How to Find Sponsors to Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

If you plan on playing tennis professionally you have to have the right approach, tips, and tricks, as well as sponsors. The role of sponsors and purpose is to find you brands that are willing to take care of travel costs, road costs, hospitality, food, and your professional equipment. If you are not too sure how to find a sponsor and you need a bit of help keep on reading and find that out down below.

How to find sponsors to fund your pro tennis career: top 8 tips

1. Build your social media following and be active


Generally speaking, sponsors don’t give you money just because you are charismatic or nice to them. The truth is, every sponsor or brand has to see how much exposure you can offer and what they can get from you. They will try to return on their investment by asking you to promote their product (food, accommodation, clothes, pretty much anything) on your best social platforms. You can post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, or your blog. So, before you try to make a deal make sure that you have an impressive following.

2. Develop your fan base

After getting that specific (impressive) number of followers, now is time for you to interact with them and develop a fan base. You should build your following by interacting, talking, and liking their content. Also, if you pay close attention to the quality of your pictures, quotes, texts, or editing that goes in when creating content, others will spot you easily, and they will be lured in. If you have 10,000 followers and you market a product or service of any sort but the brand makes no money off of you, they will probably stop working with you and they will stop sponsoring you.

3. Ask for a loan


Close friends and family members serve as irreplaceable sources of seed capital. Some might also have an impressive network or funds that you can use for your own benefits. You could ask for a loan and see how it plays out on your and their end. If they are up for it and are willing to invest in you or your future, it is your lucky day! On the other hand and if you don’t have someone who can help you out with a loan you can check out They can help with the business, personal or instant loans. Simply download their app and see how they can help your specific case.

4. Crowdfunding campaign

Nowadays you can create and go for a crowdfunding campaign for almost anything that intrigues you! This is a helpful and practical option to offer rewards to individual investors. It enables fundraisers to collect money from a large number of people via online platforms + it is a tactic that is quick, swift and it spreads and travels easily. Crowdfund campaigns are also all over social media, making your job and ease of access way more practical.

5. Network and hustle


You should always hustle your way to solvency. Get freelance consulting on how you can hustle even more (aside from actually hustling on the court). You can also turn to your college or university alumni network. You as a popular athlete could get a lot of exposure and credibility from your friends and professors at school, as well as from your other previous jobs. Networking is an important step to make when it comes to sports and sponsorships. Give it time and pay close attention to who you can contact and kick with!

6. Assemble your own coaching team

You can always try to do things your own way and maintain a team that works for you + one that you can benefit from. By making up and assembling your team you are automatically in control of your image and career, meaning that you can make any moves that work well for you. There are no restrictions and all responsibility is on you. You will have a lot more freedom to do what suits you, meaning that future sponsors might like the independence that you offer.

7. A management company

Source: unsplash.cop

For most players, this solution is the most practical one (and easiest to do), but it does come at a hefty price point. A management company or a manager will always look for a specific amount of percentage when it comes to your work. For a lot of people, this just feels like signing your life away because you are no longer in charge of your own image or work. If you have failed to do or fulfill any of these previously mentioned steps go for this one as your last resort.

8. Always focus on your training

A lot of players have to pay close attention to their approach and their gameplay. This is why they should practice, grow and learn new things every day. The truth is, you won’t have to pay too much attention to the business aspect if you are a phenomenal player, having a lot to offer to the world and sponsors. Give yourself enough time to recover from your practice and training, but also invest in your diet, supplements, and even mental health. Everything will fall into place as time goes on and as you progress.

Are you ready to play and be the best?

Your job as a player is to improve your tennis skills, train hard in the gym, and also work on your mental toughness. A lot of professional players get massages and receive athletic training to prevent or rehab injuries. You should invest in yourself at first and you will have it fully get back to you as time goes on. This is a full-time job that will make the most sense and will be profitable only if you pay close attention to all the things that we’ve listed, listen to your body, and find the best sponsorship deal that works in your favor.