Is Golf Becoming More Or Less Popular In The UAE

Today golf is a world-famous sport that is played in many countries across the world. The sport most probably originated in Scotland and may have been derived from the game of polo. It is already a popular sport in the USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, but now it is gaining popularity in Asian countries as well. It is quite popular in UAE, and if you want to enjoy a match in UAE, you should go to golfscape.

More About The Game Of Golf

Golf is played with a golf club. The club is used to hit a ball and make it land in a hole. A course has nine or eighteen holes. The course also has uneven terrain. The more complicated the terrain, the more difficult it is to make the ball land in a hole.

The aim of the player is to make the ball reach the hole in the minimum number of strokes possible. However, it is not necessary to make the ball reach in one shot.

What Are Some Of The Reasons For The Rising Popularity Of Golf In The UAE

The Creation Of World Class Courses


The game had its origin in the 70s and 80s; it started in Turkey and Qatar and spread to the UAE. Today Dubai has some of the most iconic golf courses in the world. The Els Golf Club, for instance, opened in the early part of the millennium. It is vast and is spread across seven thousand yards.

The course was designed to be a venue for international tournaments. Jumeira is famous for golf lovers and has a huge Jumeirah Golf Estate. It has a huge area, and it is estimated to be around seven thousand yards. It offers a wide variety of golf and is a hot favorite of professional players.

Dubai also has the famous Majlis course. This place is renowned as it was the first grass court in the desert regions of middle east Asia. The terrain in this course has a varied indigenous diversity of plants, insects and animals. It has fairways and saltwater lakes all around. The Majlis course is often used by famous professional players to improve their stroke and their ability to navigate the terrain.

The sport has got great patronage from the royal family as well. Today Dubai has more than twenty courses, and they are famous all over the world.

Organizing And Hosting Mega Tournaments

Dubai has hosted many mega golf tournaments. For instance, the final leg of the Asia tour was held in Dubai. Apart from this, the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, the Dubai Desert Classic, the DP world tour championship etc., have all been held in the UAE.

All of these are famous tournaments that are attended by the most popular golf players in the world. These tournaments are also telecast on satellite television. All these tournaments gave Dubai the reputation of being the golf capital of the middle eastern region. All these factors have cumulatively affected the steady growth of the sport in this desert nation.

Golf Coaching Or Courses By Famous People


The next generation in Dubai, young boys and girls, have the opportunity to be trained at training academies. Many youngsters have gotten tips and learnt new techniques from professionals like Nick Faldo. As more people from the younger generation started taking an interest in the game, the demand for golf clubs increased, thus facilitating the growth of the sport in Dubai.

The Spot Has Become A Part Of The Popular Culture In Dubai

In the early 2000s, Tiger Woods landed on the helipad of Burj Al Arab. He played golf and hit golf balls in the helipad area. Moreover, today there is a Tiger Woods track in UAE. Thus, such world champions visiting the country and playing the sport in public places incorporated the sport into the popular culture of the nation.

Tournaments That Promote Local Talent

Dubai is a rich nation but playing professional golf is an expensive affair. Many talented players need sponsorship in the early part of their career before they have established a name for themselves. Many tournaments in UAE, like the HSBC championship, offer sponsorship to talented local players. With time if Dubai gets its own world champions, then the popularity of the sport will increase further.

The Local Population Likes To Splurge In Golf Clubs


There is a great demand for world-class golf clubs in the UAE. Dubai is a wealthy nation, and its elite class likes to splurge their money on clubs. Golf has traditionally been seen as a rich man’s sport, so many elites and royals get memberships of golf clubs as a social status symbol.

The modern golf clubs in Dubai offer world-class facilities. They have luxurious clubhouses that players and their families can visit. In fact, the clubs are a great weekend recreational spot for elites in Dubai.

The Global Rise Of The Sport

The rise of golf in Dubai can be seen as a part of the global rise of the sport. Today the entire world knows and admires great players like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer etc.

Great Maintenance Of The Course


Maintaining a golf course is not easy. The grass has to be trimmed appropriately, and the moisture levels in the ground should neither be too high nor too low. Dubai has set excellent standards for the maintenance of the grass course, and hence Dubai’s clubs gained a good reputation all over the world.


Today Dubai has undoubtedly become a famous and popular golf destination. Many world tournaments are organized in this country. Many sponsors try to promote local talent.

Also, global champions have made many visits to this nation. They are full of praise for the lovely terrain that the local courses have to offer.

Many Europeans enjoy playing in cold and dry weather, but Dubai offers a warm and dry climate which many older players of the sport prefer.