The Sports That Will Allow You to Use the Most Betting Bonuses While Punting Online

The sports betting industry has never been as popular and big as today. That’s why millions from all over the world use their favorite websites daily to place bets on different sports.

Modern bookmakers know that they have to provide exception odds and multiple markets. Some of them are even more special because if we check out for available promotions we can see that there are places where users can find different and enticing bonuses. Although most sites are not like Cbet regarding the bonuses they offer, you may find some exceptions that will let you access many things.

There is tons of information about the most common betting bonuses and what you can expect from them, so we won’t review this again. Instead, we will show you which sports will allow you to use more bonuses than others. Even though there are places where the bonuses can be used for everything, most rewards will work only for specific options, so let’s dive in.



Surprise, surprise, the first sport that comes to mind when talking about iGaming and bonuses is football. Also known as soccer, this sport has a massive impact on the gambling industry, and it is one of the big reasons millions bet online daily.

If we look at a random iGaming operator, we can see that it will offer loads of football leagues, good odds, and way more markets. However, not all websites are like Cbet when it comes to bonuses for this sport because some of them do not have any exclusive promotions.

The fact that football allows people to use more bonuses should not come as a surprise. The number of available rewards depends on various things, but free bets and accumulators are among the most common proposition. Some websites also have different odds boosts for specific matches and even provide things like sports jackpots.

One of the most important things to remember before using football betting bonuses is to learn more about the events you are allowed to bet on. Many propositions are limited to a specific league, such as the EPL or Serie A.


Most of you probably did not expect eSports to take second place on the list, but those who’ve been following the iGaming industry for a while know that eSports are becoming more popular yearly. Even old-school bookmakers finally added them to their portfolio.

Speaking of portfolios, the number of eSports betting bonuses you can find is endless. Places like Cbet allow users to avail themselves of many things for games like CSGO and Dota 2.

In addition to the common rewards that can be used for eSports, some sites also have unique propositions. For example, there are cases where gamblers can get boosted odds for some Dota 2 events or get extra funds if the team they’ve wagered on destroys more towers.

Most eSports betting bonuses are different from the standard ones, so you need to read everything about them before you start betting. Don’t forget to ask customer support for more information if you are not sure about something.



As one of the most popular individual sports in the world, most people won’t be surprised that this option is on the list. Tennis offers a wide range of betting opportunities for new and existing customers, especially if they choose the Grand Slam events. The sport is known for its live betting options and odds that are often the best in the business.

One of the things you should know about the tennis betting bonuses is that most of them are only valid for a specific match. For example, you may find things like 100% cashback if a given tennis player doesn’t win or bonus odds for someone. Another interesting thing about tennis is that some promotions will only work if you wager on live tennis matches.

Although Cbet always offers user-friendly wagering conditions, most online bookmakers are not like this, especially when it comes down to the promotions for tennis. Those places know that people will use them anyway, so they often require them to wager their winnings at least 40 times. The latter is a standard rule for online casinos, but bookmakers usually have much lower requirements.


Cricket is definitely not a sport that many Europeans watch or bet on, there is no arguing that. However, we have to remember that Europe is just one of the sports betting markets out there. Websites also focus on other parts of the world, such as the American gambling industry and different parts of Asia. . Needless to say, cricket is one of the biggest sports in some places there, especially India.

The vast majority of the bonuses for betting on cricket are similar to those for football. In other words, users can expect to find free bets, boosted odds, cashback, accumulators, and more. However, instead of working for every league, they usually work for the Indian Premier League because this is the most popular championship in the world.



Everyone knows that the NBA is one of the biggest sports betting leagues in the world. Even bookmakers in places where basketball is not that popular will provide their clients with an impressive range of betting markets and good odds for the NBA. Unsurprisingly, they also have things like special promotions.

The bonuses for betting on basketball can come in different forms. Some of them will let you get cashback if the team you’ve wagered on does not win, but you may find specific alternatives that could double or triple your winnings if a given player scores more points than usual. It all comes down to the operator you’re using, so learn more about the bonus.

Final Thoughts

The sports mentioned above are just some things you may find special bonuses for. Every bookmaker specializes in something, so don’t be surprised if the site you’re using has even more options. Regardless of how many sites you find, make sure to learn more about the conditions you must adhere to.