Moony Pet Buddy in Free Fire: Ability, Price, Best Pair and How to Buy

The Free Fire pet system is one of the main features which makes the game to be extremely unique when compared with other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. The pet system allows them to further customize their character and further enhance their style of play. With the drop of the new season on June 1st, a new pet called “Moony” has been added to the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Moony Pet Buddy in Free Fire.

What is Buddy or Pet System in Free Fire?

Pets are a sort of unique feature in Free Fire that adds a sort of value to the overall kit of your character. There are more than 10 different pets in Free Fire. Pets should always be selected according to your overall team’s playstyle and should not only be beneficial to you but your overall team as a whole.

Who is Moony Pet Buddy in Free Fire?

Moony is one of the newest Pet or buddy added to the Free Fire roster making him the 16th addition to the already 15 existing pets. Moony is actually a pet based on alien characters and pop culture. He looks like a character from the game “Destroy All Humans”. He has some quirky lines and his voice sounds extremely funny.

What are Moony Abilities & Emotes?

Moony Pet Buddy in Free Fire

Moony has an ability called “Paranormal Protection”. This ability has an interactive feature where when a player uses a medkit or helps a teammate for the revival he/she & the teammate will get a damage reduction counter up to 40% for a specific period.

At level 1 of the pet, it provides a Damage reduction of up to 20% for a period of time the level 7 provides a damage reduction of up to 35%. The pets can be upgraded as you play and earn XP and level up.

Currently, there are two Emotes for Moony in free fire Celebrate and play. There is also only one current Skin-set for Moony called “Hipster Moony Set”. The developers of the game have promised that there will be more Skins for the Characters shortly.

Best Pair for Moony Pet

Moony is a sort of supportive pet that helps to recover after or during mid-fight. So she will be better paired with supportive characters like DJ Alok, Olivia, Laura, and Andrew. These characters are supportive in their nature so Moony can further boost their utility by providing damage reduction.

How To Buy Moony Pet Buddy in Free Fire?

Moony pet currently costs around 699 Diamonds which is actually the current retail price for all pets. Let’s see the procedure for how to buy Monny in a step-by-step procedure.

  1. Open the Garena Free Fire game and top up for diamonds up to a minimum value of 800 diamonds. If you don’t know how to top up diamonds read the following.

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2 . Now after depositing the fixed amount of diamonds. Open the store in the game and browse to the pet section. Select moony for unlocking.

3. now after clicking on moony it will show a small window asking “Do you want to unlock moony by using 699 Diamonds”. after clicking yes Moony will add to your account.

4. To add Moony to your character and select current buddy as “Moony”. Enjoy playing moony.