How to get Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass in June 2024 (Price & Rewards)

At the start of every month, Garena always releases a new Elite Pass for all of its player pass. For June 2024, the company has released Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass based on the “Enchanted Evil” theme. Users can start buying the Elite Pass from June 1, 2024, and will last till the end of the month. Here’s the guide to get the Free Fire Season 37 along with the price and rewards.

What is Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass?

Each New Month Garena releases an Elite Pass for its player base containing an exciting Skin-set for Avatars, Weapons, and vehicles. The Elite Pass is always based upon a particular theme and this time around the name of the battle pass is “Enchanted Evil“.As the name suggests the theme is based on the Royal ghost pop culture.

An Elite pass is a progression-based Reward system and is available only for the duration of the current month. The Season 37 Elite Pass will only be available for the time period of 1st June to 30 June and Elite Pass 38 will release on July 1st.

What is Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass Price?

The Free Fire Elite Pass released every month is available in two Packages The normal Elite pass and the Elite Pass Bundle. The main difference between both the Packages is, after purchasing the Elite Pass All the rewards in the pass will be obtained sequentially throughout the month as you play the game whereas if you purchase the bundle version all the rewards can be obtained immediately.

A free version of the battle pass containing free rewards is also available for people who don’t wish to buy the pass.

The Current Cost of of 520 Diamonds is Rs 400(INR) – Elite Pass

The Current Cost of 1060 Diamonds is Rs 800(INR) – Elite Bundle-unlocks 50 Badges immediately.

How to get Free Fire Season 37 Elite Pass in June 2024?

Any In-game item Including Elite pass can only be bought using the virtual currency-Free Fire Diamonds. So Players need to Top-up their account with Diamonds before following the given procedure below.

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STEP 1: Players need to login into their Garena Free Fire Account and on the main menu click on the “Fire Pass” or “Elite Pass” Icon.

STEP 2: After clicking on the above-mentioned icon a small window will appear asking “Do you want to purchase this item”. The Elite Bundle would cost around 999 diamonds(virtual currency) & the Elite pass would cost around 499 diamonds.

STEP 3: After Selecting an option, The number of diamonds corresponding to your purchase will be deducted from your account if you had Purchased Diamonds into your account Initially. otherwise, the transaction would fail.

STEP 4: To purchase In-game Currency-Diamonds users can use any one of the payment methods provided by the Google Play store or can use CODASHOP.

Free Fire Season 37 Free Rewards

Every season of Elite pass contains an exciting Skin-set and usually, the skins and other rewards depend upon the theme of the season. This Season is based on “Evil” so most of the Skins are expected to be of this theme. The following are the rewards for this season’s Elite pass.

  • Gold x50 – Unlocks at 0 Badge
  • Prince after Dark (Skin Avatar) – Unlocks at 5 badges
  • Three(3) Scan – Unlocks at 10 Badges
  • One(1) Pet Food – Unlocks at 20 Badges
  • One(1) Gold Voucher – Unlocks at 30 Badges
  • Evil Enchanted – Unlocks at 40 Badges
  • One(1) Diamond Royale Voucher – Unlocks at 50 Badges
  • One(1) Fragment Crate – Unlocks at 60 Badges
  • One(1) Discount Coupon – Unlocks at 70 Badges
  • One(1)Pet Food – Unlocks at 80 Badges
  • One(1)Evo Token Gun Box – Unlocks at 85 Badges
  • 300x Gold -Unlocks at 90 Badges
  • Evil Enchantedd T-shirt – Unlocks at 100 Badges
  • Three(3) Summon Airdrop – Unlocks at 120 Badges
  • One(1) Gold Voucher -Unlocks at 130 Badges
  • Three(3) Resupply Map – Unlocks at 140 Badges
  • One(1) Evo Token Gun Box – Unlocks at 145 Badges
  • Prince after Dark (Banner) – Unlock at 150 Badges
  • 500 Gold – Unlocks at 160 Badges
  • One(1) Fragment Case II – Unlocks at 170 Badges
  • Three(3) Bonfires – Unlocks at 180 Badges
  • One(1) Gold Royale Voucher – Unlocks at190 Badges
  • Evil Enchanted Parachute – Unlocks at 200 Badges
  • One(1) Evo Token Gun Box – Unlocks at 205 Badges
  • Three(3)Gold Royale Voucher – Unlocks at 210 Badges
  • Three(3)Bounty Token -Unlocks at 220 Badges
  • 500x Universal Fragment -Unlocks at 225 Badges