How Joining a Local Gym Has Improved Your Health, Job, and Sporting Displays

You are getting to the back end of the summer, and it’s one that you will never forget. You love playing for your local cricket club, having started there as a kid when your dad introduced you. You are a loyal member and are well liked among teammates and colleagues, though your playing ability has never reached its full potential.

The primary reason for this being a lack of discipline and being too nice without having an innermost determination shown by more successful colleagues. Many is the time you are among friends in the clubrooms when you announce that this time you are going to dedicate yourself properly and give it a proper go, only for your latest regime to start off with great intensity, but fall by the wayside within a couple of months.

Of course, you have always found numerous excuses, like a difficult shift pattern at work, or a slight injury that has delayed the schedule, or that buck’s weekend that derailed everything. Yet, to the amazement of many doubters, you finally got yourself together and have performed out of all recognition out in the middle, and you put it down to finding the best Marsden Park gym. Gyms have always been available, but this one has been different in many different ways.


  • One of your worst traits is being frightened of spending the money that you earn. However, this does ensure that you seek out a bargain or two, and in this case, you struck gold, as your chosen gym offered a free trial visit along with a 7 day trial pass, which would be the pathway to the changes that you have made. You immediately felt like a valued member as you were issued with your own access key, which gave you unlimited access to all the locations in which the company has gyms, which was perfect for you as someone who travels around the state as a salesman, with absolutely no restrictions.
  • The feeling of belonging was enhanced once through the doors, as you entered an environment that was both supportive and passionate. Your fitness needed plenty of attention, but this was not a problem to the professional employee who showed you around, as anyone was welcome regardless of gender, age, or physical shape. You decided to play your part by sourcing lots of flavourful fish and seafood recipes ideal for serious fat loss.
  • A feature that set your new gym apart from others were the specific training zones inside the two levels of space, where it was immediately evident that the company was serious about helping you to get fit as they had invested in the latest top class equipment so that you could get the maximum rewards for your efforts.
  • This was not the first gym that you have been a member of, but once that you had enjoyed your week trial you quickly decided that you were in for the long haul. You liked the no commitment weekly deal, but you went for the 12 month package, which guaranteed a price freeze, which included access to three premium clubs.


  • Not only did you commit yourself for the following year, but you decided that this time you were determined to do things properly, so you decided to hire the services of a personal trainer, and what a difference that made. From the minute that you were introduced, you knew that you had the best possible chance of achieving your goals. Your trainer was selected especially for your requirements, again making you feel special. There was no way that you were going to let him down and wanted to repay him if he was setting you out a program that suited you. All the trainers were qualified and most of all, committed to making sure that they got the best out of you. You know from speaking to fellow members with personal trainers, that satisfaction was guaranteed. The relationship was quickly cemented as a trust was built. You knew that you were in the hands of someone who knew their profession inside out, which filled you with confidence, which was quickly noticed by your friends at the cricket club. That special bond ensured that you didn’t miss one session, and there was no way that you were going to pack in, as you were benefitting from the results bit by bit as your strength and conditioning along with tone improved every week. The passion of your trainer shone through and motivated you to strive even harder.
  • Occasionally, while out on the road you took full advantage of being a member of the group, as you used the other gyms at no extra charge. And best of all, for someone who sometimes has to work different hours, the gyms were open 24/7, meaning those old excuses about your shift pattern were thrown in the dustbin. You also got back to nature enjoying a local parkland in your quest for improved health.


  • Your performance at cricket club training quickly started to improve. Your fragile confidence was replaced by an inner strength, while the training ensured that you slept better as well as making a severe change to your diet as junk foods were replaced by a new health regime. All of which also improved your performance at work, as you became enthused and positive which rubbed off on your customers who suddenly began to make more orders as you were good to be around.
  • The gym also has its own shop which enabled you to buy a duffle bag to carry your kit with you, as well as a beanie hat when out in the parks, as well as a wind breaker jacket and crew jumper, which you wear with pride in recognition of the group that has improved your life, as well as your batting and bowling averages at the club.

Joining your local gym and using it to the max has improved you as a cricketer, at work, but most importantly has a happy and healthy human.