How Do You Find A Reliable Bookmaker?

There is undoubtedly huge competition when it comes to choosing the favourite bookmakers. It is indeed a complicated procedure, provided that the regular bettors do have a set of requirements while choosing their favourite betting site. To begin with, bettors usually seek a variety of choices in ‘MMA bets’, or ‘in-play’ selection of options. However, a compulsory choice that every bettor should keep in mind is the reliability of the particular bookmaker.

Experts often suggest a vivid comparison of a bookmaker before making any hasty decision. For example, in the case of opening a new bookmaker website, the bettor should invest their time on the lookout for certain details such as a lucrative ‘signup bonus’, maximum bet level, and minimum bet level that is permitted maximum and minimum permissible bet value payment, and withdrawal methods, etc.

Another way to exactly find out the requirements of a bookmaker and its fulfilling requirements is by looking for the signs such as licensing and authentication, regulation, responsible gambling strategies, customer support, etc.

Verification and Security Measures


Ensuring security for the users is the prime responsibility of any bookmaker. A secure environment helps in building up trusted bonds with the customers, since they are likely to share their personal data, and it is of utmost necessity to maintain privacy. The most popular way of maintaining security is by SSL (Secure Socket Layers). It checks to maintain the encryption.

This maintains an encrypted policy between the server and the browser. It also assures the user that all the information remains intact between the server and browser, or the data transfer between the browser and the specific user remains fully intact. It is a responsibility of a reliable bookmaker to maintain the privacy of the data of its user. It is to be noted that the specific browser that is used checks or clarifies the website’s certification.

Besides the SSL technology, other measures such as ‘password’ protection, firewalls, etc. also ensure the security of the user. Sometimes no verification betting sites at NonGamStopSlots also request additional KYC documents to protect vulnerable and underage gamblers..

Protection and Licensing


Players must always be on the lookout if the bookmaker is governed by any independent organization or company. It is vital when you decided to use non-UK betting sites because even sportsbooks outside the UK should be licensed by any authority. Note that the purpose of these companies is to regulate the bookmaker to fit into the governmental standards.

For a functioning and reliable bookmaker, it is undoubtedly compulsory to hold a license. An authorized license reveals is the gambling website or bookmaker is legitimate or not. For example, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulates all the gambling functionality in the UK. For attaining a proper license, bookmakers require to meet the standards of the geographical location, so that they can prevent any crime of bans in the particular area. In the case of offshore gambling, players should find licenses from other gambling authorities, such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, etc.

To check for the license of a particular bookmaker, players need to scroll towards the bottom of the page, since the license and address of the original company, bookmaker, etc. are very often present in the footer.

Regulation and Maintenance


Getting an authorized license paves the way for a set of rules regulating the gambling body. This includes some of the technical standards such as usage of technology and software, processing of an online sportsbook, casinos, etc.

A legitimate and functional bookmaker also brings in the ‘terms and conditions of their betting rules. This brings forth clarity of the betting requirements that a potential player looks for. A concrete framework of the betting rules leads to the expectations that yields valid bets, fairness f games, and industry-based practices. Many procedures need to be followed after acquiring a license. Some of these include the ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This refers to an independent functional body handling the problems pertaining to financial claims, betting rules, etc. Usually, players can also locate the logo of the mediator. For example, eCOGRA, IBAS,etc.

Available Customer Support and Care

Another important facet to be kept in mind is the availability of customer support and their expertise to resolve customer issues in a swift and efficient manner. In addition, bookmakers should promote responsible gambling and cooperate with programs like GamStop that share information about players with issues among operators and do not allow them to play.

Also, players should never register themselves on that bookmaker that avails no client support system since there is often an underlying risk of fraudulent activities. A reliable bookmaker assures 24-hour client support over chat, phone, or email. Since a player seeks a hasty resolution of their issues, they always seek customer support that reaches out to them in just a few minutes.

Payment Processing and Withdraw


When customers are opting to play for real money, they will obviously check out the payment methods according to their ease. In most cases, credit/ debit cards are accepted, along with other payment methods such as PayPal, E-wallet, Wire Money, etc. It is advisable for the players to check if they can use PayPal for both deposit/withdrawal methods.

Often it is suggested to avoid platforms where PayPal is used only for deposit purposes. This is because this payment method may lead to a link to a website, which can be fraudulent. Other options such as deposit time and withdrawal time should also be checked out before making any hasty decision while making payments. In general, the withdrawal time is usually between two to five days, and if the bookmaker expects the player to wait for a longer duration, it is often a suspicious dealing.