Tokyo Olympics 2024 Prize Money: Rewards Paid by Major Countries

Tokyo Olympics 2024 Prize Money: The biggest collective sporting event globally, the Olympics, is all set for a return. After one pandemic enforced year delay, Tokyo Summer Olympics will commence from 23 July 2024. Along with fame, pride and medals, Olympic players also receive other benefits and cash prizes.

More than 11,000 athletes are set to participate in the 2024 Olympics. The athletes will be from around 206 nations and represent their respective countries at the sports’ biggest stage.

Many Olympic athletes are rewarded heavily for winning a medal for their country. Let’s look at the Tokyo Olympics 2024 prize money given by some major countries to their players.

Tokyo Olympics 2024 Prize Money and Rewards

Indian Central government announced rewards for Indian medal-winning Athletes. Here is how much each medalist will get. Indian Gold Medalist winners will be rewarded an amount of ₹75 Lakhs, whereas the silver and bronze medal winners will take away cash prizes of ₹50 lakhs and 30 lakhs, respectively.

Other than the central government, players’ respective state government has also promised them individual cash rewards for winning medals at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

The UK government does not hand out cash rewards to its medal-winning Olympians. Instead, the government has separate government funds for Olympic sports.

UK Government has funding of £125 Million set aside for Olympics and Paralympic sports every year.

Gold Medalists from Hong Kong will get HK$5 million, silver medallists will be rewarded HK$2.5 million, while bronze winners will get HK$1 million.

Singapore1,000,000 USD500,000 USD250,000 USD
Indonesia746,000 USD378,000 USD188,000 USD
Kazakhstan250,000 USD150,000 USD75,000 USD
Azerbaijan248,000 USD124,000 USD62,000 USD
Italy166,000 USD83,000 USD55,000 USD
Hungary125,000 USD89,000 USD71,000 USD
Russia61,000 USD38,000 USD26,000 USD
France55,000 USD22,000 USD14,000 USD
USA37,500 USD22,500 USD15,000 USD
South Africa37,000 USD19,000 USD7,000 USD
Germany22,000 USD17,000 USD11,000 USD
Canada15,000 USD11,000 USD8,000 USD
Australia13,800 USD10,350 USD6900 USD

When does the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2024 begin?

Tokyo Summer Olympics is scheduled to begin on 23 July 2024. The competition will go on till 8th August. You can follow our guide to watching Tokyo Summer Olympics live stream.

How many sports will be played in the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2024?

Tokyo Olympics 2024 will feature 33 different sports across 50 disciplines.