7 Ways To Get Your Tennis Fix While Waiting For The 2024 US Open

Tennis is highly talked about this year, and we can thank Novak Djokovic for making it a trendy topic. Novak has had a lot of issues with his visa and paperwork, and it is still unclear if he is going to play in the Australian Open. In fact, watching him fight his case with customs and immigration teams has brought a lot of heat and excitement to our little screens. Hoping he wins this battle just makes you more excited about any upcoming matches, right? Well, the US Open is scheduled for Jun 16–19, 2024, which is why meanwhile you may want to reconsider getting your tennis boost and fix somewhere else. Keep on reading and see how you feel with any of these recommendations!

7 Ways To Get Your Tennis Fix While Waiting For The 2024 US Open

1. Watch some old matches

You can enjoy your spare and free time at the comfort of your home, rewatching some old tournaments and spotting all the little details! In fact, you can go for the Australian Open in January, the French Open from late May to early June, Wimbledon in late June to early July, and the US Open in August–September. Almost everything is on YouTube nowadays, which means that you can watch a match that’s been 5-7 years back! You can also watch some other minor players that you have never noticed before, and leave Rafael, Federer, and Novak on the side. This way, you will get a sense of diversity and newness!

2. Get out and play

If you want to get a fix quickly and in the shortest time possible, yet you want to experience it first-hand, why not go out and start playing? In fact, you can go out with your friends and book a tennis court for 1-2 hours. Nowadays, there are indoor and outdoor options, which means that you can enjoy your match despite weather conditions. You can even enjoy a match of tennis anywhere in the world. All you need is a tennis court at your disposal that is built to high standards. Heads up since these can be pricey to book, but they can be so much fun at the same time!

3. Gather around with your friends and talk about it

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Sometimes talking to your friends and asking them for their opinion can be a lot more beneficial and helpful. Why not go for a cup of coffee or enjoy a beer or two? Anyone who is a tennis lover and fanatic will enjoy discussing sports. Gather around and head out to your favorite spot and start reminiscing about some of your favorite past games! It is always good to hear someone else’s opinion and perspective on some of your favorite players, moves, or tournaments. You can also make a ”tennis night” at your home, where you get to re-watch some old tournaments.

4. Ask around with your athlete friends

If you are lucky enough to have a friend who is an athlete make sure to give them a call! The two of you will hit it off so easily. Although they might be into football or basketball, they are still well-informed about what’s going on in the world, and with the tennis industry. Try to get some information from them, they might know a juicy gossip or two about some of the players.
PS: In case you are not a social person and you want to get your fix from the comfort of your home, why not try a ton of different virtual tennis games?! You can go for any device (phone, tablet, computer, or console) and feel like you are actually in the game thanks to current graphics and VR sets.

5. Watch a podcast or an interview

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There are thousands of worthy videos online. You can always turn to your favorite TV channel, journalist, or podcast to get your weekly fix! In fact, podcasts are booming and are so in right now, with more than 57% of Americans listening to them on a weekly basis. If you are trying to get in the head of some of your favorite players, why not get as many personal details as possible? This will occupy your thoughts and will leave you with a lot of fun material to digest or browse through till the US Open starts.

6. Go on social media

Social media platforms can reveal a ton of information, and nowadays you are just one click away from finding out ”the truth”. Head over and browse Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, or Facebook to get all you need in the shortest time possible, but to stay informed in real-time as well. Some of your favorite tennis players might be on there, sharing their life journey, story, or some throwbacks from past tournaments through a post or a picture. They will make you feel like you are on a tennis-made rollercoaster, with a ton of different information that can overwhelm you.

7. Buy tickets

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You can buy tickets way in advance just to be safe and sound, but you can also consider another tournament to watch while waiting for the US Open. You can check out TheTicketMerchant, and get yourself a ticket for the Australian Open while they are still available. On there you can even get some other tickets, such as for AFL, cricket, Fifa Women’s World Cup, Jay Z & Beyonce, Adele, Metallica and many more! Distract your thoughts and head out to a concert while you wait for the US Open to start, sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? You will enjoy a ton of different options at reasonable prices, all easy to purchase online with no need to leave your home.

Are you ready to get your fix?

If you’re ready to enjoy high-quality tennis and you need your boost, consider following and doing all of these steps. Let us know what you fancy the most and what you can’t wait to try out soon, we would love to know!