Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration: How to Unlock all the Gifts?

How to Unlock Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration Gifts: Free Fire like other battle royale has embraced some great features into their game quite often which includes the ping system, buddy system, and emotes. Emotes are one of the coolest ways to show your Emotions inside any game.

The Emotes were first introduced and popularized by Fortnite and later all the games started adopting it. Currently, Free Fire has more than 60 emotes in the current patch and most of them can be obtained from the store by purchasing.

What is Emote?

Emotes are a way of expressing your current emotions in-game in the form of animation through your character. All the characters inside the game can perform emotes at any point in time.

The Emotes can be equipped with a emote wheel and we can choose a emote at any point Depending on our choice and can be selected to play that emote. Free Fire has lots of cool emote like Death Glare, Breakdance & Booyah.

Free Fire X McLaren Colloboration

Free Fire has made some exciting collaborations with some famous companies like Disney, Spotify, CR7, and Marvel over the years. This time around they have made a partnership with the famous British car manufacturing company “McLaren”.

In this top-up event, they have some exciting gifts like emotes, skins, and in-game quests. One of the main attractions is the ability to earn the free Mclaren skin called”McLaren helios” and its emote” Win & Chill “.

The offer for availing all the gifts from this event is for a limited time starting from 8th June till 15th June of 2024.

Free Fire x McLaren: How to Unlock Skin an Emote

Technically the gifts for Free Fire x McLaren collaboration, players just need to top-up for the required number of diamonds and can claim the gifts for free without spending. The players need to top up for 200 Diamonds to unlock the Mclaren Helios skin and 500 diamonds to unlock the “Win and chill Emote”. Follow these steps to unlock and claim the rewards.

  1. The players need to top up for a minimum of 500 Diamonds to unlock all the gifts from the current event. If you don’t know how to top up for diamonds read the article below.

2. After purchasing the diamonds we need to need to browse through store and go to the top up event to claim the reawrds.

3. In the McLaren Top-up Event tab the Claim button will be highlighted and users can press this button to unlock the gifts.

4. Now people can browse to Emote Wheel and can equip the new emote “Win & Chill”.