9 Reasons for a Student to Take up Basketball

If you’ve mastered throwing paper in the basket under your desk and you’re the best in class at moving files from folders to the virtual basket, it’s time to finally get up out of your chair and interact with the basketball basket.

1. You will be faster

You need to watch the fast-paced changes on the court and know where the ball, your teammates, and your opponents are at all times. Regular basketball practice increases your peripheral vision and improves your quickness and accuracy. After the fast-paced rhythm of the game, you’ll perceive the speed of the regular world like Neo from The Matrix.

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2. Improve your coordination

Watching moving objects, relating to them, jumping, twisting, and combining all this with ball driving – what else does your vestibular apparatus need to get pumped up?

3. You’ll become more accurate

Throwing a ball to the basket is what’s called ballistic throwing, and it’s good for stretching your cerebellum. Being accurate in basketball will also have a positive effect on your ability to judge the distance to an obstacle in real life, for example, if another car is passing you on the road or if you are about to jump over a puddle. And, of course, basketball will help you better play darts, billiards, curling, petanque, and other games where distance calculation is important.

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4. You’ll strengthen your joints

When you play basketball you’ll perform a lot of wide, expansive movements, and you’ll have to perform them with maximum amplitude. In everyday life, you don’t spread your arms wide and swing them like a mill so often. The benefits from such movements – strengthening ligamentous apparatus, the development of joint mobility, and strengthening of the muscle corset, which is needed to relieve some of the load on the spine.

5. Protect yourself from heart attack and stroke

While you are on the floor, your body performs 50-60 breathing cycles per minute, pumping 120-150 liters of air during this time. This increases the vital capacity of your lungs, which leads to the normal oxygen content in your blood and a good supply of oxygen to your heart and brain. Remember, right, that decreased lung volume is a factor that increases the risk of heart attack and stroke?

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6. Get creative

A basketball player’s brain must constantly be searching for new moves. A minimum of time is allotted to solve a problem under constantly changing conditions. Working under such conditions develops creativity – you learn to think outside the box and quickly. Compare: a basketball player spends 1.5-2 seconds to analyze and react to a situation (see – start to act), a master of sports spends 1 second.

7. Give it your best

You perform at your best for about half of the game: you push and pull as hard as you can, and jump as hard as you can. Heart rate during this time is 180-230 beats per minute. All in all for the match you have to overcome about 7 km.

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8. No need to look for a team

Unlike soccer, you can play basketball even with two people and even with only one ring. Add to this the small size of the court – and you get a sport that you can play almost anywhere, if only for the ball.

9. Forget Your Problems

It is very common for students to experience anxiety, including anxiety about their studies. Some students may turn to essayassistant.net to solve their problems. Others choose to relax with the help of basketball. During the game, your brain completely switches to basketball, simply because it doesn’t have the time or resources to process any other information other than the game. This is good for your nervous system-it can take a break from the constant worry. In addition, every ball you throw will strengthen your nerves.

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Better Not if You Have:

• Sick knees or ankles Basketball puts a lot of stress on your leg joints, and if there are problems, it will make them worse.
• Heart problems You always need a doctor’s consultation.
• High degree myopia or myopia with eye complications First, you need a special glasses mask – ordinary glasses can break and injure you. Secondly, you need a doctor’s advice, there is a danger that the game can cause retinal detachment.


The most democratic kind of basketball is streetball. It is “half” basketball in the open air. There is only one ring for two teams (usually three people). There are no hard limits – you can play two on two, and one on one. Most often the game is not played for time, but the score (up to 7, 11, 15, etc.), but there are also more stringent versions of street basketball.

In street basketball competitions, one game is 20 minutes of playing time, but it can be over sooner if one team scores 16 points or has an 8-point lead over the losing team. By the way, you do not get 2 points for the ball, as in the big game, but one, so a three-pointer in the street becomes a two-pointer.

The team that has the ball and enters the six-meter zone is the attacking team. In order for the ball to be counted, at least two players on the attacking team must touch the ball after the throw-in.

The defending team is the attacking team if it gets the ball, takes it out of the six-meter zone, and then goes on the attack.

The rest of the rules are the same as in big basketball. Outlaw: double driving (restarting driving after holding the ball with your hand or touching the ball with both hands at the same time), jogging (you took three steps without hitting the ball on the pavement), jumping with the ball (without throwing at the ring), the rules are 5 seconds (you cannot hold or bounce the ball in place longer than this time) and 30 seconds (if during this time the attacking team has not once thrown the ball around the ring, the ball goes to the opponent). After 20 minutes of play, the game is tied? Continue the game until the first goal is scored. In group tournaments (in case you and your friends want to test your strength for a win – 2 points, for loss – 1, for no-show – 0 points.