The Sports Betting Bonuses Conditions’ You Must Know Before Using Them

People usually like when they can get something extra while using a given service. Despite that, only a few companies in a given niche provide them with things like bonuses.

Fortunately, it seems like the iGaming business is different. Players can feel free to visit and check numerous promotions, including the Bet Fred bonus for new clients. What’s also impressive is that the bookie has many rewards for those who’ve completed the registration process before and already made at least one deposit.

Regardless of the sports betting site you want, there is a good chance it will offer you multiple bonuses. Some of them may not be as attractive as others, but every site has at least one thing that is worth it. Sometimes the bonus seems so appealing that people start using it without checking its Terms and Conditions. Needless to say, this is when they can get in trouble.

Every offer has distinctive rules that bettors must know, so let’s go through some of them.

How much time do you have to get the bonus & how long can you use it for


Before you take a look at things, such as the lowest amount of money you have to deposit to get a given reward, you need to check the availability of the promo. The latter depends a lot on what you want to bet on and what kind of bonus you have access to.

If we look at some welcome promotions, we can see that users have to register and place a bet within the next one or two weeks to receive the reward. In places like Betfred, users have to place a bet after they register, and this bet has to be settled in order for them to receive a bonus.

Aside from the welcome promotions, numerous gambling companies provide advertisements for registered users that do not have this requirement. Instead, each offer is valid for specific days or weeks once you decide to use it.

Many inexperienced bettors often overlook this rule because they don’t think it is important. However, this is not the case because it shows how much time you have to complete other essential conditions, such as the rollover requirement. The latter is crucial because it allows users to withdraw their winnings.

Sometimes, you need to deposit more than the minimum requirement if you want to get a better promotion

The fact that online bookmakers like Betfred and many other companies require online bettors to make deposits in order to get a given bonus shouldn’t come as a surprise. This allows the brands to generate even more revenue without taking unnecessary risks.

Speaking of deposit bonuses, each one usually has a specific minimum amount. People who deposit less than that can’t obtain the offer, which is why some users end up spending a lot more money than usual. What’s even more surprising is that some iGaming operators have different promo tiers that will provide a better reward to those who deposit more money than others.

One of the most common examples is the deposit bonuses that also give things like free spins. People who deposit the minimum amount will only get additional credits, whereas those who add more funds into their accounts will also receive free spins.

The bad news about those kinds of rewards is that some require large transactions. There are cases where sports bettors might need to add at least 200 EUR or even more in a single transaction.

Unfortunately, many bonuses have country restrictions


Aside from having to worry about how much time you have to make a deposit or place a bet, you also need to check for any specific country restrictions. Sadly, this is common in the iGaming industry because most betting operators are unavailable in many countries. In fact, even reputable brands like Betfred focus mostly on the UK and Ireland, so the majority of the bonuses are only accessible to gamblers who reside in those places.

You can easily check whether the given offer is available in your country by skimming through the T&C. The fact that a given betting site is accessible in your jurisdiction doesn’t always mean that it will allow you to use all of the bonuses. In fact, there might be a lot of differences.

One of the things that people do to bypass those restrictions is using VPNs that trick the operator into thinking that they access a given platform from a different country. This might work, but it is not recommended because most bookmakers do not allow users to use fake locations.

Some bonus amounts can’t be obtained right away

Most of the bonuses that offer deposit funds will most likely double your deposit or provide you with a flat amount of money. Some bookmakers do not have any hidden conditions and will give you the reward as soon as you meet the minimum requirements. However, others want you to wait and use more money, which is why they will give you a portion of the prize every couple of days. Some gamblers often complain to the specific gambling commission, but every bookie has the right to do that.

This condition is really annoying for those who want to use the extra money right away. Nevertheless, it seems like it works for most bookmakers and casinos because people must continue to play to use the amount. Hence, they can spend more money.

You may find promotions that only work if you lose


Most online bettors want to get different bonuses because they want to win as much money as possible. People usually don’t think about losses, but those things happen, and many of them get disappointed.

Some bookmakers are aware of this problem, which is why they provide their clients with promotions that will only work if they lose. Some of them are based on the number of losing bets and provide cashback, whereas others will become available only if someone loses a specific amount of money.

Besides the cashback percentage, there might be cases where bookmakers can provide people with a free bet equal to the amount lost in the last couple of days.