How Lightsaber Dueling Is Becoming A Real Sport?

Lightsaber dueling has been announced as a real sport in France. The game was officially announced to be a real sport by The French Fencing Federation. This move was made by the federation so that the young generation get to play it more and it is more attractive for them. Also the rules of the game are re-designed so that the sports become more appealing visually as compared to the other counterpart sports.

That said, there are some additions to the rules of the game so that it becomes aesthetically appealing to the viewers. For instance, the point of the lightsaber should reach behind the fighter before one attempts to hit it. Moreover, the news has excited many since many people were eagerly waiting to learn how to fight with the lightsaber of Star Wars, in real life.

Let us know more about Lightsaber becoming a sport so that you get to the required details before actually playing the sport.

Is Lightsaber Dueling A Real Sport? How?


We already read that Lightsaber has been officially announced as a real sport. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with a great fan following. It was a couple of years back that it was announced by the federation and people are loving the fact. More and more people have started to consider lightsabers as a great and fine alternative to the traditional Olympic style fencing sport.

The game encourages people to combat obesity and also urges a desire of the same by motivating them to leave their sedentary lifestyle behind. Furthermore, it is a great initiative for many people since they will consider an activity instead of just sitting and playing video games. If you are also looking to buy a lightsaber, check out

Lightsaber sport encourages people to play the game physically and is a great step for them who are more keen to work out. Some of the famous sports played by people across the globe are the combat choices, like mixed martial arts, kickboxing and also boxing. Coming to the sport of Lightsaber fighting, the game is not quite physically challenging.

Many people are of the notion that it demands more of physical activities like learning complex acrobatics, but the same thought is not right. Though the game involves certain lightsaber combat principles and involves certain classic martial arts styles like that of Kendo. Though the events require a good amount of physical energy and fitness, it doesn’t mean that a tough workout regime is required.

One of the major challenges faced by players of Lightsaber Dueling is that the sport is yet unusual and many still have a hard time to think what it is like to play. The game was declared as a sport because it involves fighting skills along with a certain level of physical activity. The sport is a great option for recreational fitness as well. However, you should be aware of the fact that it requires a great level of creativity and imagination, that said, it may not be counted as a sport traditionally.

Learning Lightsaber Sport


When Lightsaber Dueling was declared as a sport, one of the most common questions that people used to ask was, “How to learn to play this sport?”. Well, you must have heard a famous proverb, practice makes a man perfect. To master this port, there is a simple funda. Practice the sport as much as you can to be good at it. You will have to train yourself regularly and build the skills of fighting against your opponents.

There are numerous clubs that teach lightsaber fighting and to learn the sport better you can join one of such clubs that will teach you the same. To find such a club you can Google and find the same in your closest proximity. If you don’t find such a club you can choose to learn the skills from a book.

One of the best books that beginners can choose to buy to learn the skills better is the “Stunt Lightsaber Combat For Beginners”. The book is excellently written and teaches some unique methods of lightsaber fighting based on the longsword techniques of historical European. There are several ways in which you can learn the art of Lightsaber Fighting, but the best one will be to learn the same with a partner.

This way you will be able to learn skills and techniques of saving yourself from your partner. It is critical for you to learn to get saved from the opponent since in reality you will be fighting against a partner. You will also have to learn the art of using certain equipment that are completely safe and strong enough to leverage the duel matches of full contact.

The French Federation recognised the real problem with young people today, which is physical fitness. They stay glued to their phones or video games all the time and lack physical activity these days. To help people combat health issues that are caused due to lack of physical activity.

The federation has taken a great initiative to compete with other sports to grab the attention of youth and children. The game has also made its appeal much more attractive so that it can easily attract the masses. The idea seems to be much better than any other since people are more inclined towards playing it with their friends or other opponents.

Its rules are similar to the classic French competition, though there are some exceptions to the game.


The main motive behind making the game a sports game was to make it safer than its counterparts, to be umpired, and also to produce something that appeals visually. Also, the initiative seems to be a nice move so that some good and positive changes are seen in today’s youth. The game is succeeding towards its goal to date and people are enjoying the sport more than ever. Additionally, it has brought a whole new concept to the world of sports. It keeps the star wars fans and more people active throughout.