5 Biggest Gamblers Among F1 Drivers

Gambling has that special thrill, something that attracts people, and the adrenaline rush is one factor that we must consider too. How many famous athletes, especially drivers, are gambling can probably give us the best insight into how great that adrenaline rush is. That is also our topic today, as we will further discuss the 5 Biggest Gamblers among F1 Drivers.

1. Michael Schumacher

Source: thesportsrush.com

It is almost impossible to find a person who has not heard about a famous F1 racer, who comes from Germany, and who won everything that could be won – Michael Schumacher. His career was at its peak during the 90s and early 2000 thanks to the world champion title and five Grand Prix. Speaking about Grand Prix titles, his record was one to admire, and many doubt that there would ever emerge a new driver with a certain set of skills that can threaten that record, as his tally is seven WC titles, and he has won incredible 91 races in total. This accomplishment was the highest achievement of one F1 driver for many years until Luis Hamilton broke and set the record at 103 wins.

Anyhow, this accomplishment was just one of many for Michael Schumacher, but unfortunately, he suffered an injury on skiing that tied him to the bed, and his health condition is not good even after nine years. During his amazing career, it was not a secret that he loved to gamble, as he lost a lot of money this way, but his most painful loss was not monetary, as he lost his first motorcycle in only sixteen years.

It was only the beginning of some serious bets, and Schumacher was risking a lot by driving in the wrong way, only to win the bet. After some time, he became more serious and gambled only for money, and he was great at it, just like in everything else in his life. Once again, we can only wonder how skilled a player he will become, as due to the injuries he suffered, it’s something we will never find out.

2. Juan Pablo Montoya

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There are two sides to every story, and this couldn’t be more true for Juan Pablo Montoya’s career. Namely, even though he hasn’t won a championship, he is still considered one of the best racers of that generation. One of the reasons for that is the number of GP wins, as his tally is 16, but a much bigger influence is his style of racing, which was pretty aggressive yet highly safe, as his awareness was one of the best on the track. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean anything regarding his gambling career, but, in reality, he is a pretty successful gambler. Montoya has earned quite much by gambling, and as some people think, it’s precisely that awareness and picking the right moment that led him to such high profits.

3. Sebastian Vettel

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Another driver on this list is the one who was usually compared to Michael Schumacher because of the similarity of their driving style and the number of titles won. Namely, the third-ever ranked F1 racer Sebastian Vettel, the person we are currently talking about, has won the world champion’s title four times in his career. Just like Schumacher, Vettel is not famous only because of his amazing career that every driver would love to have but also because of his gambling addiction. He was linked with many betting events in F1 racing, which was not a great thing for that type of driver, but the sport he is betting the most is horse racing, and he almost never misses betting on big events. The fact that you can find plenty of sites that offer Sebastian Vettel tips and guides on how to gamble speaks volumes about how big of an influence he has in this industry. Of course, he is yet to prove himself, but just the fact that he is looked upon as a person who gambles frequently qualifies him to make this list.

4. Robert Kubica

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Even though those who do not follow F1 might not be aware of this racer, the first-ever Polish racer in the Formula 1 had a pretty great racing career. Yes, he has won only one GP and made 12 podiums, but his influence on this sport and popularity, especially in Poland, is unmeasurable. As for his gambling ambitions and how he started, it all traces back to 2011 when he had a terrible accident. While working on getting back in shape to race once again, he started playing poker in that spare time. Unfortunately for him, his gambling skills aren’t that big, and even Kubica has admitted that he is a bad poker player. On the other hand, he always mentions gambling as something that helped him overcome some terrible times while recovering.

5. Nelson Piquet

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Winning the Formula One championship as the first person born in South America is a great honor, and many people know that the first one who managed to do that was Nelson Piquet. Besides this flattering title, he is also a proud owner of two world championship titles, which makes him one of the best F1 drivers of all time, and he won his first race when he was only seventeen years old. His career was, for many things, a historic one, as he ended up with three titles and 23 Grand Prix wins. On the other hand, when it comes to his other passion – gambling, he is well known as someone who always places huge bets, which means he can win a lot of money with one guess, but also loses it in a blink of an eye. He loves to place a bet on F1 races, especially when he is participating, and has won a lot of money this way, but he also lost quite some. Even though he retired in 1992, his gambling career doesn’t seem that it will come to an end anytime soon.

Final thoughts

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