Betting on eSport at Online Bookmakers

E-sports are often confused with gaming. All E-sports are games but not all games are eSports. For example, a game that is not seen as E-sport is a game of FIFA with friends. E-sports is when you, as a professional gamer, participate in competitions where you can potentially earn money. Check the top bookmaker and casino not on Gamstop sites on Justuk Club. The rise of E-sports began in 1962 when the first video game was released. Have you become curious? Then read on quickly!

What Is Esports?


As has just been mentioned, E-sport is actually professional gaming. These professional gamers participate in major events and competitions where they may be able to earn money.

E-sports has become super popular over the years. There are 190 million E-sports fans worldwide who are looking forward to all these professional competitions. That’s a lot, even more than ice hockey and American football. Because the fans have grown so much in the past year, E-sport has also brought in quite a bit more revenue. They had $130 million in revenue in 2012 and a whopping $465 million in revenue due to increased fans. The biggest games that are usually played are:

  • League of Legends with 100 million monthly players
  • Hearthstone with 70 million monthly players
  • Overwatch with 25 million monthly players

To bet on the game, you naturally need a computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, or game console. An internet connection is also required for most games.

Is E-sport a Real Sport?

Just like horseback riding and betting on horses, there is often a discussion about whether gaming is a real sport. Is e-sport really a sport? E-sport, on the other hand, has many similarities with a real sport. The e-athletes train 8 hours a day and are housed in a house where they train together at the same time. They get support from coaches, nutritionists and more. On the other hand, the E-athletes don’t move and the basis of a sport is exercise.

Is e-sport actually healthy? All those E-athletes sit still so that no calories are burned and a risk of deteriorating eyes is very present.

Gaming is often seen as ‘not good’ and therefore parents wanted their children to play outside instead of gaming. A recent study proves otherwise. Research showed that an hour of gaming a day is good for your memory, strategic planning and motor skills. So it certainly can’t hurt to play for an hour a day. Especially at a younger age with which motor skills still have to be developed. E-athletes are of course gaming for more than an hour a day. They therefore pay close attention to their health, exercise a lot and sleep enough.

E-Sports Betting Strategy


The question is, of course, always: what should you pay attention to when betting on E-sports, for example? There may be people here who have no experience with esports betting or even knew it existed. That is understandable since this is not a standard sport to bet on than, for example, betting on Formula 1.

Take a look at the Statistics

  • How many times has a team or player won?
  • How is the shape of the E-athletes?
  • Be informed of the latest developments
  • Know which players will be entered in a certain tournament
  • Follow the players on social media to keep an eye on them

How Does Betting on E-sports Work?

E-sports betting is offered by many non GamStop bookmakers. Do you have a regular bookmaker where you always bet? Then check whether your bookmaker also offers betting on E-sports. This can differ per bookmaker. When betting on E-sports, never bet on more than 2 matches at once. This is because there is a small chance that you can predict more than 2 matches. On the unknown matches, competitions and previous rounds of tournaments, you make multiples of two bets. You make these on the underdogs. The odd per game is then between 1.50 and 3.00. The joint odds per multiplier are approximately 5.00.

Most Common Esports Bets


Despite the fact that the fans of E-sports are growing over the years, there is little range of bets. With many bookmakers it is only possible to bet on the profit or loss of a team. You can also use the extra features and welcome bonuses of the bookmakers when betting on E-sports. Live betting on E-sports is also not yet possible. Because the popularity of E-sports is growing more and more, we expect that this will be possible soon.

Important Matches to Bet on

There are many different types of international esports organizations that organize world championships of esports. We list the best known for you:

World Electronic Sports Games

The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) is annually organized by Alisports. Alisports is the sports arm of the Alibaba Group company. The rules used here are very similar to the rules of the Olympic Games. All teams must consist of players from the same country and each country and region has its own qualifiers. The finals always take place in China. In 2018, the prize pool was a whopping $2,507,500 .

The World Cyber Games

The World Cyber Games (WESG) is also organized annually. This has been organized since 2000 and has similar rules to the Olympics. The finals of The World Cyber Games do not take place every year in the same country as World Electronic Sports Games. The finals take place in a different country every year.