5 Sport Athletes Who Are Huge Gamers

Gaming is a huge part of our lives; some will say it is right up there with all the other sports. If you have been living under the rock for the past several years that you probably have missed how big eSports grew.

Sports and gaming are not all that different. Yes, one is a bit more athletic than the other, but again it all depends on which ones you consider. Before we get in too deep, we just want to tell you that for most of us out there, gaming is a way to have some sort of real-life experience in the imaginary world. We try to have athletes’ careers in NFL, NBA, Football games, while others enjoy simulation games and racing sims and try to be the next Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton.

Whatever you may think of this just hear one thing out – although we are trying to have some sort of pro sports career through games, real athletes do not, because they are already living it. Despite that fact, there are plenty of them that enjoy the games, on multiple different platforms and genres. Most of you, just like I did, probably are figuring that sports athletes are sticking to the games that are closest to what they do, but you would be so wrong, as I was. Today we are going to tell you about all of the athletes that enjoy gaming and you will see that there are no preferences or specialities when it comes to gaming. Some love everything some nothing in particular. Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of the article, if you want to find out more about gaming, visit gamingchairz.com, there are a lot of new things to learn.

1. Devin Booker

Source: reuters.com

Devin Booker is an NBA player and he is a shooting guard for Phoenix Suns, but you already knew that. What you probably didn’t know is that this NBA star has a real passion for gaming. If you instantly thought that he prefers titles like NBA and kicking back with his friends, you are truly mistaken. Devin is a huge Call of Duty franchise fan and there is nothing he likes more than shred through the competition whenever he has free time on his hands. Another interesting thing is that this guy also streams on Twitch sometimes, so you can catch him there and track his progress. You will also see him play NBA titles as well, because why not, and you need to know that Devin won the inaugural NBA 2K Players Tournament.

2. Neymar

Source: fcbarcelonanoticias.com

If there is a soccer superstar on this planet, in this day in age then it is this guy. Neymar is a Brazilian forward playing for Paris Saint Germain and if you think that he is goon on the soccer field then you should see this guy gaming. You would think that players of this calibre do not have a lot of free time or that they don’t have a desire to game, but you would be wrong. Despite Neymar being a soccer player, he loves shooter games. Counter-Strike and Call of Duty is something he enjoys playing which you can see on his Twitch account from time to time. He is not as good of a gamer as he is a soccer player but hey, he is giving it all behind the screen as well as on the pitch.

3. Demetrious Johnson

Source: scmp.com

Now you probably know this guy by his nickname – “Mighty Mouse”. This is one of the best Flyweight MMA fighters out there with a career-best of 30-3-1. This guy is an awesome fighter and his skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are what got him to the Brown belt. But fighting aside you would never tell that this guy is an adamant gamer. If you ever caught his stream you could see him playing anything from WoW, to Resident evil, to tactical shooters like Rainbow Six. Although he does play a lot of games he is somewhat closer to the fantasy world of WoW and this is where he started his eSports career in Method Gaming playing the role of Damage Dealer.

4. Erica Bougard

Source: hailstate.com

Let’s not make this list just about the boys because you all know that ladies also got what it takes to be good in both sports and gaming. There are numerous female pro athletes but there are several of them that enjoy gaming as much as they do their job. Erica is one of those. Besides being a Nike track & Field Athlete as well as 5-time US National indoor/outdoor Champion, this female athlete enjoys killing her competition, in games that are. Erica enjoys the CoD franchise, Warzone in particular and she can sometimes be savage in there. If you want to go check her out Twitch is the answer and if you didn’t know, Erica was planning to make an all-girl gamer group so try and follow up with that as well.

5. Xavier Woods

Source: bleacherreport.com

The world of WWE is always more interesting when its Superstar Xavier is in the ring. The fact that “King Woods” is gifted in so many things speaks volumes. He is good in the ring; he is good behind the mic as a musician and he is more than a good gamer. He is so good that he has his own YouTube channel that has over 2 million subscribers. When he games, he always has a good time and his channel over on YouTube has all kinds of games with commentary from him and other WWE Superstars which is just awesome. To tell you that he loves all games is probably sufficient but just how much he loves high fantasy action-adventure video game called Legend of Zelda is beyond belief. He even got a tattoo of the Wingcrest from The Legend of Zelda series on his left forearm. Now that is a videogame lover and enthusiast.

So, as you could read there are a lot of professional athletes that are real gamers. If you think that these two categories cannot be tied together you are mistaken because besides these 5 there are even more professionals that enjoy gaming in their spare time. We left out the likes of Lando Norris and Max Verstappen, F1 pro drivers who enjoy racing sims like the F1 series and iRacing. As you can see all professional athletes love to unwind and all of them love different things, but if you for a second thought that none of these guys could ever be a gamer then this article just showed you how wrong you are.