How to Unlock all Gun Skins in Free Fire using LuluBox for FREE

Players always wish to flaunt new character skins or weapon skins as soon as it reaches the game store. The game skins are not cheap and may sometimes even cost up to 100$(USD) so people always look for alternative methods to obtain skins in a free or easy way. Lulubox is one of the applications in the market right now which helps users to unlock all the skins in the Free Fire in an alternative way.

Most of the Gun Skins in the Free Fire are paid but using LuluBox you can get Free Fire skins and outfits for free.

What is Lulubox?

Lulubox is an additional game plugin for users playing games on the mobile platform. The main feature of using this plugin is that it provides the ability to unlock all the paid skins and weapon set in games like PUBG Mobile, Mini Militia, and Garena Free Fire for absolutely free.

It also provides some chatroom facilities which enable users to even talk with enemies in-game. READ: How to Buy Falconer Crate in Free Fire?

How to Download & Install Lulubox?

Lulubox is not available on Play Store as the application software is deemed as a dangerous entity by google. The users may try to install and use it at their own risk. Follow these steps to install Lulubox on your phone.

  1. Click on the following link to download Lulubox. Click Here to download Lulubox.
  2. The entire size of the application is around 15 MB(Megabytes).
  3. After downloading the application we need to open the settings of our android phone and navigate to the “Allow access to apps from Unknown source” under the application settings.
Download  & Install Lulubox

4. Now after providing access to the unknown source we can locate our downloaded APK and install it.

5.After complete installation the application will be available on the main menu of the mobile phone.

6.Click to open the application and once the app is running you can select whatever game you want to unlock and run like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire & Call of duty Mobile.

7. These versions of the game are actually modified and not the original versions which provides them with the ability to unlock all the skinset and weapon skins.

(Warning: The developers nor the author at SportingFree is responsible if you lose any data on your Garena account. You can try this on your alternative accounts first before trying it on your main account. Garena bans or suspends an account that indulges in malicious activities. so please Indulge in these activities at your own risk. )

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List of Games Supported by Lulubox.

There is a huge list of games that are being supported by Lulubox. Some of the games supported by Lulubox are of the following.

  1. Multiple Space
  2. Free Fire(Garena)
  3. Carrom Pool
  4. 8 Ball Pool
  5. PUBG Mobile(Global version)
  6. Subway Surfers
  7. Candy Crush
  8. Mini Militia
  9. Worms Zone Hunter Assassin
  10. Sniper 3D
  11. Racing Fever: Moto
  12. Temple Run 2
  13. Clash of Clans
  14. Need for Speed No Limits
  15. Need for Speed No Limits
  16. Hill Climb Racing
  17. Subway Princess Runner
  18. Johnny Trigger
  19. Crazy Juice
  20. Crowd City

How to Unlock all Gun Skins in Free Fire using LuluBox

People mainly Download Lulubox to unlock Skins for two games “Free Fire” & “PUBG Mobile(Global Version)”. Users can follow these steps to unlock Skins in their respective games using Lulubox.

  1. Please install Lulubox on your respective android phones using the methods given above.
  2. After installing the APK Install Free Fire from the application or from the google store.
  3. Now, open the Lulu box and click on Free Fire, and log in inside the game.
  4. Open the original Free Fire and the link would have been established.
  5. Now all the skins would have been activated on the account.
  6. Open and select the required weapon skins of your choice.
  7. Get a few permanent Gun skins and outfits in Free Fire.

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Is it legal to use Lulubox?

Usage of Lulubox for unlocking Character Skin-set and weapon Skins is deemed as Illegal and actions may be sanctioned against users who unlock skins using this method. The sanctions made by any gaming company are bans on the account, permanent bans on the game account, and even Legal cases against the user.