Athletes And Video Games: 4 Most Famous Gamers In Sports

There are several reasons why people love video games. They enjoy the thrill and pace associated with the games. Some formats allow people to play as teams, and teamwork and cooperation in winning a video game is a significant social boost for many players. If you are a video game fan, you can click here to learn about some cool video games.

However, professional gaming is not only fun and play; it requires a lot of effort and dedication to be a good player. You will be surprised to know that some famous athletes who professionally play physical sports like football and basketball are great lovers of video games. And this article will list some of the most famous athletes who are video game lovers.

Some World Famous Athletes And Their Love For Video Games

Neymar Junior


The world knows Neymar as the captain of the number one football team in the world. He plays as a forward for the French club PSG (Paris Saint Germain), and people love him for his footballing skills and his goal-scoring ability. But in one of his candid interviews, the captain of the Brazilian football team opened up about his love for gaming.

He was quoted saying that video games are his passion, and he looks forward to them whenever he gets time after his practice schedule. Most people would think that a top-rated football player who is busy with practice schedules will not find much time to pursue his passion, but Neymar manages to pursue his passions quite fervently.

He has an unflinching love for fashion and video games. He has launched his own fashion brand that promotes sustainable fashion, and he has completed thousand-plus hours of gaming. When a person plays for that many hours, it can be understood that he understands the nuances of the game and has mastered the ability to play for long hours.

The footballer’s favorite is CS: Go, and he recently partnered with Facebook for its live video game. There are many ways in which celebrities, like famous sportspersons, associate themselves with their passions. Some celebrities endorse their favorite games, and the Brazilian captain did just that. He streamed a video game live on Facebook and shared the same on his fan page, which is followed by more than two hundred million people.

The football forward also enjoys playing with the members of his national team. In an interview, he named his teammates who played with him after the practice session. He confessed that among his teammates, Casemiro is the most skilled.

One news portal reported that when Neymar entered professional football, he could dedicate very little time to his passion. But today, after becoming an established footballer, he can pursue his passion more often. So he dedicates five to six hours almost every day to playing his favorite games.

In an interview, he was also asked if he would be willing to play a full-fledged gaming tournament. The footballer replied that it takes a lot of practice and dedication to play in a tournament, and he is not ready yet.

The footballer also has an elaborate gaming setup which is a must for an immersive experience. He has a monitor that is large enough to see the player’s icons and his opponents. He uses a wireless microphone, a headset and a portable keyboard. However, it is not possible to carry the entire setup while traveling, so Neymar carries a gaming notebook while he is traveling.

Gordon Hayward


He is a famous basketball player, and he plays professionally for the Boston Celtics. He is a professional NBA player and has a busy practice schedule, yet he finds time to pursue his childhood love for gaming. His favorite is League of legends, but he enjoys Fortnite as well. In fact, this basketball player gets a chance to show off his footballing skills in the virtual world when he plays FIFA.

His love for League of legends can be understood from the fact that he often cryptically tweets about his favorite game. Most people think that it is a basketball-related tweet, but ardent followers of League of legends can decode his cryptic tweets.

Hayward not only plays League of legends, but he has also invested in the development of some eSports games. He has even used his gaming skills to raise charity by playing at an occasion at the children’s hospital in Boston.

Xavier Woods


Woods is a professional wrestler in WWE. However, he takes out time to pursue his passion for gaming. He often live-streams many of his matches on his channel on a streaming platform. He also featured in a live tournament where he took part as a commentator.

Woods is particularly fond of card games, but he likes other formats as well. In fact, very often, he can be seen live streaming tournaments that he plays with fellow WWE wrestlers and these videos have a huge fan following among the lovers of WWE.

Jeremy Lin


He is a professional basketball player who loves virtual games. His favorite is Dota 2, and he has spent more than fifteen years of his life playing it. He started when he was and enjoyed playing it with his brothers. Today he actively gets involved in Dota 2 tournaments and even acts as a commentator.

He is also the honorary captain of one of the teams in Dota 2. However, he candidly confesses that initially, he was not a fan of Dota, but with time, he has become addicted to it. And today, he managed to play it despite his busy practice schedule.


Gaming fans can be found among professionals from all walks of life, and athletes are no exception. Athletes who play contact sports get a lot of thrill on the field but still like to get a thrilling experience in the virtual world. Athletes associate themselves with games by investing in them or by being brand ambassadors for some games.