Top 10 NFL’s Biggest Cheaters

Denvor Broncos have emerged as the team who cheats the most in NFL. But do you know why they are the at the top of the list? What are the cheatings they have been involved in? Which teams make it to the top 10 NFL’s biggest cheaters list.

NFL is the most-watched and followed sports league in the world. It is the wealthiest sports league in the world and has the most profitable teams in the world. When the standard of the league is at the top then all the players, coaches and franchisees want to make the best impression on the league.

Although many times the players and the teams take the wrong path to make it to the top and achieve glory or success. Let’s see the NFL teams who cheat most.

Top 10 NFL’s Biggest Cheaters List

Cheating has become a part of diet in modern day’s game as every team looks to find the disgraceful easier way to get to the desired outcomes. However the mere difference is that some teams cheat less and other cheat a bit more.

According to a report by yourteamcheat’s website, they have accumulated scores every time an NFL team cheats and based on that the list of the cheating score for every NFL team is as follows.

TeamCheating Score
Denver Broncos53
New York Jets51
Indianapolis Colts48
Pittsburgh Steelers44
San Francisco 49ers37
New York Giants37
Baltimore Ravens35
Oakland Raiders33
Miami Dolphins31
Green Bay Packers31
Washington Redskins31
Atlanta Falcons30
Seattle Seahawks29
New England Patriots27
Detroit Lions27
olina Panthers27
CarTampa Bay Buccaneers26
New Orleans Saints24
San Diego Chargers23
Minnesota Vikings23
Buffalo Bills23
Philadelphia Eagles22
Chicago Bears22
Dallas Cowboys22
Cleveland Browns20
Kansas City Chiefs17
Tennessee Titans17
Houston Texans16
Cincinnati Bengals15
Los Angeles Rams15
Jacksonville Jaguars13
Arizona Cardinals12

10. Green Bay Packers (31)

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1989-Present
Cheated so badly in 1921 that they were kicked out of the league .1921
Hornung ,their main player betted on NFL matches1963

9. Miami Dolphins (31)

Hired a coach while he was coaching another team1970
Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1990- Present
Miami Dolphins were fined for “having illegal contact with players during a designated dead period.2011

8. Oakland Raiders (33)

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1989- present
 salary cap infraction2010
The Oakland Raiders forfeited a fourth-round draft pick for evasion of the player limit.1980
the Oakland Raiders forfeited their 5th-round draft pick for illegally sequestering 2 players in 1978a1981

7. Baltimore Ravens (35)

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players2005- present
 The league fined the Baltimore Ravens $20,000 for not including Ed Reed’s shoulder injury on their team injury report2012
The team illegally had rookies in full pads despite league rules prohibiting full-pad practices until training camp.2016

6. New York Giants (37)

Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1993- present
 The Giants fullbacks admitted to being offered $2,500 bribes to lose by more than the 10-point spread before the 1946 NFL championship 1946
Illegally using walkie-talkie on the pitch2016

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5. San Francisco 49ers (37)

Violated NFL salary cap2000
 Guilty of tampering2007
Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1989- Present

4. Pittsburgh Steelers (44)

Coach stepped on the pitch to stop a potential important play2013
 Team Doctor & Players guilty of taking steroids 1970-2007
Violated Salary Cap2000
Caught illegally holding off season practice1978
Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1991- present
Faking an injury2012
Involved in tampering1994

3. Indianapolis Colts (48)

Accused of intentionally losing games2011
 Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players2011- present

2. New York Jets (51)

Coach intentianally injured opposition’s leftback during the match2010
 Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players1989- present
Illegally tampering2015
Failed to report injury1997, 2010
Used unapproved kits2009

1. Denver Broncos (53)

 Performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) are used illegibly by players2003- present
 Salary cap violation1996-1998
Illegally Videotaped other team’s practice sessions2010
Players applied foreign substance on their bodies so that opposition doesn’t hold a grip on them1998
The Denver Broncos forfeited a third-round draft pick for contract violations1981
Failed to report injury1998, 1999
Wearing wrong uniforms2003