Can We Compare Esports to Traditional Sports?

As the technology is getting advanced day by day, more people are attracted towards esports. According to research , about 250 million individuals from all around the globe watch electronic sports ( also known as professional gaming) and the amazing part is that most of them love playing these games as well.

No doubt that the competition between traditional sports and esports is growing these days but esports is still considered less worthy than the traditional one. As the time is passing, electronic gaming is becoming more and more valuable in comparison to traditional games. They both are quite similar in various ways. In this article, we will learn about the similarities and the differences between the two of them.

Similarities between esports and traditional sports

  • Huge salaries:


Esports players and conventional game players both are paid huge salaries. As a matter of fact, the money related awards for succeeding at Esports competition are comparable to those of standard professional sports associations. These award pools are huge to the point that expert gamers have the amazing chance to double their yearly income with only one triumph. In both types of sports, numerous popular brands look forward to investing their money.

  • Duration:

Both electronic-sports and traditional games have a duration to play. For instance, while playing soccer in a real game, the ordinary playing length is an hour and a half with a break following 45 minutes of playing. The duration of esport soccer is altered to a more limited term coded to resemble the real match, however it isn’t exactly the same. The time is faster in esport soccer than real one.

  • Intense training:


We all know the importance of practicing or training in our lives. To achieve anything in our life, we have to consistently practice or train for it. The same goes with these two types of sports. All athletes and professional gamers have to train for hours daily to improve their skills. The only difference here is that athletes do physical exercises whereas the professional gamers focus on improving their reflexes and reaction time.

Difference between esports and traditional sports

  • Location:

The primary distinction between the two is that eSports does not require any specific location to be played. It means that players do not have to be physically present at one location. Players can partake from any edge of the world as long as they are associated with a good internet connection. On the contrary, traditional games, then again, require people or groups contending with one another to be available at one physical location.

  • Referees:


Referees are the person who controls the game. Real sports need a referee who is generally in the line on the peach controlling the game. The official’s capacity to make the game run as expected and the players should be following the guidelines. They have to be physically present at the ground where the match is being held.

In electronic-sport games like cricket tournaments, the referee doesn’t have to be present physically as such games are not played at any specific spot. You can yield a goal without even the video partner referee seeing, and it counts. It’s not difficult to defy the guideline in electronic-sport because no physical violence will straightforwardly influence you.

  • Viewership:

It is absolutely impossible to appropriately assess the all out viewership of sports, as there are essentially a huge number of games and numerous fantasies to think about. Cricket alone has an expected viewership in the billions around the world, equivalent to basketball and football. While everyone has their taste and inclination, you can agree on one reality: nearly everybody on the planet has a sport that they are keen on and have basically watched a few times in their lives.

Electronic-sports viewership is not as much as the viewership of traditional games as of now. Only during the current year alone, it has been assessed that the whole esports industry is esteemed at a net worth of $1 billion, and is as yet expected to see rapid rise in the next few years. Check out to get the latest updates related to the popular games.

  • Equipment expenses:


Equipment required to play electronic-sports are very expensive but exceptions are always there. For instance, karting, horse riding, and other more selective games can be over the top expensive in initial costs and their maintenance. Nonetheless, assuming you take a gander at the mass of every conventional sport, the underlying buy costs are undeniably not as much as what you require to turn into an expert player in Esports.

  • Traveling:

In traditional game matches, teams are transferred from one place to another where the match is being conducted via buses and planes. It involves large traveling expenses. But this doesn’t happen with the electronic-sports players because they can play the matches from the comfort of their home.

  • Injuries:


The most apparent viewpoint where you can truly see how eSports differs from traditional games is the physical injuries. In particular, in conventional sports, wounds or injuries are something nobody can foresee or influence, yet they affect the outcome. Wounds are, sadly, very common in traditional games.

On the other hand, unconstrained and surprising injuries aren’t that normal among eSports players. Albeit, because of apparent conditions, eSports competitors can feel long haul consequences because of extended periods of game practice.

  • Motivation:

In traditional games, there are coaches provided to each team to learn different strategies to win the match. Coaches also help in boosting confidence among the players and try to motivate them whenever they feel low. But this is not the case with esports. In professional gaming, players have to practice self-motivation. They do not have any coach to guide them.


These days, people are getting inclined towards esports because of the entertainment it provides from their comfort zone. However, the viewership of electronic-sports is still less than the traditional games. There are many similarities and differences between the two. Check out the above points to understand the comparison.