Sport and Gambling in Australia: What Do They Have in Common?

Sports have been connected with the gambling industry for a very long time. They both stand out from the other industries because they are the most innovative and rewarding. In recent years, internet gambling in Australia has become one of many fun ways to pass time and that is why people love it. This includes playing pokies, putting bets at table games, and wagering at sporting events.

Sports Betting in Australia


Sports betting is already available on several websites that offer huge casino games and it is an advantage for Australian players. According to estimates based on Australian statistics, more than 500,000 adults wager on sports regularly in 2015.

Men, ages between 18 and 49, made up the majority of sports bettors. Over the year, they typically spent A$1,000 per person on sports betting per month.

Major Similarities Between Sports and Gambling

You may find both independent sportsbooks where you can wager on games and casino sites in Australia with sports betting on their catalog. It is indisputable that the gambling sector has ties to sports such as handball, basketball, and football. Horse racing is the sport of choice for bettors.

Although there is also a lot of wagering on football sports, such as soccer, rugby, and Australian football. Aside from football, other sports with a reputation for heavy betting include;

  • baseball,
  • boxing,
  • basketball,
  • cricket,
  • dog racing,
  • ice hockey,
  • camel racing.


Taking a close look at the sports and gambling industries, they both make the most of contemporary digital technology, particularly the internet. Most casinos create not only online versions, but full-fledged mobile pokies apps for more gamblers’ involvement in the game. There are many things sports and gambling have in common, some of them include:

  • unpredictability,
  • exciting,
  • both old,
  • require maths skills,
  • both require gambling skills.

They are Both Unpredictable

A bulk of casino games are entirely dependent on luck. While it is true that most people need more patience to complete all the mathematical operations, this is only partially true in the case of the average person. However, no matter how many official statistics you review before the game, there is no guarantee that all your forecasts will be accurate.

The sports betting market generates billions of dollars because the majority of bettors believe they can correctly anticipate the outcome. This is demonstrated through many people who should have won a match based on these statistics and ended up losing it.

Many instances of this occurring have been documented. Since neither of these two concepts involves algorithms, it is clear that unpredictability is a key component in their definitions.

Exciting Activities

The excitement both activities give people is out of this world. Sportsbooks have regular users while sports fans treat sports like a religion. Football fans travel across the globe just to watch their favorites. Many of these fans are also Aussie gamblers because it is easier for them to predict the outcomes of matches.

Additionally, gambling as a whole is what gives people an energy boost. The need to play these games, regardless of the potential financial consequences, starts to push the Aussie gambler in this direction.

Both are Ancient

These two differ from others in that they go as far back as the dawn of human civilization. Think about the Olympic Games and the year that they were first held, you can see how old they are. In ancient Greece, sports were a regular part of life. Few people are aware that Greek gamblers are shown on a vase. The most well-known game is “Ajax and Achilles play dice.”

Additionally, there are numerous images of gamblers in almost every society in history. These images can be found in ancient Jewish, Mayan, Chinese, and other cultures. We are therefore discussing a notion that has persisted throughout human history.

Both Depend on an Aussie Player Having Betting Skills


In most sports, bettors have some sense of what variables might influence an event’s turnout. Those variables aid them in choosing who or what to bet on. A study must have been done before an adequate decision is made. That is why some people wager confidently on a tennis player winning a competition or a football team winning a game.

Many casino games, such as blackjack, poker, and video poker, demand skill from the Aussie player for them to make the optimal choices. To decide who or what you should bet on, it is critical to know about a certain sports club, player, history, weather, and other factors. As they may affect your chances of winning.

Both Involve Maths

Math plays a key role in both of these concepts. As we have already discussed, most people do not calculate the odds for any specific game in a casino or sporting event. The issue is a lack of patience and not a lack of mathematical knowledge. People receive a lot of statistics before and during games when they watch professional sports.

Even if it is impossible to forecast every game, we can see that some of them can be quite helpful in making guesses. An example is the customary outcomes between two teams in the English Premier League. These customs are typically recurring patterns. This does not guarantee that that will always be the case nor does it imply that something is of no consequence.

Final Thoughts on Sport and Gambling Similarity

It can be seen that both the sports and gambling industries are the most popular of all the industries worldwide. You are gambling when you put a real-money wager on a sporting event. Both have been together since the dawn of time and will likely continue in the trend.

A huge thanks to John Gold, the BetPokies‘ professional online casino observer, who helped us with this article.

Note: If you are addicted to gambling, get help completely free by calling the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 858 858.