Super Bowl 2024 Odds: Who Are The Bookmakers Picking To Win?

Superbowl is around the corner, and fans of the game are holding onto their seats, waiting for this sports event to start. Besides fans, betters are eagerly waiting, too, as it is a great way to make their experience more fun. Nowadays, betting is more of an art than a science. Since there are so many options, such as money line, points spread, handicap, etc., it also adds more fun and drama. However, since the odds are different and keep changing, one might need clarification about where to begin. So, below is everything you need to know about the super bowls odd.

What Is Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the clash/match between the American football conference and the National football conference to pick the National football league champion. This championship has been around since 1967, and fans wait eagerly for the Superbowl every year; it has immense popularity.

New England Patriots have participated in most Super Bowls. They have been in 11 super bowls, and they have won 6 out of them. They have the most won league titles, along with the Pittsburg steelers. Last year Los Angeles Rams won the title after they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals.

Current Super Bowl Odds


If you look at the betting market, town names repeatedly come, and that are chiefs and eagles. At present, the Eagles spread by -1.5. Chiefs +125 and Eagles -105 are the current odds for their upcoming game. The Super Bowl over under is 50.5 points at most online sportsbooks. Both teams have a spectacular season, and they are the top contenders. So, it is an excellent opportunity to go to reliable betting sites, such as Powerplay, and put your bet on your favorite team. In fact, you will have the option of trying different bet types, like betting on who will be MVP and which payer will score the most.

Regarding who will be the MVP, two names are coming at the top: Mahomes and Hurts. There have been doubts about Mahomes as he had a sprained ankle, but his performance in the AFC title against the Bengals put a stop to all these doubts as he played spectacularly. Even with an ankle sprain, he played better than most players. Another player to look out for is Hurts; however, there are some concerns about his throws that will soon be cleared after his game.

What Are Different Superbowl Bet Types?

Regarding different betting types, the top NFL betting sites evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the clubs playing at the super bowl. They consider the team performance over the entire season and look out for departures, injuries, and arrivals. Since anything can happen at the game, such as an injury, the odds shift depending on how the team performs. There are different ways for people to bet, and bookmakers post several betting options, some of which are mentioned below



When you are betting money line, you are betting on which team will win the game. Bookmamekrs, betting apps, provide super bowl odds on every team after they thoroughly review the team’s strengths and weaknesses. After that, it is better to check these odds and decide on whom they want to wager.

Over/Under (Total)

The wager apps set a total points line, and you can wager on if the team point will go above that point (over) or under.

Points Spread

One of the favorite and popular betting strategies is points spread. The online bookmakers assign some points handicap to the team performing well or the favorite. This allows them to provide comparable odds on either team covering the point spread.

Prop Bets

You can find several prop bet options at reliable betting sites. These bets are not concerned with the game’s output, and it does not matter who wins or loses. It is so because prop bets are concerned with whether or not something will happen. For example, you can bet on the first team to score fifteen points, how many yards the quarterback will throw, etc.; there are several exciting prop wages that you can find.

Super Bowl MVP

The Super Bowl MVP trophy is among the best honor that a player can get. Any player is eligible to get this award; however, the quarterback stands a more substantial chance. If you look at the history of 56 MVP awards, 31 have been won by quarterbacks. Tom Brady is leading the table with five wins. However, remember that there is no sure fit or a guaranteed bet. When you are betting for MVP, always look at the statistics, the odds, and the player’s performance.

Future Bet

Since the game is just around the corner, you won’t be able to put in future bets. However, you can do so for the next one! You can put on a future wager before the conference championship games. It is to predict who will win the game. It might sound like a money line. It is similar, but there is a difference: you make the wager when there are more than one or two teams with a chance of winning.


Live Betting

One of the most exciting ways of betting is to opt for a live bet. You can opt for any betting type on live betting, be it moneyline, point spread, etc. Also, since the chances fluctuate as the game progresses, you can bet accordingly. There is no restriction on you to put a wager at the start of the game.


In conclusion, it goes without saying that the super bowl is hugely popular, and there are more than one hundred people glued to their television sets to watch the games. In fact, even non-football fans get into the craze. With every season, this sporting vent gains popularity, and every year, around six million dollars are bet on the matches. So, it is a perfect opportunity to take part fun in this action, too, but in a legal and fun manner.