Getting Into eSports: A Beginner’s Guide

The world of eSports has gained a lot of popularity and momentum over the last few years. People have always played video games and competed against each other. However, this type of competition has never before been in such a huge spotlight.

Tournaments of all sizes are held all over the world and thousands come to watch other people beat each other senselessly in video games. But that’s the fun part. As a matter of fact, no one gets hurt aside from someone’s ego.

This pushes gamers even further. Everyone wants to reach the top so they’ll continue to play and hone their skills if only to have a chance at participating in major events, such as eSports tournaments and share in the fame and glory.

For someone new at all this, reaching such a goal may seem next to impossible. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Anyone can be the best if they decide to invest in themselves and commit to a lot of practice.

You don’t need any special talent. You only need pure determination to get where you want to be, which is the very top. With that in mind, here’s a beginner’s guide for getting into eSports.

Practice a lot


Whichever eSport game you want to participate in, you’ll have to practice a lot. Even participating in casino game tournaments requires practice. Just imagine a poker player who doesn’t know how to bluff or trick opponents into making mistakes.

They wouldn’t get very far would they? The same rules apply to any other game. Some of the most popular eSports games include genres, such as MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), RTS (Real-Time Strategy), FPS (First-Person Shooter) and many others.

These are mostly video games you have to truly understand how they work. That includes game mechanics, advantages and disadvantages of certain characters, equipement, skills and many more factors.

You can only do that if you play a certain game a lot. That’s practice in this case. Investing a lot of hours in the certain game will hone your skills and reaction time to perfection. This can be a daunting task but you don’t have to play a game all the time. It’s entertainment after all.

Therefore, whenever you have some down time from other activities, make sure you play the game you want to compete in on a local or global scale. It might take a while but you’ll get there eventually so don’t rush it. You won’t achieve anything if you overdo it.

Invest in your equipment


Modern video games are quite demanding when it comes to computing power. What that means is that you need quality equipment you’ll play on. If you play on a PC, you’ll need quality components and peripherals.

Check the system requirements for any game you want to play before you invest in your PC. If you want the best graphics and the best performance, you might have to spend anywhere between $1500 and $3000 on a gaming rig.

That’s a lot of money but it’s also an investment. Tournament prizes tend to be very high, indeed. However, a lot of gamers aren’t in the competition for the prize money. That’s just a bonus and quite a substantial one. In most cases, people just want to compete and defeat their opponents so their names go down in gaming history as absolute champions.

Investing in the Internet bandwidth is also vital. You can’t play an online game smoothly if you’re lagging all the time. When you play at the tournament , you get the best gear possible. However, you have to practice on something before you actually get to participate in the tournament.

Last but not least are the peripherals. A mouse, keyboard and a headset are essential for your gaming performance. Good peripherals have better response times and customization features. This will help you play better and improve your gaming skills.

A headset, on the other hand, is required for team coordination. If you play in a team, you want to be able to hear instructions and suggestions from other teammates. You also want your teammates to be able to hear you clearly.

Ignore the haters


While you play and practice, you’ll undoubtedly run into toxic and salty people. These are usually frustrated kids who like to torment others for being better than them. You’ll run into cusses, insults and all sorts of profanities, whether on in-game chat or voice chat.

For example, the League of Legends (LOL) game is infamous for having the most toxic gaming community ever. This can really ruin your mood and self esteem. The best way to approach the matter is to ignore the haters altogether. Yes, this can be very difficult, especially when someone is mentioning someone close to you in a very unpleasant manner but you get over it after a while.

You should focus on finding reliable teammates and friends you can play with. Who knows, you might form a group you’ll participate in eSports tournaments with. Finding good people is the key to actually enjoying the game. This helps you ignore haters and their immature comments.

Stream as you play


Streaming playthroughs is very popular in eSports. Many people use channels, such as Twitch to stream their gaming activities and gather a large social following.

Your followers may even donate money to help you create additional content. The ebay thing about streaming is that it helps you build a reputation and exposure for yourself.

If you’re good at a certain game you will get noticed quickly. You may even get drafted into one of the eSports teams who need a new member for the upcoming tournament. You never know what type of opportunity awaits around the corner if you don’t expose yourself a little bit.

Closing Words

Getting into eSports as an absolute beginner can be frightening. However, you can do anything you set your mind on, as long as you’re willing to fully commit to it. The key is in having good equipment and investing a lot of time in honing your skills.

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