What Do Gamers Really Want at an Esports Event?

The esports industry has never been in a better place. By 2024, income from global esports is expected to hit $1.6 billion. What’s more, there’s a growing appetite for live esports events. In 2024, online audiences averaged out at 270 million. By 2025, audience numbers are expected to swell to more than 322 million. However, live esports events are also growing in popularity. Live gaming events like the League of Legends World Championship regularly attract upwards of 50,000 live attendees. While almost every attendee has a passion for games, being able to watch the pros battle out in person isn’t the only reason behind increasing ticket sales and attendance figures.

Game Coverage

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For most esports attendees, it’s game coverage that seals the deal when it comes to purchasing a ticket. For many years, only a handful of games dominated esports tournament coverage. While stalwarts like Call of Duty continue to remain popular, there’s an increasing appetite for newer games like Apex Legends and Valorant.

While certain titles will always have their fans, more casual gamers will be looking for multi-title tournaments. Although these are thin on the ground, there’s certainly a precedent for multi-game esports events. Case in point is the World Cyber Games. This annual event has been going strong since 2000. Although the tournament was forced to go virtual in 2020 due to travel restrictions, it attracted an online audience of 650 million.

The Chance to Network

If you’re looking to become a professional esports player or work behind the scenes, you’ll need to network. In many digital industries, online networking is the standard. However, unless you’ve got a hugely popular Twitch platform with millions of subscribers, it;’s unlikely you’ll be attracting the attention of a would-be sponsor any time soon.

For many aspiring esports professionals, becoming a top-tier player is an uphill struggle. It’s not unheard of for popular streamers or content creators to be snapped up by an esports organization, but it’s not a practical career path. Ultimately, you’re going to have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Esports tournaments allow aspiring esports professionals to meet up with like-minded individuals. At these events, you can connect with fans of your favorite MOBA or first-person shooter to form a team. If you’re lucky, you might even find that a low-level team is actively looking to fill a vacant spot.

What Else are Fans Looking For?

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Game coverage and the chance to network are all well and good, but there’s a

lot more to a great esports tournament. For larger events, first-rate displays and audio systems are a must. What’s more, it’s not just top-tier teams that fans are expecting to be in attendance. For larger events, world-class commentators are a must. If you’re paying over the odds for an esports event ticket, you’ll want someone like Alex Richardson or Sean Plott weighing in on the action.

Beyond competition, fans are also expecting more from the venue itself. All the standard hallmarks of a live event need to be present here. This includes affordable concessions and on-site merchandising. Public gaming areas are also popular. These not only allow players to connect with like-minded fans, they also give budding pros a chance to showcase their skills in front of an audience.

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How an average gamer can become a professional esports player?

Many of us love spending time playing our favorite video games, however, the biggest problem is that we all dream about becoming an esports pro player, yet we are not willing to put enough effort to achieve that goal. Therefore, let’s talk about how an average gamer can turn his gaming hobby into a real job and become a professional player.

Find Your Motivation

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First thing first, as with anything else in your life, it is very important to find motivation in order to play esports. You must love competition and feeling of satisfaction while you are growing as a player and improving your gaming performances. Also, every professional player needs to have a sense of contributing to a team and be willing to collaborate with his teammates. If you have the positive motivation that will keep you continue to be engaged and invest a lot of time, energy, and patience, in the long run, you are going to achieve your goal. Additionally, it is not good for you to be motivated only by fame, success, and money, because these things will not allow you to grow even more and turn into a real number one pro. On the other hand, if you love the game, this will make a lot of difference.

Pick Your Game

You must find the game you love to play. No matter how big your motivation is to become a professional esports player, you will never be able to achieve that goal until you play the game you actually enjoy. If you love spending time practicing a particular game, you will be able to improve your game performance. Hard work ethic is the key to your goal.

Join the Community

Even though many would say that pro gaming is all about an individual player’s talent, the truth is much different. It is also about the surrounding of the game. More precisely, you will never become a professional esports player if you do not invest time interacting with other players. If you decide to visit different gaming forums or some other places where players are gathering, you will be able to hear about different gaming experiences. This will logically provide you with a better perspective of which path a professional player must take and what can keep him going on and motivated. Finally, a community is an excellent place for powerful motivation that will keep you stay interested in a gaming career.

Gear Up

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Every player that wants to become a pro needs to ensure having the right gear. This means that you must invest in a good computer, gaming mouse, and keyboard. All of these are essential for your gaming performance.

You should enter the world of esports tournaments

One more thing that will help you become a proffesional esports player is paying attention to tournaments and being a part of them. Logically, you should look primarily for amateur gamers. This will help you rise up which will lead to being a part of some iconic esports tournaments.