name suggests each chest has a quality level of gifts and is given randomly to viewers who view their content.

3. Free Fire Membership Method

Free Fire offers a membership offer to all of its players. The Membership is available in two modes weekly membership at Rs.159 and monthly membership at Rs.599. This membership provides users with 60 Diamonds a day.

4. App-Based Method

There are Certain apps in the market that help you to get Free Fire diamonds which in turn can be used to Purchase Free Fire Diamonds for your account.

These apps usually provide money when you sign up for the first time and can provide further money when you complete certain objectives or challenges in the Game. Some of the famous Apps are PayTm First Games, FieWin App Open, and Aladdin 25.