How to Start Wakesurfing: A Beginner’s Guide to Riding the Wake

Wakesurfing is not a novelty in the world of sports. In fact, this water activity has been around for more than a century. At the end of the day, it is not only a sport but an exciting experience. This unique combination of wakeboarding and surfing is a sport worth pursuing if you’re into water activities. Its essence is in riding the waves.

The person on the board is riding the waves made by a boat but without being pulled directly by it. This way, the ride is slower and allows a skilled athlete to perform numerous tricks or a rookie to have the time of his life. By now, you want to get into it, and below you have a short guide on how to do it.

What Equipment Do You Need?

What Equipment Do You Need

Jumping straight into the water is all good and fun, but you need some equipment for this activity. First of all, there’s the board. This is where it all starts, but you could argue that a boat, life jacket, and some rope are equally vital.

To have the best possible experience when Wakesurfing you need to use good equipment. Depending on your board, you’ll be able to just ride the waves, or with a more sophisticated one to perform all the cool tricks. Boat and rope are there to help the games start while the life jacket is there for your safety. Talking of safety…

Safety Measures

While Wakesurfing looks like a lot of fun, it is still a dangerous water sport. What this means is that safety measures are paramount. As we said, the piece of equipment that’s vital for your safety is a life jacket. Ensure that you always wear a model that fits perfectly.

We are not recommending this safety measure – it is a requirement for all water sports of this kind. The next safety measure is communication. At all times the rider needs to know the hand signals issued by the boat driver. In addition to what we already said, this activity is best practiced during fair weather, at limited speeds, and generally in a safe environment.

Finding the Right School for Wakesurfing

Finding the Right School for Wakesurfing

Being new to this sport comes with a lot of difficulties. So, before you jump on your board it would be valuable if you had a few Wakesurfing lessons first. Receiving these lessons from a certified school should be your top priority as that would guarantee your later success on the waves.

If you’d have an idea where to start let us tell you that the answer you’re looking for is the With their vast experience, you should handle Wakesurfing in no time. After all, we’re talking about the largest competitive wakesurf school in Singapore.

Once you pass through their hands, doing 360s, Air Grabs, and Backhand Riding will pose no problem for you. With some of the best instructors on the globe, learning Wakesurfing in both surf and skim variants should pose no issue for any of their students.

The Board – The Wakesurfing Soul


You will never become a good wakesurfer if you don’t become one with the board. Joking aside, no Jedi connection is necessary, but having a good board will give you a desired dose of advantage when on water.

Depending on your style, knowledge, and experience, you need to make the right choice. There are numerous options, so making the right one is important for the best possible experience. For starters, you will have to choose between skim, surf, and hybrid board.

The final decision needs to be made based on a few factors with your height, weight, and skill level being the three most important.

First Steps

The Board - The Wakesurfing Soul

While everything we said above has prepared you for Wakesurfing you haven’t started anything before you get on the board. The first steps are always the hardest. Pack your gear, and get going! The best place to start is the edge of the boat.

Just sit there with your board prepared and in the water. The board needs to be in a 90-degree line with the boat. The best experience of your life starts with putting your heels on the board with your hands holding the rope.

As the boat starts speeding up you need to allow the rope to lift you on your feet. Once you’re up, it’s time to start moving.

Standing Up

Once you’re up, the fun can start. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. As the boat keeps getting traction and speed, the waves will start to rise and you’ll feel the wake behind you. The goal of this sport is simple – you have a wave below you, ride it!

It is no different than surfing in the ocean. To be able to ride a wave you need to feel the moment when to stand up and to do it while maintaining balance. When you get a grasp on this, things will be much easier with every next step.

Maintaining Balance

For Wakesurfing, balance is the key. But, it doesn’t come naturally for the majority of us. It will take some time and a lot of practice to become good at maintaining balance while on the board. The most important thing is to have the right posture.

When you get your head about that part, you will also need to learn how to shift your weight depending on the position of the board and the direction from which the wave is coming. There’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to keeping the balance and riding the wave for the longest time possible.

The easiest way to do your best in every step of Wakesurfing as a beginner is to follow the steps we laid out above with care. So, choose your board carefully, wear proper protective gear, and learn how to communicate with the boat rider.

If you do all of it, the road from the first step will move fitly to standing up, balancing, and riding the waves.

The Bottom Line

Wakesurfing Guide


You need to approach Wakesurfing as it is – more than a simple water sports activity. The unique combination of surfing and wakeboarding provides a little bit for everyone if you’re into water sports. With a little bit of desire, practice, and professional guidance you can become close to a professional in this sport. Or, do it just for fun! It’s up to you!