Is It Really Possible to Make Money With Gambling?

There are people who earn their money by gambling. And some even make a very good living from it.

However, you can not generalize this, but must look very carefully at how and with what gambling they manage. Of course, it is also important to consider what sums you are aiming to receive. Because depending on whether you just want to earn a little pocket money or want to live from gambling, the theoretical possibilities differ again.

To anticipate, we do not advise anyone to consider gambling as a way to make a living. The risk of making a risky bet in order to achieve the desired earnings is too great, and you could ruin yourself in the process.

Especially when things go badly for a while, people are tempted to recoup their losses by making a risky bet – and usually, they lose more than they can handle. Nevertheless, there are some people who live from gambling even in the long term. But they choose only reliable sites, such as

Beat the House Once


If you just want to beat the house once and go home with a little profit in your pocket, you can currently use the so-called free spins without a deposit. This is a welcome bonus, so a luring offer of online casinos. Since the competitive pressure among the various online casinos is very high, they try to lure potential customers with this bonus, where you do not have to make your own deposit, on their side.

Because only when the customer looks at the casino, he can also come to the conclusion that this casino is better than his previous one, and make it his new regular casino. This is not a dubious scam, but a simple advertising measure.

So if you simply want to win a little bit in the casino and go home with it, this is the best option, because the whole thing is completely risk-free. It is important to find out if there is a clause that the winnings will only be paid out if money has been deposited beforehand.

However, this is rarely the case. Standard is, however, that with the achieved profit still some rounds (usually 20 to 40) must be played, before one may let the profit be transferred to the own account. There are also a few conditions that have to be meticulously adhered to, otherwise, the winnings are often canceled. The casino support and the terms and conditions provide information about this.

But the fact is: You play without risk. If you lose, you have only wasted some time. If you win, you have beaten the house without taking the risk of losing your own money. Here, of course, we are talking about small sums, and since it is a new customer bonus, it is also valid only once.

As an example, a very good offer can be found here, for example, where Vulkanbet offers 50 free spins. However, anyone who is addiction-prone should keep their hands off online casinos and gambling. Follow this link and find out how to get 20 free free spins.

Poker Professionals


When talking about “earning money with gambling”, most people naturally think first of the professional poker players, some of whom earn millions with the game of poker. However, one must clearly put the amount of all poker players worldwide in relation to the few professionals who make money with it on a grand scale.

However, there is also a significantly larger number of poker players who earn their living with this game of chance. This brings us to the heart of the matter: is poker a game of chance or is it a psychological-mathematical duel?

It’s both, of course, but unlike slot machines, it’s also about skill. And that can be trained. So it’s no mere coincidence that professional poker players would almost always beat a skilled amateur.

So it is quite possible to earn money with this game of chance. However, there are some important things to consider there:

  • The choice of opponents. When participating in professional competitions as a good amateur, the probability of leaving the tournament with a loss is high. One should always choose poker rounds where there are likely to be many beginners and casual players.
  • If you want to make money playing poker, you have to treat it as a job, not a game – so stick emotionlessly to your set strategy, no matter how badly (or even well) it goes. Because even when you’re on a roll, professionals stick to their strategy.
  • Experience is the key. If you don’t really have many games under your belt, you lack the necessary experience. Attention: to gain experience, of course, play only with very small stakes.
  • Adhere to limits. Stake limit, daily limit, weekly limit, and monthly limit are not exceeded under any circumstances. The limits are within a range where the player can easily cope with the losses.
  • And of course, education is critical. Books, courses, and coaching should be a matter of course for someone who wants to make money playing poker.

Sports Betting Professionals


Besides poker, sports betting is often mentioned as a way to make money gambling. Here too, as in poker, there is a learnable ingredient in addition to the luck component. Sports betting professionals are specialists. They select a specialist area, about which they then know as much as possible. This can be soccer as well as golf.

The crucial thing is that these professionals always have the most up-to-date information on relevant facts. Whether a key player is injured or broke up with his girlfriend yesterday, whether he was seen in a pub the night before a game, or whether there are internal disputes in a team.

Of course, the question remains on how to get such details. Such detailed information is the ideal case, the more of it you have, the better. That’s why you really only need to specialize in one topic, for example the second Bundesliga.