Football Live Betting Tips

Football betting (or soccer for you Americans) is one of the biggest sports betting categories out of all of them. Football is one of the biggest sports that you’ll find massive bets being placed, but placing bets when you don’t know if a team is on form or not can be a headache for sportsbook players. Have you ever considered placing live in play bets with a sportsbook to help alleviate that headache?

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at live betting in Football, how you can use it, why you should use it, and 7 tips that will make you a football betting pro with live in play bets. Let’s jump straight into these football betting tips on!

What is Live Football Betting?



We all know that football betting is simply where you are placing a bet on the 90-minute football game (soccer in America). There are multiple betting lines that you can place, and in most cases football has one of the most extensive betting lines ever, where you can pick if a specific player gets a yellow card, in the specific minute, at the specific part of the pitch. These are all amazing betting lines that you can choose.

Live football betting however, is where you place the best whilst the game is in progress. This can be anywhere from the 1st or the 90th minute in the football game. Live football betting is in place to help players like yourself get an understanding of the game, or attempt to reclaim losses if your pre-match bet is losing drastically.

Live football betting is simply where you can place bets on the football match, whilst its being played. Something to note is that all sportsbooks have a suspension period. This means that if a team scores and you’re watching the game in person, someone else will also be watching which will prevent you from placing a bet to get an advantage on the sportsbook. You may also notice a small delay when placing bets, usually around 3 seconds to ensure that the bet you’ve placed doesn’t win or lose instantly.

Why should you bet during Live Football?

Live football betting is one of the best ways to ensure that you can monitor the progress of your team whilst keeping odds in your favour. In most cases, if you were to place a bet on a team that is almost guaranteed to win, but they go 1-0 down in the first minute, then the odds will sway massively, giving you a chance to capitalise and place a bet on the same team with amazing oods.

Not only this, but if you can see that one team is really not performing well (through live stream or the play by play features you see on sites like Bet365 or SkyBet), then you can capitalise on this too, by placing bets against the poorer team, even if they were favourites initially.

5 Tips for Live Football Betting

1. Monitor the Odds


Live betting odds change extremely often. Although football can remain very stagnant for a small period of time, other sports that offer live in play betting such as table tennis or baseball, odds can change as quick as every second. This means that if you’re monitoring the odds and there is a .5 difference between 1 point being scored for example, then abuse this to make sure that this is put into your advantage and not the sportsbooks.

2. Know the best Live Football Betting Strategy

Knowing when to bet and save your bets for later bets with live football betting is a tough game. In most cases, you can place a few live bets but if you are starting to lose them, make sure you are not being silly and stop placing bets to try to reclaim losses. For example, if you place a live bet where a goal is to be scored in the second half, but it’s the 85th minute and no goal has been scored, don’t place a bet on no-goal. Although this is slightly smart as you’re able to win something for sure, you could be losing more than what you think and would make the game less enjoyable, and profitable for you. Don’t over commit to live odds. You may acquire funding using online loans for your next betting.

3. Live Analysis (Video is preferred!)


Live analysis of the game you’re placing bets on can be a massive help when it comes to live sports betting. This not only gives you more involvement and more meaning, but if you’re able to monitor the game from play-by-play stats on the sportsbook, or even better a live stream (some sportsbook offer this natively in their app/website), then this can give you a massive leg up, especially if you know a lot about football and players.

If you’re able to see that the favourite team is not performing or the underdogs are performing very well, then why not place a bet on them with heightened odds. Remember, casinos and sportsbooks only use the odds they get from automated analysis of the play by play, which could give you a massive advantage if you know what you’re watching.

4. Cover Pre-Match Bets

There’s no question that covering pre-match bets (like outright winners from the very start) can be a massive help to your game. These pre-match bets can save you from losing everything, so if you feel that a team will come out on-top, or if there will be so many goals scored, then cover it with the pre-match odds, and if it changes then you can place bets live in play.

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5. Use Multiple Bookmakers or Casinos


Casino’s and sportsbooks all use different odd providers. These providers are in charge of making the odds that you place bets on. This means that multiple casinos and sportsbooks will probably offer better odds than others. In this case, you can actually abuse this and use the odds in your favour, for example if one casino offers 2.1 odds on a goal to be scored in the second half, but another sportsbook offers 2.2 for no goal to be scored, if you place a £5 bet on each – you’re guaranteed to make a tiny bit of profit.

Using this method is a great way to make small amounts of profit, but doesn’t happen very often and is often hard to find, but it also helps with making more smart decisions depending on what the casino suggests as good odds, and what sportsbooks don’t.


All in all, placing bets for live football matches is one of the best ways to feel more involved and give you a better chance at making some money with the live betting. We hope that this guide has helped you understand what live football betting is, and how you can give yourself the advantage when placing bets through a live sportsbook provider. Be sure to check out a list of sportsbook casinos that offer this kind of wager to take back some odds today!