Top 4 Entertainments For the Speed-Lovers

Can’t imagine your life without extreme sports? Can’t part with your car or motorcycle for a long time? Are an ardent fan of high speeds and confidently take the first places in racing games on the PC or PlayStation? Then this is an article just for you, in which we will show and tell you about the most dangerous and extreme types of motorized sports, which definitely should please you friends.

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Here is the list of racing entertainments that you may experience.

Challenge – racing around the city


This is the most affordable type of night car entertainment. It is good enough to drive a car, find like-minded people who are able to fight rivals for victory, have logical thinking, quick wit and navigate the streets of the city. If you drive only on the car navigator, you can immediately forget about it. In the challenge, he is not an assistant, but only a hindrance. An up–to-date map is what you need!

At midnight at the start, participants receive a task. It is necessary to solve the riddle and arrive at the place where the organizers should wait for the most intelligent participants. And so, for 4-5 hours while the game is going on. At the finish, according to the results of the challenge, winners are announced.

This game is interesting because it is not the technical filling of the car that is important here, but the team spirit of the participants.

The danger of this car game is that the concepts of speed and compliance with traffic rules are erased at night. What seems impossible during the day because of the clogged roads is quite real at night. Therefore, newcomers often come to the attention of traffic police officers, vigilantly looking out for lovers of night rides.



Karting is an active type of recreation, the occupation of which allows you to feel like a true racing driver. At the same time, you do not risk your life, as if you were driving a “charged” car on a real track. The maximum speed that a kart develops is 70 km/h. However, in the cockpit of a tiny car, it seems huge. Therefore, when many people are scared or mistakenly knock down barriers, these collisions seem catastrophic in scale.

The main thing in karting is the dynamics and the real feeling of auto racing. It’s great when there are those who want to compete for the title of the strongest. As an incentive to win, more energy and enthusiasm are invested in riding on the track.

The danger in karting is negligible compared to which can wait on the night road. It is almost impossible to roll over, they will not be fined for speeding, and the downed fences will be collected by instructors. 3:0 in favor of karting. The fourth is a sea of drive and positive emotions. What is more, special skills are not needed for karting. It’s like driving a car with an automatic transmission and nothing more. There is no need to think about special clothes for classes. This is not a motorcycle employment, where cadets are given a whole wardrobe that prevents the possibility of injury. Even if you knock down the fences, the risk of abrasions is almost zero.

Rally sprint


This is a grueling, highly professional and quite spectacular sport for knowledgeable people. The racer must have the highest skill to drive his rally car to the finish line in any weather, rain or snow, on the highway or on the dirt road, in the forest or in the desert. However, there’s an Amateur rally sprint as well. The length of the route is 400-500 meters. The average speed is 80-90 km/h. The organizers declare that any technically serviceable vehicles are allowed to participate in the race. However, no one risks “killing” their beloved, but unprepared car on tracks with rolled soil. Everyone comes to the rally sprint in “charged” cars.

Rally sprinting is not suitable for every fan of motor sports. If the vestibular apparatus is weak, it is not recommended to go there even as a spectator: it will still make you sick. Watching cars run around in a circle is a sight only for the hardy.

If you still decide to go to a rally sprint as a visitor, make sure in advance of two radically opposite results: the first is that you will never waste your time on such useless trips, the second is that next time you will try your capabilities at a race for beginners.

Drag racing is a 402-meter race


This hobby is not for amateurs. Two “charged” cars with equal capabilities participate in each race. The engine volume, the presence of electronic engine control systems and turbines are taken into account.

Anyone can take part in the races; it is necessary to submit an application. The main criterion for a place to hold races at 402 meters is good coverage. Otherwise, cars will not be able to show everything that their charged engines are capable of.

The danger is that the application is often submitted by those who are not able to provide the necessary level of security. The audience gets into the risk group first of all. Curiosity makes them take places closer to the highway, and the absence of robbers and the pressing crowd often brings the first rows to the road.

If you haven’t decided what kind of racing attracts you yet, but you can’t give up this idea, take a ride around the night city and enjoy it. Find out when the nearest drag racing will take place outside the city, even spectator participation will help you understand if you are created for night racing. If yes, start with karting or challenge. If not, don’t worry, because weekend summer nights just can’t be boring.