Benefits of Playing Ping Pong for Your Health and Mind

Being active throughout the day is one of the crucial factors in being as healthy as you can be. For that reason, many people have some sort of activity they enjoy. In this situation, they are combining two different factors, they practice the activity they enjoy and they reap the benefits of being active. For a vast majority of people, playing a team sport is something that doesn’t have an alternative.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have those who want to practice solo. Still, team sports are simply much more popular. For instance, we are talking about sports like soccer and basketball. However, that doesn’t mean that some less popular sports can be equally as entertaining and beneficial at the same time. Among all of these, you will see that Ping Pong or table tennis holds a special place in many people’s hearts.

We are talking about a discipline that’s most popular on the Asian continent. If you take a look at the nations that have won the most gold medals in this discipline, you will find China, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. If you want to learn the rules of Ping Pong, be sure to visit Now, let’s take a look at a couple of health benefits you can expect to reap from playing this sport.

1. Improves Mental Acuity


The first factor we would like to talk about is the improvement of mental acuity. Little is known that playing Ping Pong can help you improve your brain’s capability of solving complex puzzles. Even though it may look like there are no ties between these two concepts, some notable studies have proved this is the case. The reason is quite simple, you have less than a second to make a decision that represents a line between winning or losing a point.

When you watch some professional match, you will probably not have the proper idea about how fast they are playing. But when you try it for yourself, it will be a whole another story. Some would say that this is a parallel that can be drawn between any other discipline out there. If you ask us, we don’t know many disciplines that require making a decision this fast, except maybe basketball.

2. Burning Calories

Since you will be required to make a plethora of moves in just a couple of seconds, you will see that this activity will burn a lot of calories. While this is something that pretty much every person out there is aware of, there are a couple of studies that have calculated exactly how much you can lose just by playing table tennis for an hour. A person who has 68kg can lose up to 270 calories during that time.

Anyone who has played this sport a couple of times knows how addictive this discipline is. So, this hour will pass faster than you realize. For that reason, we would recommend you to start playing Ping Pong, instead of utilizing an approach that you don’t enjoy. When we do something that we are not interested in, the time will pass much slower. You will certainly agree with this claim.

3. Social Bonds


As you are probably aware, you can play Ping Pong 1vs1 and 2vs2. Surely, if you have a partner, chances are that you will enjoy 2vs2 much more than playing solo. The reason is that Ping Pong can provide you with a chance to build a much better relationship with the person who is your partner in this sport. That bond can translate to practically any other situation in life. You will know you can depend on that person.

Not to mention that humans are social beings. So, any sort of social activity will improve mental health. If you take a look at many friendships around you, you will see that a high percentage of them have been formed as a result of sports activities of any sort. If your duo is successful enough, you will see that the bond will grow much more in the future. Without any doubt, this is one of the most obvious benefits.

4. Prevents Joint Injuries

Many people are not aware of the fact that playing Ping Pong can help them make their joints much stronger. Therefore, if you have a problem with your ankles, back, wrists, and knees, practicing this discipline every day is an absolute must. Since you will move around quite a lot, you will make these much stronger than they have been before. After some time, you will see that you don’t have a problem with these anymore.

One of the ways you can prevent joint injuries is that practicing this sport can help you lose weight. We all know how weight can impact joints negatively. For that reason, we don’t believe there is any better way to make these parts of your body as strong as they can be. For that reason, we would recommend you start playing it today.

5. Prevent Dementia


Not having enough activities during the day is the shortest road to having a disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s. To prevent these from happening, make sure you have enough activities every day, both mental and physical. How is this tied to Ping Pong? Well, we are talking about a discipline that will require a player to think fast and act fast, at the same time. So, it represents a win-win situation.

We can even see that some doctors have prescribed it as great prevention. We are talking about some unofficial claims. In fact, you can find a couple of these situations if you just start looking for them online. We can even see that playing Ping Pong every day decreases the chances of having these two conditions severely. So, if you want to stay sharp in your senior years, be sure to play Ping Pong.


Participating in any sort of sports activity is can be beneficial for you. Here, you can take a look at how beneficial playing Ping Pong can be for you.