9 Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelance Python Developers

With the growth of the freelance culture, many young people are preferring working by themselves than going corporate. This provides quality staff online that you can hire very quickly once you ensure they are the right fit for your team.

We made this article to help you understand whether a freelance python developer is what your team needs. Through the pros and cons we’ve provided, you can learn more about this option, and see whether hiring a freelancer is your right move. Keep reading and find out more.

Pros of hiring a freelance python developer

Before you completely go against hiring freelance developers, be sure to go through all the advantages and see why most companies have opted for a freelancer in their team.

1. Cost-effectiveness

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The biggest reason why are freelancers so popular for ongoing projects is due to the cost-effectiveness compared to hiring a person in your office. There are a couple of reasons for the lower costs.

Firstly, there are lots of python developers working as a freelancer. In order to beat the competition, the price of hiring has dropped way below standard rates for an in-office programmer.

For marketability reasons, the rates are set by the freelancers. they are usually flexible depending on the longevity of the project and the complexity of their job. However, going with the cheapest freelance option is not always the smartest thing since they may lack quality. That is why the costs should not be the only criterium for choosing your team members.

In addition, you don’t have to pay the usual health insurance and retirement benefits to the freelancer. Paying them for their overtime is not needed since you are paying them for a finished project, not on time spent working. With that, they are usually quicker to earn more money which promotes efficiency.

2. Flexible schedules

Due to choosing their own time and living in countries with different time zones, their schedules are completely flexible. With that, they can work in hours your project needs to provide the best performance. In case you are pressed by deadlines, freelancers are surely the greatest addition to the team.

In addition, you can implement various timelines as project management tools which freelancers are more than happy to adopt.

3. Constant communication

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Due to working remotely, you might think that communication will be an issue during the project. However, that is not the case in most situations. Instead, the freelance developers are open for communication at all times which means you’ll receive constant updates about their progress.

Normally, they have time when they are resting or having free time for activities, but they are usually easy to reach through the phone for urgencies.

4. No training needed

By hiring a person to work in your office, there may be a period where you have to provide training in order to help him accommodate and get in touch with the activities. This takes up lots of your time and can be problematic.

This is completely unnecessary if you hire a freelance developer. They have lots of expertise in the IT field, as echoua.com suggests. Just be sure to provide exact instructions and be clear with your expectations. If anything is confusing, they will reach out to you.

With that, you will receive a great developed project, and provide satisfaction to your future customers.

5. You don’t need lots of working space

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Large offices are no longer needed due to freelance working. Instead of having people inside the office and causing chaos, everyone is working from their homes and providing great results. With that, not only do you cut costs at renting, but you are making the office less crowded for the rest of the staff.

6. No commitment

If you think of hiring a person to work inside your office, understand that you will have to pay them even after the project is finished and they have nothing to do. This results in a waste of money unnecessarily.

The freelancer is getting hired just for the project, so you are not stuck with them for a long time. In case you don’t like how they perform you can always hire other people for future work. However, they are always trying to perform the greatest since every project gets in their portfolio which provides them marketing.

Cons of hiring a freelance python developer

After going through the pros of hiring a freelance python developer, it is time to see the disadvantages. This is highly important since there is always a risk that they will vanish and not finish their job while you are being pressed by deadlines.

However, by looking through reviews and seeing previous work, you can tell a lot about the worker. In case they have no reviews until now, keep looking for a better candidate.

1. Not much effort for single projects

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The freelancers are paid for a single reason and that is the only thing they care about. As soon as their end of the job is finished, there is no such thing as further commitment. Especially if we are talking about a single project with no planned future collaboration, as soon as they do their part it is over.

2. Management issues

Because they are not present in your office, it might be hard for you to manage the project. It especially gets harder when you hire multiple people working remotely. However, management is not impossible. Just do regular meeting calls and talk about the progress they’ve made and whether they are right on the timeline.

3. You get no support as soon as the project is done

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As mentioned above, their part of the project ends as soon as they finish. For that reason, you might get no support for their part since their job is done. This results in paying other people for support in case of a problem that gets more complicated since they are not the creators of the code.

Normally, you can hire them again to fix any errors that came up. However, there is no obligation for them to accept it and you might be put in a bad position because of it.


With lots of companies practicing the option of hiring freelancers, going through the pros and cons is essential to see if this will work in your situation. Hopefully, you found this article helpful and learned whether a freelance python developer is a right addition to your team.