How To Get The Best Seats For Your Budget

Watching your favorite Australian Football team playing live is blissful, given that you get to be with other people who are also passionate about the game. With a large crowd of supporters in the stadium, the game becomes even more thrilling.

To ensure you see the players up close, you need to get the best seats in the stadium. However, these seats may cost you more due to their positioning. But you can still get other good but affordable seats. In this article, you will learn some tips to get the best seats for your budget:

  • Purchase Tickets From Reliable Websites


Someone may purchase a ticket but later decide not to attend the game, perhaps because of an urgent issue that just cropped up. And to avoid wasting tickets, these people sell them online to websites that resell them to other interested people.

Indeed, you’ll find many websites that do such ticket business. However, it’s worthwhile to point out that some are legitimate while others operate as scammers to extort money from unsuspecting fans. Thus, it’s crucial to purchase secondary tickets from reliable websites with a proven track record of trustworthiness, such as Ticketblaster or others.

If you’re unsure about a particular website’s credibility, you can melt your doubts by reading comments from their previous clients.

In addition, with trustworthy ticket websites, you stand to benefit in the following ways:

  • You can receive your ticket in good time, far earlier than the actual game day, which guarantees entry into the sports arena.
  • Reliable ticket brokers offer exceptional customer service, which enhances your experience and keeps you in good spirits ahead of the game.
  • You can get a refund of your money if the planned event gets canceled for reasons beyond your control.
  • You can book your ticket safely without exposing your account to cybercriminals.

Just ensure to purchase from websites with these services to benefit from them.

  • Consider Buying In Groups

With a limited budget, buying tickets alone might be very costly. But if you come together as a group and purchase multiple tickets simultaneously, you may save a lot of money. Usually, sports event organizers aim at having as many people as possible in the stadia. They encourage bulk ticket purchases by offering generous discounts.

You can’t miss such deals if you take your time and search diligently. To this end, mobilize all your friends who love Australian football and sell this idea to them. They will likely appreciate your initiative in helping them save money.

  • Set Up Alerts


With a busy daily schedule, it may not always be easy to keep up with ticket release dates. So, consider setting up alerts on your phone or laptop so that you get notifications whenever the tickets are on offer. Keeping up with ticket discounts enables you to get the best seats for your budget.

Also, considering most Australians love watching football live, the tickets can be sold out in a matter of hours, especially if it’s a big game. Only staying on your toes will keep you up to speed with the ticket purchase.

  • Check For Discounts

Discounts drive sales in the sports world and every other business sector. Thus, it’s common to find different sellers slashing a few dollars off the original price to lure buyers. Taking advantage of such ensures you book the best seats in the event without compromising your budget. For this, you’ll have to search diligently through different online offers until you find the perfect deal.

Other ticket sellers allow regular buyers to watch the games for free at prime seats once in a while to show their appreciation. Look out for such loyalty offers and bonuses.

  • Ask Seasoned Ticket Holders To Purchase On Your Behalf


Perhaps you have friends who have been buying tickets for a long time and have a good record with sellers. They may sometimes purchase tickets, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll attend the game. They may be doing business through this as well.

Therefore, consider asking them to buy discounted tickets for you. You can save money this way and also get the best seats. Even if they ask you to pay for it, it may not cost you as much as when you purchase it yourself.

  • Buy Tickets Earlier

If you delay so much until the game day nears, it may be challenging to find the best seats, especially if you’re working with a budget. By this time, most discount hunters have probably booked all the best seats, and what remains are the expensive ones. So, be proactive and purchase tickets as soon as they are released, for which you have unlimited options on the seats to choose from.

A last-minute rush isn’t advisable since you may quickly fill in details and miss out on some crucial information. It may render your ticket invalid. And that’s a loss you could have avoided by booking seats earlier. On top of this, the wait for your ticket can cause a lot of anxiety since you’re unsure whether you’ll miss out on watching the event as you’d anticipated.

  • Take Your Time


Most Australians love football. Thus, you expect the demand for tickets to be extremely high. So, when purchasing your sports ticket online, exercise patience. Online sites usually have a queuing system. Wait for your turn to be served without refreshing your browser, as you may start queuing again. Also, logging out of the ticket portal too soon may make you miss your desired seat.


The best seats at a match present you with an opportunity of watching the game live from a good angle. Such an unobstructed view of the players enhances the game’s thrill. But due to their high demand, you must purchase your ticket early enough. Start by looking into reliable websites that sell these tickets and book the best seat. While at it, keep an eye on fraudsters as they abound online. You wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned money to scammers. With the above tips, you can watch your favorite players and enjoy your time with others in the stadium.