3 Reasons To Continue Believing The Hype Behind The Cincinnati Bengals

If you have been paying close attention to the 2024 NFL season, you have probably noticed that the Cincinnati Bengals have gone from being a laughing stock team in the league to becoming an NFL lines favorite in a matter of a single year. If you have indeed missed this and would like to find out more information about this, make sure to check out Betus. After the Bengals decided to take a leap of faith a couple of years ago by drafting the college football superstar of the draft Joe Burrow to become their franchise QB for the future, fans were treated to the first sign of what felt like an overhaul not just for the Bengals but for the whole city of Cincinnati and their football culture. Like many other football oriented cities, the fans put almost all of their hope in this one sport. This means anything that can elevate their home team’s success and give the fans a better watching experience is a welcome development.

The Future is Now

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Now, yes, Burrow’s first season with the Bengals was anything but stellar. This is especially true if you take into account the fact that the Bengals at full were almost the same team otherwise, and Burrow was sidelined by a season-ending injury that cut his rookie year short without him even being able to truly show what he was all about. Things were left uncertain that first year and the fans were worried perhaps even more than before. But that just fueled Burrow’s and Cincinnati’s drive to make a complete turnaround within the organization, and fast. So what happened next and where are they now? Well, now the Bengals are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the whole NFL and they have just proved it at the biggest stage.

With Joe Burrow leading the helm and a Bengals team that is looking like they are well on their way to becoming the new “it” team in the NFL, we bring you our list for three reasons to continue believing the hype behind Cincinnati. Although they have just lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl LVI with a tight score of 20 – 23, they are far from over. There are still things left to do as the job was left unfinished this time around. Read on to find out why the Bengals are still in a great spot and why their unfortunate loss in the biggest game of the season means little for their future success.

Joe Burrow and his Winning Culture

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For a while, it seemed like it was going to take an almost unbearable period of time for the Cincinnati Bengals to find a way to instill a winning culture amongst their organization. We are talking about a team that even in their better years still managed to keep football fans all around wondering if that was all they had to give, with lackluster performances coming from left and right and nothing but mediocracy being their reality. But fast forward to the Bengals handing the reins of this team’s offense to the former LSU star and College Football National Champion Joe Burrow and everything started turning around for the better. This is not always the case with young and promising stars making the shift from college to the pros, but it has happened in the NFL and in the rest of the big leagues. Sometimes, all it takes is a motivated, driven young star to change the entire culture and bring a ton of success to a long-suffering franchise. This is what Cincinnati has with Burrow right now and what they have to use in the next several years.

What Burrow brings to the Bengals team is not just a boatload of skills, talents, and highlight-reel plays week in and week out. He was able to bring something that this team had been lacking for a long time, the understanding of what it is like to play with a winning mentality and culture. Simply put, if you watch the Bengals playing right now and compare them to how they used to play a few years ago, you will see a universe of differences between one version of the team and the other. The reason why is quite obvious. It is because now, after what felt like a lifetime of struggles, this team is playing with a purpose and a goal. Every time they go out on the field and play, they try to win the game without regard to who their opponents are. And all this can be accredited to one man, their new star QB Joe Burrow.

This Is A Team That Makes Football More Fun To Watch

One of the main struggles that mainstream sports constantly have to battle with is how to keep their fans engaged, excited, and always tuning in to what they are offering. Anything can get boring or dull after a while if left unchanged, if nothing new and exciting comes into the picture. Well, the NFL should be thanking the football Gods above for teams like the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson, Sean McVay’s Los Angeles Rams, Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs, and now, Zac Taylor’s Cincinnati Bengals. Bringing in some freshness to a league that was long dominated by a few teams is what the sport truly needed. Dynasties are great, but every once in a while people start to want more.

If you tune into any Bengals football game, you are taken through a rollercoaster of emotions and thrills that consists of watching a team that while professional at full, looks like they are more about having fun on the field and making sure all the fans get exactly what they want out of the game. With an offense that is one of the most refreshing and exciting to watch, a defense that locks opponents down like it is nobody’s business, and even a kicker with enough swag to put the team on his back and make it look like a walk in the park, the Bengals are becoming one of the hottest tickets in the NFL and with ample reason.

The Idea Of This Team Winning A Super Bowl Is Exciting

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In all sports, rooting for the underdog is always one of the best ways to enjoy sports, and what better underdog story right now than the one the Bengals are going through. Again, they have gone from being one of the jokes in the league to putting everyone on notice about just how good they can be when hitting all the right notes.
This is a team that has all the tools and the caliber to become a Super Bowl championship team sooner rather than later and from the looks of it, the process to getting to a Super Bowl title, which would be the first in their history is going to be one that no football fan around is going to want to miss.

It has happened before, and it will happen again. The underdog loves defeating the established dynasty, a team everyone picks at the start of the season to win it all. But the underdog plays with more heart, almost no pressure, and if you combine the talent and the motivation the Bengals show while having tons of fun on the field, the recipe for near-future success is right there.