WWE Commentators Salaries 2024 Revealed

WWE is the biggest wrestling entertainment federation in the World. To make an industry this big, every department needs to be at its best. Be it the one’s behind the stage, the one’s wrestling in the ring, or be it the commentators. Yes, the commentators are one of the most important and unappreciated departments in WWE. Although, WWE commentators salaries increased in recent few years.

They are the connecting element between the audience and the wrestlers. But they fail to take the spotlight as they are the voices behind the spotlight. Here’s the list of WWE current commentators behind the table lending their voices with their salaries.

WWE has 3 Raw brands SmackDown, and NXT, and each brand has its own list of Commentators. Raw and Smackdown are the 2 brands that have had legendary commentators who are still remembered among the fans. Legends such as Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and Michael Cole[/su_highlight] have raised the standards of Commentary to another level that is difficult to match.

Talking about the match, do you remember when Jim Ross fought Michael Cole in Wrestlemania 27, that was an evolution for all the commentators and dreaming of being one. Adding to the streak of positive news, WWE pays impressive salaries to their commentators, but do you know who the highest-paid commentator in WWE is?

WWE Commentators Salaries 2024

Commentator Brand Annual Salary Net Worth
Michael Cole Smackdown $650,000 $4 million
Tom Phillips Raw $450,000 $1-$5 million
Corey Graves SmackDown $400,000 $650,000
Samoa Joe Raw $300,000
Mauro Ranallo NXT $250,000 $1-5 Million
Byron Saxton Raw $250,000 $1-5 Million
Lita Mae Young Classic $200,000 $4 million
Vic Joseph NXT $200,000 $500,000
Nigel McGuinness NXT $200,000 $1-5 Million
Kayla Braxton NXT $80,000 $1 million
Mike Rome NXT $40,000 $1.5 million

Michael Cole

Michael Cole WWE Commentator

Source: wrestlezone.com

Michael Cole is the highest-earning WWE commentator in the WWE. He earns an impressive 650,000 dollars per annum, and his net worth is close to $4 million. Michael Cole has been a part of WWE since SmckDown’s inception in 1999. Along with being WWE’s highest-paid commentator, he is also SmackDown’s highest-paid.

Tom Philips

Tom Philips is the highest-paid commentator for the Raw brand as he earns $450,000 per annum. While Mauro Ranallo is the highest-paid commentator among those lending their voices to NXT events

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe WWE commentator

Source: wrestlezone.com

Commentators such as Samoa Joe are part-timers as they join the panel of commentators for a brief period of time. The possible reason for wrestlers to commentator could be during their injury healing time or to act as a filler for a short time.

Byron Saxton

Byron Saxton transitioned from an in-ring competitor to a dynamic color commentator in WWE, after earning a bachelor’s degree and working as a reporter and anchor for WJXT Channel 4 News in Jacksonville, Florida.

His early on-camera experience and subsequent roles as an ECW announcer and NXT rookie, where he was mentored by stars like Dolph Ziggler and Yoshi Tatsu, honed his skills for his current role. Today, Saxton uses his diverse abilities and charismatic presence to enhance the viewing experience as a beloved member of the WWE commentary team.

Vic Joseph

Vic Joseph WWE commentator

Source: ewrestlingnews.com

Vic Joseph’s extensive background in sports reporting, particularly his experience with the passionate Cleveland sports scene and covering the Cleveland Browns, laid the groundwork for his successful transition into a WWE host and announcer. His early career included work with the Cleveland Browns Network and 92.3 The Fan, as well as calling wrestling matches with WWE alumni like Matt Striker and Shane Helms, showcasing his versatility and passion for sports entertainment.

Joseph’s adeptness at engaging with lively audiences, honed in the “Dawg Pound” of Cleveland Browns fans, makes him an ideal play-by-play commentator for NXT, bringing energy and expertise to WWE’s dynamic environment.

Kayla Braxton

Kayla Braxton has seamlessly transitioned from her early beginnings in broadcast journalism at Belmont University and hosting entertainment segments on WESH 2 News in Orlando, to becoming a pivotal member of the WWE SmackDown broadcast team. With a background that includes mediating locker-room confrontations and securing exclusive interviews, along with public speaking from a young age—even once speaking at the White House—Braxton brings a unique blend of experience and poise to her role.

Now, as the host of WWE’s The Bump and a key figure backstage, she adeptly navigates the complexities of the sports-entertainment world, engaging with popular Superstars and delivering insightful content to the WWE Universe.