How to Bet on Sports When on Gamstop Restriction

What is it about sports that makes them so attractive to watch? It is interesting to see how people gather together to watch a game with friends and family. Out of this total number of sports fans, a big percentage of them partake in sports betting activities. This is no surprise, as betting can be one of the most thrilling and exciting ways to make sports matches all the more enthralling and exhilarating. It is no longer about just watching a game and wondering whether it’s your favorite team who wins or loses, but putting actual money on the line can make a simple gaming experience all the more memorable. Simply putting some spare money budgeted for betting expenses on, your games can turn from thoroughly enjoyable encounters to adrenaline-pumping rides that will be remembered for a lifetime.

In the UK alone, the gross gambling yield made between April and September 2020 was about 63 million euros. However, this figure is considered a steep decline due to the impact of COVID-19 compared to the 2.4 billion euros made in gross gambling yield between April and March 2024. This fantastic sum shows the massive impact gambling has in the UK and is expected to continue increasing due to the unstoppable rise of the online gambling sector. Whereas traditional land-based gambling establishments have declined over the past few years, the same cannot be said regarding online casinos, bookmakers and betting apps.

The meteoric rise of online betting apps in sports betting is easy to understand due to its convenience, easiness of registration, better anonymity through the use of crypto and blockchain technology and a more comprehensive range of bonuses, games and services.

GameStop’s role in maintaining healthier gambling habits


To help manage this surge in online gambling in the UK, the Gamstop system was set up. Gamstop is a free software tool designed and operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited, a non-profit organization that supports bettors suffering from compulsive gambling issues. Its primary purpose is to give punters a free way to help them control their gaming habits.

Gamstop is relatively easy to set up all the user is required to do is sign up and input their full name, address and postcodes, phone numbers, date of birth and mobile phone numbers, both previously and currently used. Once done, the user is given a choice to select how long the block will last, ranging from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 5 years.

Users need to be especially careful when joining Gamstop since once the user has set up a self-exclusion time-period, there is no turning back. The user will be blocked from accessing UK-licensed online casinos and gambling sites for the time-period selected. There is no way to overturn your decision or quit the Gamstop program once your choice has been made.

This has led to certain voices in the betting community commenting about this feature. Many Gamstop detractors regard this procedure as radical in its enforcement of blocking and ultimately futile in its application. They argue that all Gamstop does is merely block UK-licensed gambling sites while doing nothing to aid bettors in solving their gambling issues. Not only is the user’s freedom to gamble online on specific sites removed once joining the Gamstop program, but it is also an ultimately pointless endeavor since there are many ways to bypass Gamstop restrictions and continue betting regardless of the blocking.

Bypassing Gamstop


A wide range of options is available if you want to continue sports betting regardless of Gamstop restrictions, especially nowadays, as the Qatar World Cup makes football betting more exciting than ever. First off, consider offshore gambling sites licensed in other countries. Since Gamstop restrictions and regulations do not regulate these, you may access these gambling sites without issues. Check their validity before engaging with them to avoid unreliable casinos or outright scams, by browsing through customer reviews, returning to the player ratio and checking their licenses.

Another valid option would be to use Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs for short. VPNs do not only allow you to bypass Gamstop blockage, but also open up access to a myriad of different online gambling sites worldwide. One of the best VPN software options is ExpressVPN, although other options such as CyberGhost, PrivateVPN and IPVanish are perfectly available. Certain casinos like William Hill or 888Casino have specific terms and conditions regarding VPN use, so read the fine print to ensure your account is not frozen.

A third solution is to visit your local brick-and-mortar casino or betting house for all your gambling needs. All that is needed is your ID information, money to make your deposit and check the sports you want to bet on.

Finally, users can make several alternative accounts on Gamstop by using alternative phone numbers, new e-wallets or even making typos in their full name. These methods will allow you to access Gamstop-licensed sites without worries. However, ensure not to falsify information outright, as this might lead to an outright ban of your account.

Gamble Safely and Responsibly


Even though it is up to bettors to decide how they wish to manage their gambling time, it is also fair to point out that there are occasions when gambling habits might become problematic , and they might need to consider quitting. If you are unable to stop betting and it starts to seem less like a hobby and more like a source of income, you might want to reconsider your gambling habits and seek assistance. If that’s not the case for you and you seek to learn how to bypass Gamstop restrictions, feel free to keep reading effectively.