Every Conor McGregor Tattoo and The Real Stories Behind Them

The icon of UFC Conor McGregor made its name out of the octagon and laid it flat on the mat inside by the garbage speakers. The MMA fighters wear wrestling briefs, and their muscles are more displayed than other sportsmen. Apart from his unique fighting style, Conor McGregor’s tattoos are also an attraction for the fans.

Conor Mcgregor has been at the forefront of the wrestling circuit for a while now. Apart from his intense wrestling style, he is pretty notable for his tattoos. His body was made with some amazing ink jobs. Let’s dive deep to learn more.

In April 2013, he made his debut at UFC without tattoos. He became more and more inked as time went by. Those tattoos are now associated with his portrait that is bigger than life.
What do Conor McGregor’s tattoos mean? Here we have revealed the real stories and meaning behind every Conor McGregor tattoo.

The Tiger Tattoo On The Notorious

The nickname over and under the tiger is a no-brainer. Conor McGregor’s story and heritage are proud, and he is not at all timid to show this in his body.

The tattoo Tiger was created because the sign of bravery was found by Conor McGregor.
“Sometimes the Tiger jumped at me. It almost sounds like something. Tiger is a brave beast, I believe. Then I like the tiger and I wanted to get it.” I like it. Besides the Tiger, the word Conor has drawn on his stomach his nickname “Notorious” and his nickname “McGregor”, Conor tweeted.

Arabic Tattoo On The Leg

Arabic Tattoo On The Leg

His first is the Arabic tattoo on the left heel of Conor McGregor, but he has no idea what it represents. He had it drunk when he was young and not very decisive several years back in Ayia Napa in Cyprus.

The Crucifix and Helix of Thorns on Conor’s Neck Back

His supporters and followers had the feeling that Conor McGregor was perhaps an ardent Catholic by faith with the winged crucifix and spiral helix of thorns on its face and back. Yet “The Notorious,” himself in his own manner, rejected those ideas.

Rose Tattoo On Forearm

In an interview, Conor McGregor once told his tattoos that he doesn’t care about their significance. He likes the way his skin looks.

He presumably showed the same feeling with his tweet on his back and neck tattoo. The same can even be said of his tattoos on his forearm. The purpose of the rose bush, the pocket watch, the sword/dagger, and the Irish gentlemen are still not understood.

However, not all his tattoos are irrelevant.

The Moto Tattoo

The Moto Tattoo

The “SLOW IS SMOOTH, SMOOTH IS FAST” is a Navy Seal that corresponds to the way of spending time perfectly. Conor McGregor’s combat style can be very well characterized inside the Octagon.

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The Gorilla Chest Tattoo

Conor McGregor's Gorilla Chest Tattoo

The gorilla with a crown and a heart in the mouth on Conor McGregor’s chest is a tribute to his coach John Kavanagh’s fitness centre, Straight Blast Academy, Ireland. In an interview, he said that while the gorilla is not the specific emblem of the gym, it is certainly a backlash.

So, these were the tattoos on the McGregor’s body and their real meanings.