5 Best Sports Games to Bet On in 2024

There are many sporting events in a single calendar year to be watched and to place bets on. Fun and exciting games take place each and every day and it is often impossible for the fans to watch all of them. The overlapping of games, when combined with the busy schedules of people, result in only a few games watched per week.

However, while the fan in you may struggle to fulfill their sporting needs, the bettor does not have to suffer the same fate. Betting on multiple sports at once is not only possible but actually preferable. It can also be done in advance so that you do not have to be in any kind of rush.

Betting is Larger Than Ever

Between the numerous leagues and competitions that fill out the daily TV schedules, there is literally something for everyone. From the most popular team sports like basketball, football, soccer, and hockey, to individual sports like racing, tennis, or fighting, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for no matter the time of day.

Now, in the last several years betting on sports and gambling in general have grown considerably. The industry is much stronger and more widespread than before and the reasons for this are many. People are eager for sports after the pandemic and they are used to spending more time online since they had to be at home longer than ever.

Getting in On the Fun

All of this has given rise to a new wave of bettors who do it for different reasons. Some are trying to enhance their level of fandom while others simply want to earn more money from the things they love and know a lot about. No matter the reason, betting is fun and it gets the blood rushing to it does not take long before people are hooked.

If you are looking to start a new hobby, this may very well be your cup of tea. And in case you are unsure what games to place bets on, worry not. In this article we will talk about the 5 best sports games to bet on in 2024. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out bookies.com for all of your sports betting needs.

1. The NBA Finals

Source: hothothoops.com

March Madness and the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament are behind us, but basketball hardly stops. Scheduled to be played between Thursday, June 2, and Sunday, June 19, this year’s edition of NBA Finals has many basketball and sports fans eagerly waiting. The season has proven itself already with more surprises and great performances than many of the previous years.

With the playoff picture almost set and the actual playoffs starting in just over a week, there is no time like the present to get ready for the finals and do some research. With LeBron James and his LA Lakers out of the playoff contention, it is going to be a fun ride for sure. The top seeds in Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns are looking poised for a deep push to the finals, with everyone else ready to ruin their plans. Will it maybe be the defending champions Bucks, the Celtics, or the 76ers in the East, or perhaps the young Grizzlies, the always dangerous Warriors, or the Nuggets in the West? One thing is certain, there are plenty of bets to be made during the 7-game Finals series in June.

2. NFL Opening Night

Source: variety.com

The most popular sport in America has to be football, making NFL the most popular league to bet on too. With the Super Bowl already behind us for this year, it leaves the start of the next season as the best possible time to bet on NFL. The opening night has traditionally been one of the biggest games of the season that usually features the top teams.

On September 8, 2024, the defending Super Bowl LVI champions Los Angeles Rams will host the season opener, popularly dubbed the NFL Kickoff Game. This is a great chance for anyone looking to be a part of NFL betting this season as you will tune in right from the start. Rarely does a sport or even a league draw in this much attention both for the first game of the season and for the last, but NFL has managed it.

3. Kentucky Derby

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Ah yes, horse racing, the staple of sports betting. This race has been run each year since 1875 in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is the oldest of its kind. Originally stretching for 1.5 miles, it has been run for 1.25 miles since 1896.

First televised in 1952, it is the sporting event of the year for everyone who enjoys horse racing, as well as betting on it. You can hardly go any bigger than this, the fastest two minutes in sports as it is often nicknamed. This year, it is scheduled for Saturday, May 7.

4. MLB All-Star Game

Source: nypost.com

Baseball fans have their calendars marked every year for the fan-favorite all-star game. In 2024 it is going to take place on Tuesday, July 19, at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Baseball is surely one of the most popular sports in America and the World Series are certainly the highest-stake games.

However, there is something about the show, the popularity, and the excitement surrounding the all-start game that stirs the masses, particularly the bettors. It is a fun time to be a baseball fan for the day, but the bets keep flowing in too. Make sure to tune in this July and place a few bets on it.

5. Stanley Cup

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On May 2 the hockey world will tune in to watch the playoffs of the 2024/2024 NHL season, before the final game known as Stanley Cup takes place sometime in June. NFL, alongside NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS, makes up the big-five of American sports, so naturally the final game draws in the most attention.

It is a huge deal for everyone involved and the fans watch it despite their fans not making the game. Sports betting on hockey is great because you can place all sorts of different bets that are not present in other sports. If you enjoy the sport, there is hardly a better annual event to wager on.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. The US Open – The biggest tennis event on American grounds and the final Grand Slam of the year takes place between Monday, August 29, and Sunday, September 11 in New York.
  2. The US Grand Prix – Are you a Formula 1 fan, or perhaps a racing fan? With Daytona 500 behind us the biggest motorsport race remains the F1 race held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.
  3. Masters – Golf and betting go hand in hand like bread and butter, and the Masters are the biggest event in US golf. Hurry up and place your bets as they only last until April 10!