All-time Highest Earner In Snooker (Career Prize Money Earnings)

When we Indians think about Snooker, the first name that comes to our mind is Pankaj Advani. Pankaj is a 23 times Billiards and a snooker champion. In short, it would be fair to say that he made us aware of what the sport Snooker is. But do you how much he earns in such a handsome career? The 35-year-old has earned around $94,400 in his whole career, yet he fails to be on the list of all-time richest snooker players in the world.

Imagine the players who would have had a more glorifying career than him. What would their earning would look like? And what spot would they be on the list?

When we hear Snooker, Golf, and as the term used ‘rich sports’, it is naturally assumed that a handsome amount of money is required to excel and develop at snooker. However, Snooker as a sport also makes sure that it returns the investment made by players during developing years by paying handsome prize money at competitions. Yes, Snooker indeed is one of the highest paying sports in the world, only if you are good at it.

Snooker is a growing sport, we can’t neglect the fact that many might still not know what snooker is or tell the difference between snooker, billiards, and pool. It’s rapidly gaining popularity in Britain and many European countries. Thus with sponsors and advertisements backing the West, their players have relatively excelled well than other parts of the world and earn a more handsome amount compared to the rest.

Top 15 Richest Snooker Players in the World

When it comes to the greatest Snooker player(s) in the world, it has to be undoubtedly Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry.

Hendry has won the World Snooker Championship 7 times, and Ronnie trailing with 6 to his name. Both O’Sullivan and Hendry are the world’s richest snooker players of all time.

No.PlayerEarning (All-Time)Country
1Ronnie O’Sullivan30,000,000 £England
2Stephen Hendry30,000,000 £Scotland
3John Higgins11,000,000 £Scotland
4Steve Davis11,000,000 £England
5Jimmy White9,400,000 £England
6Mark Williams8,500,000 £Wales
7Ken Doherty7,200,000 £Ireland
8John Parrott7,000,000 £England
9Peter Ebdon6,700,000 £England
10Mark Selby4,400,00 £England
11Neil Robertson3,690,000 £Australia
12Judd Trump3,450,000 £England
13Shaun Murphy3,280,000 £England
14Ding Junhui2,940,000 £China
15Stuart Bingham2,400,000 £England

Both Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry are the highest-earning snooker players of all time, with all-time worth 30 million pounds each.

Judd Trump, who is the current World Number 1, has also made it to the list on the 12th spot. However, the only Asian to feature on the list still remains Ding Junhui.

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