What are the Most Popular Online Games Among Athletes?

Those who think that online games are a preserve of a few tech-savvy individuals are wrong. People who have excelled in other fields use games as their pastime activities. Looking at platforms such as ecasinos.ph where online casinos experts offer guides through the best platforms that people can play various games such as poker and roulette, you will see a different picture.

Ara Bernier, an online casino expert observes that gambling has made serious development in the recent past with more athletes participating in popular gaming activities. With more athletes playing, you may be surprised that you are playing real money online casinos and other games with your favorite professional footballer. In this article, we explore the most popular online games among athletes.

Online poker

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We all know Cristiano Ronaldo; he has made a name in the world of football. If anyone asked which online games the professional athlete engages in during his free time, a majority would say FIFA. We would be wrong on that as Ronaldo is known to engage in more challenging activities.

He is a big fan of online poker. If you are a fan of this game too, there is a possibility that you have played against him or one day he will be your opponent. As an online casino game lover, Ronaldo is up for a good time as there are a lot of popular casino sites that offer good poker games on the internet.

The last two years have seen the online casino games sector increase and more athletes are involved in these activities when they are away from the field. Ronaldo and a host of other soccer players are not just fans of playing online poker they have also been seen several times endorsing it. Some sites have used professional athletes as ambassadors.

NBA 2K20

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If you have been following sports news, you may have learned what kept Kevin Durant busy when he was going through some troubles in his career. The NBA player has had a rough period in recent years; he missed the NBA finals during his time with the Golden State Warriors, he sat on the bench for a whole campaign and he even contracted COVID leading to more issues. If that was not all, he had several injuries which kept him out of the field for some time.

However, all these issues did not weigh him down, he had his NBA 2K20 as a good companion. It is in the record that the NBA star spent considerable time playing e-sports; he even participated in a charity event for a popular online game. This is not the only time that KD engages in online games, he is also known to play NBA 2K2K during his rest days. He is not the only player that engages in the game online, there are chances that you could be playing against an NBA star. And, he is not in NBA 2k20 alone; many other NBA players enjoy the online game, making it one of the most popular not just with the general population but also among the athletes.

Online slots

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Online casino slots are ideal games for those who do not want to put too much effort into planning and strategy. All that is required to enjoy and win the game is just a little luck. While some have gone to an extent of reading horoscopes to know when to play and increase their chances of winning, a majority are in it for fun.

Talk of great football names such as Daniel Sturridge and Dietmar Harman, among other professional athletes, are great fans of online slots. They are in it for fun. If you are a person who likes playing online casino slots for whatever reason, you may have at one time been an opponent to a great athlete as this game is quite popular, and it attracts many footballers during their rest days.


This counts as one of the most luxurious games in internet gambling. The casino game is available on different platforms connecting the rich and famous in the world.

It is not a wonder that online games are popular among well-paid athletes. It is one of the games that celebrities who are into online gambling engage in.

You may have heard of the success stories of Mario Ballotelli, the football star who plays the game during his rest days. One story had it that the player has been very successful in the game and one day he won a major prize and to the surprise of many, he gave $ 1,000 to a man that used to borrow outside a casino. He is known to engage in the game online and according to some reports; he not only has a great time but also wins prizes on several occasions.

It is not just Mario Ballotelli who has tried his luck in online roulette; other players in different fields also enjoy the game. Talk of Charles Barkley, one of the best in the NBA. Some have even gotten into trouble with authorities for their love of gambling. With the growth of online casino games that one can play in the comfort of their houses, troubles with authorities may have decreased.

League of Legends

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Gordon Hayward, an NBA sensational in his write-up in a Reddit Q and A session revealed that among the games that he enjoys playing is League of Legends. The NBA star is not alone; many other athletes stream the game during their rest days. Together with this game, they also enjoy online casino moments in between. Although it is not part of the online casino games, several athletes say they like playing it as it provides a thrill, and helps them relax after a hard training session.

Other popular games

Demetrious Johnson, a popular MMA artist, and Gordon Hayward, an NBA player may be in different sports fields but have one thing in common. They have Grand Theft Auto V and Diable II as their favorite games. And they are not alone; thousands of professional athletes enjoy playing these online games not just as a pastime activity but also to help them sharpen their skills. Other online games that these athletes and others like playing include:

  • Player Unknown Battlegrounds
  • Resident Evil Village
  • Counter-Strike: Global offensive
  • Hearthstone
  • Minecraft, among others.

Online gaming is not a preserve of a few; it is an activity that has gained prominence even among professional athletes. While a significant number of players may be in it to win prizes, some play their games for fun. Most of the athletes fall in this category; they are into online games to have fun and also as a way of relaxing after a hard training session.