Top 5 Biggest Gamblers in NFL

The National Football League is mostly known in the United States of America, however, everyone around the world has heard about the NFL and knows more than a thing or two when it comes to the games as well as the players. When we think about this league, we usually tend to focus on how good the players are, who are the coaches, and what are the upcoming games that are worth seeing. We want to know more about the players and we want to peek into their private lives and learn as much as we can about them and the gossip that surrounds them. In this article, we are going to talk about some interesting things about some of the biggest NFL players and we will tell you more about the top gamblers in the league.

1. John Elway


The first person we are going to talk about is one of the biggest names in NFL history. He is said to be a legend in the sport he’s playing but it is also rumored that he is a legend when it comes to gambling as well.

John’s favorite games to gamble on include poker and horse racing, however, he has been known to wager on other games as well including golf. One interesting rumor is that he has put a lot of wagers on the NFL games themselves which as we know is not something that is allowed for players to do. It is rumored that he has lost more than 75 grand on one NFL game alone, however that did not stop him from continuing with this practice.

Current rumor suggests that Elway still continues to gamble and that he is one of the most popular players in Las Vegas and that he is a known legend in pretty much every casino especially the ones that are known for their poker tournaments.

2. Tom Brady


If you follow the NFL, you definitely know Tom Brady. This is one of the most successful quarterbacks of all time and he’s the favorite of millions. We all know a lot about his professional successes and we do know our fair share of his personal life as well, but one thing not many people are aware of is that Tom is actually a huge gambler.

It is said that he enjoys wagering on pretty much every game in the world starting from the most popular poker games up to golfing and everything in between. It is said that he’s a person who knows how to win and lose and despite his losses, he is still continuing to wager every time he has the chance to do that. One interesting piece of information is that Brady lost more than 100 grand in one night but as sources suggest, he managed to get all those money back and even make profits in the upcoming games

3. Peyton Manning


This is another player who is currently retired and who has been rumored to enjoy casino games. As you can see in this article, most of the other players tend to go with a specific game or just to put a wager on a specific sport. When it comes to Manning, he has been rumored to enjoy pretty much every casino game that is offered on the market.

Peyton has been seen in some of the biggest casinos in the country, including Las Vegas, and he is more than just familiar with online games. It is said that this has been his favorite pastime during his career and that he continued wagering even after he retired. The most interesting information is that he is not a person who tends to lose and most of his plays have ended up in huge victories. If you are interested to check out some of the games that Peyton has been playing and if you want to try out your luck and see if you can be as successful as he is, you should visit Slothunter.

4. LaMont Jordan


Jordan is a successful running back in the NFL and he is rumored to be one of the most successful gamblers as well. Rumors have it that he is no stranger to casinos and that he only plays games for high rollers. You cannot see him in a normal game and you will definitely not see him betting on a sport.

It is said that he is a frequent attendee to the highest games in the world and he is not confined by an area or just one city on the globe. He has been spotted not only in the United States but also Europe and Asia. His favorite games include poker and blackjack as well as other games where you have to show off your skill and not just your luck.

5. Michael Strahan


The last person we are going to talk about is another legend in the NFL and even though he is currently retired, Michael will forever be known as one of the best players the world has ever seen.

Just like every other player on this list, he is fond of gambling and he started this practice while he was playing in his very first team. He was a frequent player in New Jersey casinos and after he managed to conquer the local games he continued on high-rolling tables that are reserved only for the best players in the world. It is rumored that he loves pretty much everything you can wager on starting from his own NFL games, up to other sports, horse racing, and every type of casino game. After his retirement, it is said that he is not that active in land-based casinos but he is extremely well-known in the world of online wagering.

These are some of the biggest NFL players that enjoy putting their money on the table and hoping that their skills and their luck will be the ones who bring them even better profits. There is nothing wrong with relaxing after a long day and making some extra money and as you can see even celebrities can win and can lose. If you choose to try out your luck then you should first find your preferred game and see what you can do from there. Online games are getting more and more popular by the day so make sure you find your favorite website and give it a shot.